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nudist“Fugaze lost in Beijing.”

Helmet chill“Helmet Head enjoying his best birthday ever.”

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Decent Collage has been updated once again!  Oh yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Indeed!  Mhhmmm!  YES!  YESSSSSSS!!!!!!

Decent Collage has been blessed with the following images:  The Beatles, Fluff, Tom Petty, Pacman, Taylor Coppenrath, a chicken sandwich, a cardboard box, the Masters logo, “I’m watching you”, Diaper Man, Larry David, Johnnycakes, clam cakes, a young Gus Johnson, a mechanical bull, some wicked hot chick, chicken wings, Tecmo, mud wrestling, poopsicle, the Three Amigos, Chuck Norris and Eddie Van Halen.

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RECENT ADDITIONS:  Sir Charles, DingleBerry, Airplane, Forrest Gumpman, the ESPN logo, IHOP, Big Dave Letterman, FUNK, Nightrider, Garfield the cat, Bill Russell, Willis, Pittsnogle, George Clinton, some jerks crossing the street and Ernie McCracken.

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Recently added:  A bear riding a horse (say what!?), a creepy sheep from the movie “Black Sheep”, Booger, Buckethead, Buschemi, some crazy dude with short jorts, Danny Glover, Dignan, Zappa, John Daly, Jon Stewart, a monkey eating Uncle Chips, Neil Young, a Pogo Ball, a slipper, Snoop Dogg and Dennis dunes.

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They Don’t Make Movies Like They Used To

Roger Moore, Terry Bradshaw, Dean Martin, Farrah Fawcett and Burt Reynolds! No, this isn’t a list of decent people that reside in the holy grail of hall of fames (Decent Collage), but the cast of The Cannonball Run! Joined by Sammy Davis Jr., Jackie Chan and Dom DeLuise, this 1981 comedy follows a zany cast of characters on a race from Connecticut to California. From Roger Moore playing a guy pretending to be Roger Moore; to Dean Martin playing a drunk guy driving a red Ferrari pretending to be a priest; to the decently awesome theme music; to the sweet hotness of Farrah Fawcett; and to Dom DeLuise’s Capt. Chaos, this flick is definitely worth popping in your VCR sometime soon. Editor’s note: My Dad got me a copy of the Cannonball Run for Christmas in 1993 when I was about 12 years old. It was wrapped with a copy of Blazing Saddles. Talk about Decent presents.

Thursday Ramblings


Funny how big baseball news always break right before Spring Training begins. While A-Roid (who came off as the biggest asshole on the planet during his interview with Peter Gammons) came clean, there are still over 100 names of tested-positive cheaters out there. Names I hope aren’t on the list, but names that wouldn’t shock me if they came out, include Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz, Pedro Martinez (yes, he’s thin as a noodle, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t take it to strengthen his noodle shoulder), Trot Nixon and (gulp) Ken Griffey Jr.… Speaking of Griffey, when I was a kid I thought my Upper Deck rookie card of his would be worth some serious coin someday. Looks like I can get about $14 for it on eBay …  Anyone traveling through SouthCoast should check out Five Guys, a new fast-food place on Faunce Corner Road in Dartmouth that serves up decently-awesome burgers and fries … People in California are irate over their tax money being used to pay health-care costs for the octuplets lady. Her response? Octopussy, who already tried selling her kids’ naming rights,  now has her own Web site, where she is encouraging people to send her cash … Well I’m sure many Phish fans were left wishing Ticketmaster was still handling the upcoming tour when LiveNation imploded on buy-tickets day. Well LiveNation has reached a deal to buy ticketmaster, and many people are skeptical over the result … Happy 34th birthday Scot Pollard, and a very happy 54th birthday to Arsenio Hall, who was awesome in Coming to America with Eddie Murphy. … I had trouble finding a good one myself, so if anyone has a decent picture of Emily the Elephant from Buttonwood Park Zoo, send it along for Decent Collage… Sirius and XM radio are going bankrupt. I wonder what’s going to happen to Howard Stern? I bet Sirius is really happy it gave Stern $100 million back in 2004 … With the recession, global financial meltdown, fiscal crisis and bank bailouts, $100 million has become a lot of money again. Every corporation, every organization, everyone or everything uber-rich will think long and hard about dropping $100 million on something (except the N.Y. Yankees) … Karl “The Mailman” Malone joined the NBA on TNT crew for some post-game analysis on Feb. 8. Malone attempts to demonstrate a pick-and-roll in some of the worst TV work I’ve ever seen. Enter Exhibit A of why every great player isn’t great on TV. … If Matt Cassel is still with the Patriots after the NFL Draft, Tom Brady is doing worse than we thought … Why doesn’t Boston have a major Beer Pong League? Hmmm, the Decent Community Beer Pong League; has a nice ring to it.