Interesting eBay T-Shirts

Would you buy this shirt for 29 grand?

Damn. There’s some serious shit on eBay. You can find pretty much anything you want on that piece, and decent t-shirts are no exception. Let’s examine a few t-shirts The Commuity deems “the real deal”:

Transcelestians: This badboy is quite possibly the most rare Star Wars collectible on any planet. A t-shirt made for crew when filming began for A New Hope, aka Star Wars aka Transcelestians (the working title). This is such obscure Star Wars trivia that when this working title is googled, there are no results…seriously, try it. It was once owned by Ben Burtt, the four time Academy Award winning sound technician who got Darth breathing heavy. Price: $29,000

Beatles Butcher: The true origins of this relic are unknown. Its controversial artwork is derived from the infamous Beatles Butcher album that was released in 1966 and subsequently pulled from shelves because of widespread complaints. The original banned albums are worth a small fortune and this tee is arguably even more scarce. Is it an extremely rare record store promo?  Or one of the earliest examples of bootlegging? Either way it’s a vintage artifact. Price: $20,000

Duran Duran Concert Cutoff T: This 1984 piece is from Duran Duran’s first stadium tour of the United States. A film crew led by director Russell Mulcahy followed the band closely during this tour, leading to the documentary film Sing Blue Silver and the accompanying concert film Arena. Just before making their stadium rounds, the band appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and won two Grammy awards. This t-shirt is one of the foremost relics of a special time in Duran Duran’s history. (And it’s a cutoff!) Price: $11

Allman Bros/The Band/Grateful Dead Summer Jam: This beauty is my second favorite shirt on the list (behind the Duran Duran T). Quite the Summer jam going down at Watkins Glenn in 1973! A heady time for all bands, but especially The Grateful Dead, who played their tightest/cleanest jams throughout 73-74. It’s a great looking shirt and perhaps a decent deal when compared to this other Grateful Dead T. Price: $1,500

Iron Maiden, Florida ’87 — “Vice is Nice” Tour: This 3/4 sleeve baseball style t-shirt is pretty freakin heavy. As in, heavy metal! Iron Maiden fans are known to hoard their concert t’s — but this rare find documenting their ’87 run through the Sunshine State is a true gem. Think about it — it’s 1987 and you’re in Florida on the “Vice is Nice” tour with Iron Maiden. It gets no better. Price: $950

Thursday Ramblings


Somber anniversary this Thursday for it was 24 years ago that the Space Shuttle Challenger broke apart just 73 seconds after take-off due to a faulty O-Ring (really, not a sexual joke). When the ring failed, the rocket and shuttle literally ripped apart. The cockpit hosting the seven astronauts remained intact but it is believed the crew didn’t survive the impact of the cabin with the ocean floor. It was three years before NASA attempted another shuttle launch. … On a more upbeat note, it was 52 years ago today that the Lego company received a patent for its Lego brick, leading to one of the most popular toys of all time. The world’s tallest Lego tower is in Windsor, England, at a Legoland amusement park. It stands almost 100 feet tall and is made of about 500,000 bricks. Did you know that the company is planning another Legoland themepark to open in 2015 in the uber-decent city of Dubai? … Maybe some people don’t realize that we’re still in a recession. City and town municipal budgets are in rough shape, yet that didn’t stop the city of Omaha, Nebraska, to ask for $34,000 to buy a new speedboat. Note that there is no major body of water for hundreds of miles around Omaha. … Did anyone see Cutthroat Island on AMC last week? I watched it for about three seconds before turning it off. Why is Cutthroat Island so noteworthy? It is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest box-office flop of all time. It cost about $115 million to make and made only $10 million worldwide. Check out the list of the biggest flops of all-time, including Son of the Mask, Battlefield Earth, Gigli and The Adventures of Pluto Nash. …  Now that the NFL Draft order is pretty much set (only spots 31 and 32 are left to decide), many publications are putting together their first official Mock Draft. A survey of several out there, found here, have some interesting options for New England. Mel Kiper of ESPN says Clemson outside linebacker Ricky Sapp at No. 22. Other options people out there are thinking include Tim Tebow, Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes, USC running back Joe McKnight and Oklahoma tight end Jermaine Gersham. … Speaking of football, all the crap Vikings fans are feeling about Brett Favre blowing the game by throwing that awful INT when he could have ran for four yards and kicked a game-winning field goal for a trip to the Super Bowl has been felt before by Packers fans in 2004 and 2007, and the Jets and Patriots fans last year. Remember, it was only 14 months ago that the Jets had to win to send New England to the playoffs and Favre threw four picks. Don’t forget that horrible INT he threw against the Giants in OT the years the Pats bid to go 19-0 was unsuccessful. The man who holds the NFL record for postseason interceptions will always blow it when it counts. … Three links for your enjoyment this Thursday: 1) Scientists find the world’s sluttiest bird, adding that 95 percent of them mate with multiple dude birds; 2) Cracked offers six reasons why you shouldn’t try to make homemade porn. Pretty amusing stuff; and 3) Check out these awesome mustaches from the 19th century. … Today would have been the 98th birthday of decent artist Jackson Pollack if he hadn’t have died in a drunk-driving crash in 1956. He is considered one of the most famous and most influential artists in history. His works cover the walls of museums and galleries across the world. Did you know that Pollack was expelled from two high schools because of drinking too much? … Also sharing birthdays today are Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski (26), actor Elijah Wood (29) and singers Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys (30) and Joey Fatone of N’SYNC (33).

For The Ladies: Sights From French Fashion Show

In the next installment of our “For the Ladies” series, we bring you some of the more marvelous sights from the Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2010 collection. This is the cream of the fashion crop, the kind of stuff chicks drool over and dream of wearing to the royal ball at some fancy European castle.

Anyway, enjoy the pictorial ladies, and thanks for your continued support of Decent Community. The last thing Tubesteak, Helmet and I want is the Community to be a sausage-fest, so tell all your girlfriends about how decent we are and feel free to send bikini pictures to Please don’t send bikini photos of those unhealthy anorexic gross model chicks though — we’re sure they’re nice people and all, but they kinda freak us out.

Who is the Chillest Member of Phish?

Bro. Why do questions have to be so difficult? I’m trying to figure this shit out, but it’s kinda insane. This whole question, ya know? I’ve been sitting here for the past three hours going back and forth in my head. Page is fuckin chill, ya know? But Mike is mellow as shit too! The way he just stands there and bobs his head sometimes? That’s laid back. I bet it would be really chill to chill with Trey. And Fishman, man, that dude probably just lets it his shit flow — which I think is pretty chill.

Fuck man, I guess if I gotta say, it’s Page. Ya know, cause he’s just fuckin chill, bro. What do you guys think?

Decent Site of the Week: Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

This week Decent Community thought we’d alert our readers about a new website dedicated to three of our favorite things: Tom Selleck, waterfalls, and sandwiches. So basic in its premise, Selleck Waterfall Sandwich simply presents images that combine Selleck, waterfalls, and sandwiches in all their glory.

Each picture contains a new sandwich, a new look at Selleck, and a new waterfall. I guess there’s only so many ways to describe this — but Selleck Waterfall Sandwich is definitely a decent idea. I’m actually a little embarassed we didn’t think of it first.

Dennis Eckersley is Our Decent Bastard of the Week

If Decent Community were assembling a ball club, the first thing we’d do is look for the most chill player available. Then we’d probably scout their mustache, and then probably their hairstyle. Finally, we’d look into their actual abilities on the field. Based on the above criteria, the obvious man to build our team around is Dennis Eckersley. Characters like him make baseball so supremely decent that we feel it’s our obligation to honor “The Eck” as our Decent Bastard of the Week.

Let’s first address his playing career. Six time All-Star. 1988 ALCS MVP. 1989 World Series champion. 1992 AL MVP and Cy Young. One of two players (Smoltz) with seasons of 20 wins and 50 saves. Two-time Rolaids Relief Man of the Year. First ballot Hall of Famer. Now that we got that out of the way….

His look. Following in the tradition mustache-wearing Hall of Fame relievers (Gossage, Sutter, Fingers), with a sort of lettuce/mop/mullet hairstyle and slim physique, Eck looked kinda like a snarling pirate on the mound. His sidearm delivery, however, more closely resembled an elegant swan. Put all of this together, throw in that stylish A’s uniform, and you’ve got a model of how a decent ball player should look.

Astonishingly, Eckersley the decent bastard posessed chill levels that rivaled his remarkable appearence. Widely hailed as a legendary teammate, his intense competitive nature never interfered with his laid-back aura. Listening to him in the Red Sox broadcast booth, you get a feel for Eck’s totally non-contrived character.

