Decent Community Joint Rolling Contest

Hear ye! Hear ye! Decent Community is sponsoring our first annual joint rolling contest! Everyone is always claiming to be able to the roll the finest doob, but The Community figured the best way to settle this was through good old competition! So let’s see what you got! We’ll get high, have a decent time, smoke some Ls and settle this question once and for all!

Contest Details:

  • The contest will be taking place in Boston. To find out the specific date, time and location, please email and we’ll let you know. We’ll need to confirm who will be attending.
  • Everyone brings their own grass. We’ll sharing the Js, so you’ll get to try other peoples’ herbs too.
  • All joint styles are accepted in the competition, including blunts.
  • We’ll provide some munchies and some heady bronsons.
  • If you roll a mediocre joint, you can still enter the contest just to get down on a decent party.
  • Judges will be unbiased, expert joint tokers. If you or someone you know would also like to be part of the judge’s panel, email us your credentials.

*Shoot us an email if you have any more questions. There’s some extremely talented joint rollers with close ties to The Community. We expect some very stiff competition — but more importantly, we expect a decent, chill-ass time. We look forward to this session!

Thursday Ramblings


Funny how big baseball news always break right before Spring Training begins. While A-Roid (who came off as the biggest asshole on the planet during his interview with Peter Gammons) came clean, there are still over 100 names of tested-positive cheaters out there. Names I hope aren’t on the list, but names that wouldn’t shock me if they came out, include Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz, Pedro Martinez (yes, he’s thin as a noodle, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t take it to strengthen his noodle shoulder), Trot Nixon and (gulp) Ken Griffey Jr.… Speaking of Griffey, when I was a kid I thought my Upper Deck rookie card of his would be worth some serious coin someday. Looks like I can get about $14 for it on eBay …  Anyone traveling through SouthCoast should check out Five Guys, a new fast-food place on Faunce Corner Road in Dartmouth that serves up decently-awesome burgers and fries … People in California are irate over their tax money being used to pay health-care costs for the octuplets lady. Her response? Octopussy, who already tried selling her kids’ naming rights,  now has her own Web site, where she is encouraging people to send her cash … Well I’m sure many Phish fans were left wishing Ticketmaster was still handling the upcoming tour when LiveNation imploded on buy-tickets day. Well LiveNation has reached a deal to buy ticketmaster, and many people are skeptical over the result … Happy 34th birthday Scot Pollard, and a very happy 54th birthday to Arsenio Hall, who was awesome in Coming to America with Eddie Murphy. … I had trouble finding a good one myself, so if anyone has a decent picture of Emily the Elephant from Buttonwood Park Zoo, send it along for Decent Collage… Sirius and XM radio are going bankrupt. I wonder what’s going to happen to Howard Stern? I bet Sirius is really happy it gave Stern $100 million back in 2004 … With the recession, global financial meltdown, fiscal crisis and bank bailouts, $100 million has become a lot of money again. Every corporation, every organization, everyone or everything uber-rich will think long and hard about dropping $100 million on something (except the N.Y. Yankees) … Karl “The Mailman” Malone joined the NBA on TNT crew for some post-game analysis on Feb. 8. Malone attempts to demonstrate a pick-and-roll in some of the worst TV work I’ve ever seen. Enter Exhibit A of why every great player isn’t great on TV. … If Matt Cassel is still with the Patriots after the NFL Draft, Tom Brady is doing worse than we thought … Why doesn’t Boston have a major Beer Pong League? Hmmm, the Decent Community Beer Pong League; has a nice ring to it.

Tourney of Artists We’d Most Like to Share Some Chicken With


Sharing pieces of chicken is one of The Community’s favorite pastimes. In fact, when gobbling down our poultry we always play a game in which we blurt out the names of people we wish were eating chicken with us. Above are the names that have come up most often.

We assembled a panel of everyone we’ve ever actually eaten chicken with (chicken nuggets, chicken bones, chicken breasts, chicken strips, chicken cordon bleu, everything) to decide which one of these urban contemporary/slow jam/new jack swing artists is the most ideal to eat chicken with.

Any time greats such as Tevin Campbell, Father MC, and Babyface exit in the first round, you know you’re dealing with a hardcore tourney! And it was unfortunately too hardcore for some R&B royalty. I mean, we’d love to share chicken with En Vogue, SWV, and Salt-N-Pepa — but let’s face it — there’s not enough comeraderie in sharing chicken with divas. And while Heavy D is a gifted dancer, he’d probably end up eating all the chicken (no offense, Heavy). Color Me Badd? A bit erotic for our tastes. Montel Jordan? I’m afriad that’s not quite how we do it. (This is!)

There were four artists who stood out from the rest —  Jodeci, because they’re known for having a quality chicken hook up — BBD, because Michael Bivins is one chill-ass bastard — Shai, because they went to Howard University — and Silk, because their career needs the biggest boost.

In the end it was Silk who prevailed because they sang a beautiful song about chicken called “Freak Me” — barely edging Shai’s chicken anthem “If I Ever Fall in Love.” But more important than chicken chants, The Community thought it would be decent to share pieces of chicken with struggling artists. That’s just something we’re about — sharing chicken with dudes who could probably use a bite to eat.

So, congrats to Silk for winning our tourney. If you happen to read this, shoot us an email and we can set up a time to share some chicken with you. For everyone else, maybe go halves on some chicken with someone in need — it’s the decent thing to do!

Decent Community is Crowning the King of New England

The Decent Community would like to announce its competition to crown the King of New England. There are no prerequisites for entry — just that the dude has to be from New England, or be related to it some way. We’ll be accepting your nominations through email at and in the comments section. We’d like to post your nominations explaining why your nominee should be the king to our site in the coming weeks. Readers will vote and a winner will be crowned.

