Decent Community Podcast Vol. XII

Ha! Decent Community has been on a serious hiatus. We hope everyone is doing chill. We have a big announcement coming soon — so stay tuned!

You should know — we’re still into the jams and figured we’d turn a recent mix into a podcast. So here it is:

Click here to listen to and download the Decent Community Podcast.

Pretty chill mixture in here — even if a tad on the ambiguous side. But it all correllates with how we’ve been rolling over the past month or so. Give it a listen. We hope you enjoy!


Decent Site of the Week: Texts From Last Night

Decent chance you’ve heard of this site before, but we figured, “Hey, what the fuck, ya know?” Texts From Last Night is a collection of anonymous user submitted texts (with the area code included) that reveal funny situations and musings. Texts From Last Night is basically exploiting “the tendency to press ‘send’ more easily as the night turns to morning.” Here are a few so you get the gist:


I just walked into a room at this party and someone yelled “dibs!”…


Grinding on my ninth grade teacher. Dreams really do come true


I was just told by a cop that my party was the most epic party they ever crashed.


***In the spirit of Texts From Last Night, we’ll share a decent text of our own. Here’s an actual exchange I enjoyed with Community member Lice a few nights ago:

Lice: Sitting next to Steve Kerr at the airport bar.
Tube: Buy him a shot of Jager!
Lice: We just did some Jack.
Tube: Get the fuck outta here. Maybe some vodka next?
Lice: He’s a chill cat. Possibilities are endless.
Tube: Do some shnizzle with him off the bar.
Lice: He said Horace Grant’s shlong is 9 inches limp.
Tube: Don’t doubt that for a second. Kerr sounds like a chill guy!
Lice: Just gave him a Community business card.
Tube: Did you know he’s the all-time leader in 3 pt FG Percentage? That’s as pimp as it gets.
Lice: I didn’t. Bartenders are all over him. I’m riding his coattails aaaall night.
Tube: I heard a night out with Steve Kerr usually turns into two weeks of acid/hookers/cocaine/steak dinners. In that order. Bet that will be a fuckin blast.
Lice: Fear and loathing in Dallas with Steve Kerr. Sign me up.

DC Podcast Vol. XI

Instead of going on about what a chill and decent podcast we have this time around, I’m just gonna say… ya know… whatever. It’s your decision if you wanna jam on it.

Click here to listen to and download the Decent Community Podcast.

Seriously, it’s up to you. I understand that some people just aren’t that into music. They’d rather sit in silence and play solitaire. Hey, ya know, that’s your thing. Whatever you’re into, we respect your decision.

Decent Site of the Week: I’m So Bad At

This week’s decent site of the week offers some embarrassing stories from the boning scene. I’m So Bad At Sex features anonymous bastards who send in some wacky shit detailing hilarious sexual escapades. Of course, some tales are better than others — but after reading I’m So Bad At Sex, we all feel like we’re masters at doing the wild thing. Here’s a sample:

“I’m generally pretty bad at sex. However, my most recent experience has lead me to quit having sex all together. I was having sex with a girl who had at least 40 pounds on me. I somehow mounted her and was humping away. Then I received a whisper in my ear “Stop, please just stop”. I had been having sex with her belly fat, and had already came. I’m so bad at sex.”

