rad = decent

i love this movie.  i freaking love it. 


you can go to bill allen’s (cru jones) homepage and buy rad memorabilia.  sick.

billy beane

is billy beane gay? (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  i’m talking about the A’s general manager, not to be confused with william daro “billy” bean (one of two former major league player to reveal his homosexuality).  coincidence?  

i’m asking because the beane-man hasn’t put a low salary high value squad on the field in some time, but he continually puts a pretty product on the field – the A’s gotta be the best looking team in baseball.  it may be time for the A’s to reassess beane’s scouting objectives because he appears to choose players based on their buns and ability to grow a flavor savor to distract watchers from the organization’s flamboyance.  lots of parading around in jock straps and ass pats in the GM’s office in oakland.  i’ve heard that people watching games with him in his box often hear a loud thud hitting the bottom of the table as his boys take the field.

for example:




walks a mean runway.



compared to:










keeping my fingers crossed that the A’s suck this year or my theory goes out the window. 

Trebek Being Trebek

I found a couple videos of Alex Trebek spazzing out and having a seizure. What the hell would we do without this guy? Could anyone else ever replace him? And how smart do you think he is? It seems like whenever someone gets a question wrong, he replies in a manner that would indicate that he knew the answer. Who knows? Dude is probably one of the most brilliant minds of our time.

Trebek having a seizure:

Trebek spazzing out:

Beating the Bed Flute

Some helpful guidance for a youngblood who is learning the best methods for firing his flesh musket:

things that are not decent

  • claiming that eating less burgers will help stop global warming.
  • strong gusts of wind that interfere with peoples’ shteezes.
  • sen. arlen specter.
  • supercuts. 
  • when you purchase a non-stop flight and the airline changes it to a connecting flight. 
  • comcast. 
  • pastor james manning. 
  • when co-workers leave their cell phone in their cube and take lunch, and it rings and rings and vibrates and rings….

Oh, that Loathsome Wind!


My God! Wind has slowly crept up my nemesis list, and today I’m more enraged than I’ve been in months. Under the current wind advisory, the temperature is about 20 M-Effing degrees colder than it should be. And it seems like it’s been this way for the last two months. Maybe it’s just frustration from waiting for the weather to finally warm up. But every fucking day I walk out of my apartment and the wind comes gushing in my grill, freezing the fuck out of my sac, totally disorganizing my carefully styled hairdo. I had to get a haircut this week to minimize the damage to my hair every morning.

I’ve come to learn that Boston is actually more windy than the “Windy City.” I’ve read that it’s the windiest large city in the country (I don’t feel like giving a source — but I did read it).

I concede that wind can be decent on a hot summer day. And if you’re a gay sailor, wind is probably decent too. But for Chrissakes, can we get someone to get this wind to relent just a little bit, so I can get a goddman warm day, maybe put away my winter coat, and not have to worry so much about my hairstyle?? Can we get that???!?!?! Fuckin-Shit-Bro!!

the sweet swing of sir charles

I’m going to give you a little advice. There’s a force in the universe that makes things happen. And all you have to do is get in touch with it, stop thinking, let things happen, and be the ball.  

He’s on his final hole. He’s about 455 yards away, he’s gonna hit about a 2 iron I think.

the round mound of rebound!

the farter on the treadmill



this woman at my gym always farts while she is running on the treadmill.  i’m not sure if she knows she is doing it and just doesn’t care, or if she is unaware.  i think because of her ipod and the constant motion she cannot hear it or feel it.  however, i can hear it.  most importantly, i can smell it.

i have recently taken a liking to the bike over the treadmill, at least i mix it up a couple times a week.  i’m fond of the bike, but…the gym is set up kind of weird.  the bike is next to the treadmill, but slightly behind it.  so, i find myself directly behind a constant barrage of farts.

not only that, but being on a bike, hunched over, puts me right in the line of fire.  huffing and puffing as i reach the 20 mile mark, decent!  but, the farter on the treadmill maintains pace and gets aggressive.  as she increases elevation above .5 and the speed gets up to 8.0 the farts increase to a rapid speed.  sounds like a machine gun.  some may take a liken to this, like some sort of treat or reward for working out, but no, not me.  i’m taking it all in.  right in the line of fire, of the farter on the treadmill.

do i say something?  can i report her?  she wipes down the machine after using it.  she is very courteous! technically she’s not grunting…why is this happening!? stay calm, helmet, stay calm!

going to the gym now…..