Then there’s his lingo: salad (off-speed pitches), slide piece (slider), educated cheese (mediocre fastball thrown by a veteran pitcher), gay cheese (fastball in the mid-80’s), warm cheese (low 90’s fastball), easy gas (effortless heat), hair (comes off a upper 90’s fastball), Gas Masterson (guy who pumps serious fastballs), and johnson (home run, chump hitter, pretty much anything he wants it to mean).

Even if we could “paint” as well as Dennis Eckersley, we could never design a more decent ball player. Our ideal five tool guy (+pitcher, +hairstyle, +mustache, +lingo, +chill levels), The Community sweats The Eck almost as much as we sweat bronsons. For it’s our opinion that this bastard was/is the most completely decent player to ever put on a major league uniform.

Thursday Ramblings

TV analysts have been saying for a while now that NBC’s “Heroes” is in trouble, but Jack Bauer may have slammed the nail in its coffin. According to Media Life Magazine, the second night of the “24” premiere drove audiences far away from NBC’s long-running show. “Heroes” registered 1.8 million viewers on Monday night, 14% less than last week and an all-time low for the series. For anyone interested, Bauer delivered a very decent 3.8 million Sunday night and a 3.4 million Monday night, a little higher than expected. … Speaking of “24,” e-mails have come flying into Decent Community about the new CTU chick with the large rack. She should be very recognizable to sci-fi nerds: She is Katee Sackhoff and she appeared on the popular Battlestar Galactica and has appeared in several episodes of everything from Law and Order to Nip/Tuck. She is currently in remission from thyroid cancer after having her thyroid removed several years ago. Did you know that CTU’s newest hottie was born in Beaverton, Oregon? … I don’t have anything against all the New Year’s Resolution newcomers at the gym every January. Some of the meatheads at Workout World in New Bedford grumble when they see the new faces, but I am more in the camp to wish them good luck and hope they stick around. One person who I don’t ever want to see again in the chubby girl who has shown up the past few days around 2 p.m. She wears jeans and a tanktop way to small for her and spends all her time barely walking on the treadmill while talking on her cell phone so loudly that everyone can hear her conversation about her ex-boyfriend and how the police planted drugs on him after a fight outside a bar in Fall River. Oh, did I mention she walks on the treadmill in Uggs? Please leave and never come back, thanks. … There are three ways to get extremely wealthy in today’s world: 1) Be a very good professional athlete; 2) Be a very talented entertainment celebrity; or 3) Hit the lottery. I’m going with the latter and have started a new campaign where I buy a $20 scratch ticket every Friday (0-for-1 so far, -$20). You’ll know if I won when you see a Decent Community Super Bowl commercial. … Speaking of the Super Bowl, congrats to everyone who won a hundo taking my advice last week by betting on the Jets. Want to keep that hundo? Don’t bet this weekend. The Jets got pretty lucky last week (three missed San Diego field goals) and the Colts got a good look at the Ravens’ defense last week that is extremely similar to New York’s. That being said, I wouldn’t bet a penny on the Colts or the Jets, just too much uncertainty. Same with New Orleans and Minnesota. Anything can happen in that game. For what it’s worth, I’m picking a New Orleans-Indy Super Bowl.  … Three links for your reading enjoyment this Thursday: 1) A look at the coolest fictional guns in movies and TV. I think Robocop’s pistol should be a little higher; 2) Drunk guy gets shot then gets a DUI while driving himself to the hospital; and 3) Very talented artist can make some pretty cool stuff using only one piece of printer paper. Very decent. … A pair of basketball legends are enjoying their 57th birthdays today, the first being decent old-school player Detlef Schrempf. He was a three-point machine for Indiana and Seattle. Did you know Schrempf, who married a former hurdler on the West German Olympic team, passed his sweet jumpshot onto his son, Alex, who is a scholarship freshman at UCLA? And the second is Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon. Did you know that Hakeem, a 12-time All-Star, Olympic gold-medalist and Hall-of-Famer, was one of just a handful of NBA stars to endorse a sneaker not made by Nike, Reebok or Adidas? He chose Spalding and a $35-pair of sneakers to wear because he didn’t want to endorse expensive kicks that would put strain on families. … And finally, happy 54th birthday to actress and Wareham, Mass., native Geena Davis. Did you know that Davis is a member of the American Mensa Society, an organization for Americans with IQs in the top 2 percent? Hers is 140, slightly higher than Tubesteak.