As you can probably imagine, being the King of New England is the highest honor someone can receive, so we ask you to think long and hard about who you’re nominating, why you’re nominating them, and how they’ll handle the day-to-day duties of being the King of New England.

Ideally, the Decent Community is going to host a party in honor of the King of New England once they’ve been voted king — a sort of innauguration if you will. Your nominees can be famous or just a regular Joe six pack, but make sure they’re decent. The Community awaits with great anticipation your nominations and we’ll keep our readers up to date as the competition ensues!

Tourney of Magnificent Restaurants


Today we have the long awaited Tournament of Magnificent Restaurants. This is the cream of the crop, most expensive, romantic places you can go. Wanna see a movie star? Try visiting one of the restaurants above. Looking for ambiance and unparalleled atmosphere? These are the restaurants you want to dine at. While most of these joints have pretty much the same menu (with a few exceptions), we did manage to sort through the debris to bring you the most magnificent restaurant in all the land.

This was no easy task! Pitting steakhouse against steakhouse, Tuesday’s versus Friday’s, Pub 99 against Friendly’s. But alas, there had to be a winner.

International House of Pancakes made an impressive showing against the other giants of the service industry. Their maple syrup and their clientele of old, grizzled senior citizens helped them advance. Olive Garden and Red Lobster were also surprise winners for having free breadsticks and the freshest seafood. Both places also are decent for family outings.

Perhaps the most mind-blowing matchup of the tournament featured New England powerhouses Pub 99 and Friendly’s. This should have been the finale, but whoever drew up the brackets clearly blew it on this one. Pub 99 edged them as a result of their superior fare, tall bronsons, chicken wraps, and their array of breathtaking appetizers. We should also mention that the atmosphere at ‘the nines” absolutely cannot be beat.

And so it is decalred — Pub 99 is the Most Magnificent Restaurant in the world. I’d like to ask that everyone not sprint there immediately after reading this — we don’t want to overwhelm our dear friends at “the nines.” However, you’d be a big-time dork if you don’t stop by there this holiday season to enjoy a truly decent experience that will arouse you in unimaginable ways!

Tourney of Red Sox Pitchers from Our Childhood

In celebration of the Red Sox ALDS win last night over the Angels, The Community would like to present The Tournament of Red Sox Pitchers from Our Childhood. The Community feels it’s necessary to honor those players who grinded out the difficult years before the current Sox dynasty came to be. Pitchers were judged on performance style, their ability to be embraced by fans, and as always, their level of decency. Classic names abound here, so let’s get right to the analysis.

Al Nipper rode his record of service with the Red Sox all the way to the final four. Bob Stanley“The Steamer” — engaged in an epic second round battle with Bruce Hurst, and got the edge mainly for his body type and nickname. Dennis Lamp survived a relatively weak side of his bracket (despite serious competition from Greg Harris — the world famous ambidextrous pitcher). Lamp can credit The Community’s affinity for light as the reason he’s moving on. Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd cruised through his portion of the bracket, although the names Frank Viola and Danny Darwin warrant mentioning.

In the end, it was Oil Can Boyd who won rather handily over the rest of the competition. The Can Man is a figure who will go down as a classic character in Red Sox lore. Not only was his name “Oil Can,” but this dude had an undying love for the game. Extremely colorful in his demenor and his words, Oil Can gave us memorable lines like “I am The Can, and I am going to come right at you with my best shit.”  What a decent bastard! The Community would like to honor Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd and every member of the old school Red Sox staff for their contributions to the organization, and for reminding us how great we have it now.

Boston Flip Cup Championship

*** The tournament is now OVER. If you’d like to get on our mailing list, send an email to and we’ll be sure to let you know about future events (trivia night), tournaments (pool, pop-a-shot) and competitions (flip cup redux, dance offs).

CONGRATULATIONS to the winning squad, The Clam Diggers who took home the cash, shirts, trophy and the tournament bracket.

We’d like to thank everyone for their participation in the tourney and those who donated the raffle prizes.  Thanks to New Balance, JA Stats, and everyone else that helped make the tourney a success.

If you’d like to purchase a Boston Flip Cup Championship t-shirt, please shoot us an email and we will look into ordering more and if you have any pictures of the event that you’d like to share you can send them to us as well.

DC Champs


Decent Community Presents

The Boston Flip Cup Championship

Saturday, November 8th – 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Copperfield’s Bar – 98 Brookline Ave. Boston, MA

The Decent Community would like to announce the 2008 Boston Flip Cup Championship! Taking place at Copperfield’sright next to Fenway Park, the event includes prizes, an open beer bar, and a $1,000 first place payoff.

DETAILS: 32 teams, 6 players per team. $25 entry per player ($150 per team). Single elimination. Best of seven matches.

YOUR $25 ENTRY FEE INCLUDES free beer from 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm and automatic chances to win fun prizes throughout the event.

HOW TO ENTER: Send an email to with your team name and the list of players on your team. We’ll reserve your spot and send payment instructions. NOTE: Your spot cannot be confirmed until we receive full payment from your team. Spots are filling up very quickly, so sign up soon!


  • If you’d like to go to this event, but don’t want to play flip cups, we can accommodate you. There is, however, limited amount of space for non-players. Shoot us an email to reserve a spot.
  • This is a private event and you’ll have to be signed up with us to gain entry to the bar. This is a strictly 21+ event.

***We anticipate this being an event to remember and are excited to crown Flip Cup Champions of Boston! If you have any questions, please email Sign up soon and join us for what will surely be a wonderful afternoon!***