Filling Out the Perfect Bracket


While I fill out my NCAA Tourny Bracket… I realize that some may claim it’s luck that I picked every game correctly. Behold:

(From Pregame.com)

  • There are 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 possible brackets. If everyone on the planet each randomly filled out a bracket, the odds would be over 1.5 BILLION to 1 against anyone having a perfect bracket.
  • If all possible brackets were stacked on top of each other (on standard paper), the pile would reach from the moon and back over 1.1 million times.
  • All possible brackets (on standard paper) would weigh 100,000 times more than every man, women, and child on earth combined.
  • Assume on the day the universe was formed (approximately 20 billion years ago) that 6.6 billion people (the world’s current population) would have each started filling out one bracket per second; as of today they would completed less than 10% of all possible brackets.
  • Even if a person had a 90% chance of winning each game he picked, his odds would still be 763 to 1 against picking a perfect bracket

Boston’s Most Decent Pizza


The Tube fancies himself a pizza connoisseur. I’d maybe go as far saying the Tube is a pizza Guru. Whether it’s frozen pies, takeout pies, delivery, or pies that were just peeled off the mean concrete streets of Beantown — the Tube connects… the Tube connects. So I’d like to use this space to give a quick rundown what I believe to be the Top 4 Pizza Pies in Boston:

1. The Upper Crust- Not really a surprise here. Gourmet pizza with what I’d describe as a half-crispy, half-flimsy dough/crust. Top notch ingredients, the pieces of tomato in the sauce, solid specialty pies. You’re really getting the whole package here. I think what really puts it atop this list is that The Upper Crust is unlike any pizza you’ve had before. While other places all seem to have at least some run-of-the-mill components to their pizza, this is truly a unique ‘za experience. (locations throughout Boston)

2. New York Pizza- A pizza lover’s pizza, with a sauce that I’d describe as straight-up primal (in a good way). It’s an obvious New York style pizza with great foldability, soft crust, and both the location and the actual building itself is what I’d call raw-to-the-bone (also in a good way). Personally, I think getting a slice of cheese pizza makes the most sense here, cause you gotta keep it real. (located at Mass Ave and Columbus, Tremont Street – Theater District)

3. Ernesto’s- Cozy little haunt with a near infinite selection of slices to go. When you order one slice, it’ actually two! A hearty meal in itself, I give Ernesto’s credit for the quality and selection of their toppings, as well as the adventurous groupings. The soft dough is a touch on the sweet side, which makes every bite satisfying. I think the North End touch is in play as well. It’s a slice I wouldn’t mind sticking my big ol’ tubesteak in! (Salem St. – North End)

4. Pizza Pie-er- Perhaps the unsung hero of the group and a relative newcomer to the Boston scene. Versatility is the name of the game here. They’ve got tons of different combos that you can mix and match — whether it’s crust style, crust flavor, and even sauce flavor, there’s something for everyone. My pick: that thin crust pizza with traditional sauce (nice and rich) topped with pepperone-bone-bone. I’d call it experimental pizza. You’re the doctor — make the incision! (Mass Ave – by Berklee School of Music)

Other good pizza not in the Top 4: Santarpio’s, Inbound, T Anthony’s, Regina’s, Pizzetta Pizzeria, Galleria Umberto


**On an unrelated note — this is taken from a Gammons’ blog yesterday:

Taking in two hours of Bill Belichick with Tony La Russa watching simple spring training drills was fascinating. Belichick asked La Russa to explain almost every drill.

“Bill has one of the greatest minds of anyone I’ve ever known,” says La Russa.

What the… Calzones?


From the Bozeman (MT) Sentinel:

Best-selling author Marquez Rodney has claimed ex-wife Penelope Steppinger’s infidelity is the reason behind their divorce. The pair were granted a decree nisi by District Judge Hastings yesterday.

Rodney, who was married to Steppinger for six years, claimed his wife had been sexually involved with a local man who also delivered her vegetarian calzones on and off for the last year and a half.

