Phish Ticket Giveaway!


So you struck out trying to get Phish tickets. You weren’t lucky enough for the advance lottery and was useless. Well, fear not Phish fans, becasue Decent Community is giving away one ticket to the upcoming Phish concert on June 6 at the Comcast Center in Mansfield!

Don’t feel like spending an arm and a leg (as some scalpors are actually charging on Stubhub and Craigslist)? Just do your damndest to win our Phish Ticket Contest!

We will give away a ticket (general admission lawn seat) to the person who sends us the most pictures for DecentCollage! Here are the contest rules:

1. Go to DecentCollage and see how decent it is! Check out what it is and what we have.

2. Send a picture, whatever you think is decent (weather it’s a picture of Chuck Norris, Eric Clapton, or a picture of your Aunt Flo)  by attachment, to with your name in the subject line. We will crop them and resize them to fit our template.

4. Email your friends, colleagues, grandparents, etc., and request them to submit a photo to with your name in the subject line.  Check back to see your pics in the Collage and check back for updates on who’s leading the contest.

5. The person whose name is in the subject line that has got the most peeps to send a picture on their behalf wins! The contest starts May 1 and ends May 31. No entries will be counted prior to May 1 and after May 31. The winner may pick up his ticket in the Boston area, the New Bedford area or at the show on June 6.

Good luck everyone! Don’t forget to check back for updates. Surf around Decent Community while you’re here. We are your No. 1 source for everything DECENT!


Decent Collage Update


Oh my god, The Collage has been updated once again and this time with soo many photos I can’t even get into it!  Oh my god!  Give me a break!  C’mon man!  You gotta be kidding me!  Seriously!?  Wow!

On behalf of Decent Collage (the physical entity that is The Collage), Decent Community (the actual people who write this fluff) thanks all you son of a bitches for adding some of the most decent crap anyone has ever witnessed.

Pictures can continue to be sent to

Decent Collage Update

The Collage keeps growing!  Check it out at at


Some recent decent additions include: 

Otter Pops, Mariah Carey’s sweet shoe closet, Heather Locklear (schwing!), I like the pope.  The pope smokes dope, an epic scene from Point Break, the Mona Lisa, ZZ Top, a bingo card, Gandhi, some Fig Newtons, Field of Dreams, the Snuggie, Erin Andrews, some mustacheo pins, Willie Nelson, Hacksaw JD and Breaking Bad.

Thanks for participating and keep submitting your decent photos!

To add a photo to Decent Collage email your pictures to

Decent Collage Update


New additions to Decent Collage:

The Google logo, a Nerf football, Bill Cosby, Stephen A. Smith, Chuck Woolery, Godzilla dancing with King Kong, the heady Monopoly man and the littlest weightlifter in the world.

Thanks to those who have submitted their photos!

Decent Collage Update


Some decent additions last night!  Visit Decent Collage to view the most up to date collage.

The “L” Tetris piece, Richard Pryor, Franzia, Joe Camel, The Ghostbusters crew, “Arnold is Numero Uno”, Lil Wayne and “an asshole in his bathrobe, emptying a chemical toilet into my sewer… “

Pictures can be emailed to

Decent Collage Update


Decent Collage had a nice influx of participation over the weekend, including additions of: 

Andre the Giant holding a bunch of women, the Blues Brothers, a man with a cactus for a bone, the Bermuda Triangle, M.J., E.T., a short bus, Ace Ventura, Mike and Ikes, Muhammad Ali, the LOST logo, a crescent moon, a watermelon, Back To The Future, Sloth and the Martin cast!

Thanks for your participation and keep sending your photos to

Thursday Ramblings


Funny how big baseball news always break right before Spring Training begins. While A-Roid (who came off as the biggest asshole on the planet during his interview with Peter Gammons) came clean, there are still over 100 names of tested-positive cheaters out there. Names I hope aren’t on the list, but names that wouldn’t shock me if they came out, include Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz, Pedro Martinez (yes, he’s thin as a noodle, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t take it to strengthen his noodle shoulder), Trot Nixon and (gulp) Ken Griffey Jr.… Speaking of Griffey, when I was a kid I thought my Upper Deck rookie card of his would be worth some serious coin someday. Looks like I can get about $14 for it on eBay …  Anyone traveling through SouthCoast should check out Five Guys, a new fast-food place on Faunce Corner Road in Dartmouth that serves up decently-awesome burgers and fries … People in California are irate over their tax money being used to pay health-care costs for the octuplets lady. Her response? Octopussy, who already tried selling her kids’ naming rights,  now has her own Web site, where she is encouraging people to send her cash … Well I’m sure many Phish fans were left wishing Ticketmaster was still handling the upcoming tour when LiveNation imploded on buy-tickets day. Well LiveNation has reached a deal to buy ticketmaster, and many people are skeptical over the result … Happy 34th birthday Scot Pollard, and a very happy 54th birthday to Arsenio Hall, who was awesome in Coming to America with Eddie Murphy. … I had trouble finding a good one myself, so if anyone has a decent picture of Emily the Elephant from Buttonwood Park Zoo, send it along for Decent Collage… Sirius and XM radio are going bankrupt. I wonder what’s going to happen to Howard Stern? I bet Sirius is really happy it gave Stern $100 million back in 2004 … With the recession, global financial meltdown, fiscal crisis and bank bailouts, $100 million has become a lot of money again. Every corporation, every organization, everyone or everything uber-rich will think long and hard about dropping $100 million on something (except the N.Y. Yankees) … Karl “The Mailman” Malone joined the NBA on TNT crew for some post-game analysis on Feb. 8. Malone attempts to demonstrate a pick-and-roll in some of the worst TV work I’ve ever seen. Enter Exhibit A of why every great player isn’t great on TV. … If Matt Cassel is still with the Patriots after the NFL Draft, Tom Brady is doing worse than we thought … Why doesn’t Boston have a major Beer Pong League? Hmmm, the Decent Community Beer Pong League; has a nice ring to it.