Thursday Ramblings

Tough Guy

How cool was “Saved by the Bell?” The decent show from years ago still brings back fond memories. Apparently, according to Screech, it was wicked awesome to be on the show. In his autobiography, he details many scandals that happened on and off the set. Slater raping a girl in his trailer. Zach Morris and Kelly Kapowski having threesums with the cocaine-using producer. Slater, Morris and Screech all banging Kelly then Jesse than Lisa. Screech scoring with an NBC executive. I’m not kidding, read more about it in a review of Dustin Diamond’s book. … So you think you’re the toughest of the tough? The baddest of the bad? The man, the coolest, bestest dude out there? Try your hand at the annual “Tough Guy” race next year. Held every February, the race pits hundreds of macho toughguys, from Army rangers to police captains to athletes, through an 8-mile obstacle course full of barbed wire, firepits, broken glass, ziplines and every other hell you can imagine. The Daily Mail did a nice pictorial of it and this looks like it’s the real deal. “We have our fair share of broken bones,” one of the organizers said about the annual race that raises funds for a variety of charities. … Three links for your enjoyment this Thursday: 1) Answers to the top 25 questions about Apple’s new iPad; 2) CNN has a profile about the new $7,500 sex robot; and 3) The seven most-believed police myths, thanks to movies. …  How awesome was it when the very decent Budweiser Clydesdales spent a week in downtown New Bedford last summer? It seems that’s going to be the last time anyone sees them for a while. The beer company has announced that the famous horsies will not appear in a Super Bowl commercial this year, marking the end of a more than 20-year run of featuring their likeness during the big game. Hopefully, they’ll make a return in 2011 at halftime of a Patriots-Saints Super Bowl. … Yesterday was National Signing Day for high school football players to commit to play at the college level. The University of Florida, Texas and USC were once again the big winners. But as time will tell, whether these stud high-schoolers pan out is anyone’s guess. A look at the last 25 Gatorade Players of the Year in high school shows some mixed results, to people playing in the Super Bowl this weekend (Peyton Manning) to guys now working for a roofing company in Minnesota (Chris Walsh, POY in 1992). Two interesting tidbits from looking at the list: 1) Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer was the best high school football player in 2001 and turned down offers from Notre Dame and Miami to pursue a baseball career; and 2) Tim Couch, former Kentucky QB and No. 1 overall pick by the Cleveland Browns who was POY in 1996, is now married to Playboy centerfold Heather Kozar. … Speaking of football, happy 51st birthday to Lawrence Taylor. While he is remembered as probably the most feared defensive player in NFL history, Taylor is probably more well known for his abuse of drugs and alcohol that led to multiple arrests. Did you know that Taylor used to pay hookers to visit players on the opposing teams the night before games to tire them out? And for a bonus, did you know that Taylor’s son has signed a letter of intent to play college football at Purdue next season? … Happy 62nd birthday to rocker Alice Cooper. His hits, among several others,  include “School’s Out” and “Poison.” Did you know that Cooper is the Godfather to Megadeath frontman Dave Mustaine? … Coming tomorrow to Decent Community: The right proposition bets to make you some Super Bowl cash, as well as predictions from some Decent experts.

Decent Site of the Week: Accidental Dong

This week The Community has named Accidental Dong as our decent site of the week. Here’s the description from their website: “It’s happened a million times. You draw an innocent little sketch for a friend or family member, only to realize moments later, ‘Crap. I just drew a Godzilla-like penis in front of Grandma.’ Well my faux phallic friends, this blog is the home for all those wayward wangs out there.”

Accidental Dong has all sorts of pseudo dicks — some more noticeable than others. Seriously, how many times in your life have you thought, “Bro! Fuckin A! That looks just like a shlong!” This website offers a decent collection of such instances.

Interesting eBay T-Shirts

Would you buy this shirt for 29 grand?

Damn. There’s some serious shit on eBay. You can find pretty much anything you want on that piece, and decent t-shirts are no exception. Let’s examine a few t-shirts The Commuity deems “the real deal”:

Transcelestians: This badboy is quite possibly the most rare Star Wars collectible on any planet. A t-shirt made for crew when filming began for A New Hope, aka Star Wars aka Transcelestians (the working title). This is such obscure Star Wars trivia that when this working title is googled, there are no results…seriously, try it. It was once owned by Ben Burtt, the four time Academy Award winning sound technician who got Darth breathing heavy. Price: $29,000

Beatles Butcher: The true origins of this relic are unknown. Its controversial artwork is derived from the infamous Beatles Butcher album that was released in 1966 and subsequently pulled from shelves because of widespread complaints. The original banned albums are worth a small fortune and this tee is arguably even more scarce. Is it an extremely rare record store promo?  Or one of the earliest examples of bootlegging? Either way it’s a vintage artifact. Price: $20,000

Duran Duran Concert Cutoff T: This 1984 piece is from Duran Duran’s first stadium tour of the United States. A film crew led by director Russell Mulcahy followed the band closely during this tour, leading to the documentary film Sing Blue Silver and the accompanying concert film Arena. Just before making their stadium rounds, the band appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and won two Grammy awards. This t-shirt is one of the foremost relics of a special time in Duran Duran’s history. (And it’s a cutoff!) Price: $11

Allman Bros/The Band/Grateful Dead Summer Jam: This beauty is my second favorite shirt on the list (behind the Duran Duran T). Quite the Summer jam going down at Watkins Glenn in 1973! A heady time for all bands, but especially The Grateful Dead, who played their tightest/cleanest jams throughout 73-74. It’s a great looking shirt and perhaps a decent deal when compared to this other Grateful Dead T. Price: $1,500

Iron Maiden, Florida ’87 — “Vice is Nice” Tour: This 3/4 sleeve baseball style t-shirt is pretty freakin heavy. As in, heavy metal! Iron Maiden fans are known to hoard their concert t’s — but this rare find documenting their ’87 run through the Sunshine State is a true gem. Think about it — it’s 1987 and you’re in Florida on the “Vice is Nice” tour with Iron Maiden. It gets no better. Price: $950