A divorce document from Bozeman Municipal Court said: “The petitioner [Rodney] came to the conclusion that his marriage was in fact at an end on September 3, 2006, when he returned home after a long day at work.

“[Rodney] came home to find calzone wrappers scattered about the foyer of his home. [Rodney] followed the wrappers as well as the smell of calzones into the dining area to find a delivery man and Steppinger engaged in a sexual act.

“Weeks later [Rodney] discovered over 100 orders from Sanchez’s Subs and Pizza over a period of 13 months were charged to his credit card. [Rodney] didn’t order from there once.”

The pair wed in San Francisco in October 2001 and have one child, four-year-old Marcel. Steppinger is currently living in their marital home in Bozeman, while Rodney is residing in Tijuana.

Whoa!! I’ve never heard of this guy Marquez Rodney, but I’d say he’s getting the shaft pretty seriously on this one! Your wife is cheating on you with a local calzone dealer!! Good God! She gets to keep the house?? I guess the only thing you can do at this point (and he did it) is head to Tijuana and slug copious amounts of liquids!

boston concert update


3/14/08 – van morisson – citi performing arts center – boston

3/19/08 – the pogues – Orpheum – boston

3/20/08 – deep banana blackout – boston

3/21, 22/08 – strangefolk – hard rock café – boston

3/22/08 – drive by truckers – paradise – boston

3/27/08 – presidents of the usa – paradise – boston

3/30/08 – victor wooten – berklee – boston

3/30, 31/08 – toots and the maytals – paradise – boston

4/4/08 – santana and the derek trucks band – aganis arena – boston

4/10/08 – nada surf – paradise – boston

4/11/08 – rogue wave – paradise – boston

Rondo Has Some Pretty Rude Moves!

We’re all lovin the C’s success this year. Great win against the Pistons last night, best record in the NBA, great pickup in Sam Cassell — they’ve got to be one of the favorites to bask in championship glory!

While the additions of KG and Ray Allen are the biggest factors in the C’s success this year, I think I speak for everyone when I say the Rajon Rondo has been quite a pleasant surprise and a real joy to watch! Here are two of my favorite highlights of Rondo just being plain rude — both from the same game:

i’m balls deep in couscous right now!




logistics help!

i need some advice…

i have convinced a co-worker down in our philly office to bring me a cheesesteak when he flies up here in april.  does anyone have any advice as to how we can best go about this? 

i’d like for the cheesesteak to have whiz on it, however, i think the whiz would make the bread soggy.  some things to consider: the flight is about an hour, i’m expecting to be eating the cheese steak approximatly 3 hours after it is made, i don’t think he’ll be allowed to carry the cheesesteak on with him, which means it needs to be checked, is this going to require a separate “cheesesteak” bag?  will the cheesesteak make it through security? 

i have until april to work out the logistics.  please help!

your comments and suggestions on this important matter will be greatly appreciated. 


Fat Dude with a Gat

I can’t get enough of this video — and I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s because I’ve never fired a real gat. Maybe it’s because that dude looks hysterical. Maybe it’s a combination of everything. But this is damn good…

prudential building lights

does the top of the prudential have a new look? 

i think it does.  however, i’m surprised that i can’t find any credible news sources commenting on it.  another scoop for the community? 

maybe it’s a one night thing, but on my drive home tonight i noticed the top of the hub illuminated in blue, as opposed to the old school white light bulbs that horizontally run above and below “prudential.”  one would think a new look for a historic building would be a newsworthy story but i haven’t found anything.

am i off base here? 

confirmation to follow tomorrow night…

Outdoorsman: Blood, Sweat, and Beers

Per instructions from my good friend John Stank, I watched a movie on IFC this weekend that was unlike anything else I’ve seen before (on TV). It’s a documentary about a bunch of dudes that have what basically amounts to a type of mountain man beer olympics. Talk about aggression! These dudes are the real deal!

What does the movie entail? Slugging beers, barfing, throwing hatchets, throwing tires, chugging beers, ralphing, carrying logs, running through rivers, egg tossing, carrying other guys, slugging beers, crushing beer cans, hard falls, comraderie, and bronsons. Here’s the trailer: