DC Short Jam: My Car Is My Baby

Mechaphilia means having a sexual attraction to your car. It’s weird because cars are designed to be sexy. So who is at fault here? If you don’t want people getting all randy about cars, stop making them so damn sexy.

That said, I think this video is more about mutually beneficial relationships. Like, I’ll give you a rubdown, and you give me a rubdown right back. I sweat on you, you sweat on me back. It’s about loving your car. If sex is a part of it — so be it.


DC Short Jam: An Attitude of Decency

A very wise man once said, “What you do with your attitude is up to you.” He also said, “Attitude has a one word definition: Life.” No doubt about it — a positive attitude is contagious and is just about the most decent thing one can inject into The Community.

With that prelude, Decent Community takes immense pleasure in presenting you our just-released short jam titled An Attitude of Decency. It’s about a lad who takes his attitude and makes a conscious decision that it’ll be as decent as can be. Featuring an unbelievable soundtrack, this short jam is intended to provide a boost for those who may possess a sub-par outlook.

DC Short Jam: The Deceptive Rogue

Motives and actions can be ambiguous — and even more dubious when they don’t correlate with one another. An apparent con artist may be seeking life’s simple comforts — yet observers can easily be thrown off by what they witness on the surface.

With that preface, The Community presents the fifth rendering of our DC Short Jam Series — The Deceptive Rogue. This film scrutinizes the existence of a decent man living an undercover lifestyle. Even though he remains mostly incognito, his wants and needs — and in the end, his virtues — mirror those of The Community.

**We were fortunate to secure a professional actor for this role and as you’ll see, he knocked this one out of the park. If he doesn’t win Best Actor, it’ll be the biggest snub in the history of cinema!**

DC Short Jam: How To Keep It Loose

Perhaps nothing is more valuable than one’s ability to keep things loose. As they say — an uptight bastard is an indecent bastard. Failure to keep things loose will prevent meaningful connections, lose you some laughs, and prove unhealthy in general. This is the main reason behind our unveiling of the fourth installment of the DC Short Jam Series.

This episode, titled How To Keep It Loose (Community Style), is meant to provide examples of ways in which The Community keeps things loose, doesn’t get too serious, and just enjoys our scene. Hopefully the short jam will loosen you up, while also helping you think of your own ways to stay as limber as possible.

DC Short Film: Face the Facts

In order to be decent, it’s important that you hold no illusions about what’s going down in your Community. Approaching reality head on allows the whole story to come into focus. Once sound info is garnered, one can proceed accordingly.

With that preface, The Community would like to present the third installment of the DC Short Jam Series — this titled Face the Facts. This piece is an exploration on how we face the music, handle the facts, and respond to universally held truths.

DC Short Film: The Introduction

The power of the introduction cannot be understated. Relationships, perceptions, and attitudes are all strongly based on initial impressions. So if you’re gonna come off as decent, it would only make sense to advocate evidence that you’ve got a legit scene.

And so today The Community presents another DC Short Jam titled The Introduction. It’s sort of a preview of a movie we’re in the midst of producing. It’s not a trailer — rather a simple introduction of our films’ stars.

DC Short Film – The Newspaper Thief

The Decent Comunity has recently embarked on a quest to increase our volume of original content in hopes of giving readers more than just inane, recycled babble. While we like to think that some of our perspectives do provide a fresh vantage point, the idea of producing the origins of a genuinely worthy thought is exceptionally appealing — even if a bit far fetched! Call it art, call it style, call it horsehit — whatever you think is decent.

Anyway, above we present a Decent Community Short Jam (Film) titled The Newspaper Thief. It’s intended to be a brief portrayal of the struggle between information seekers and information holders. It’s also meant to illustrate what some will do to obtain information even if they lack legitmate means (ie. money). In the end, the hubris that comes with power rears it’s ugly head!