is our Indecent Blog of the Week

Bostonist is Decent Community’s crap blog of the week.  Weeeeeeeee!  Congrats, Bostonist! 

Bostonist could be one of the most generic blogs out there.  It’s a standard city website that was started by the people at Gothamist, Inc, who then used their cookie cutter city-centric blog style to invade, pollute, and dilute coverage of metropolitan lifestyle in other cities.

The genericness of this site is the main cause for our fury — stereotypical discussions of Boston sports, restaurants, and over-publicized events around the city.  You may be thinking; doesn’t Decent Community do something similar?  While a few elements may bear semblence, The Decent Community provides insights that go beyond the already-available info in The Globe, Improper Bostonian, Phantom Gourmet, etc. (The Phantom is a decent show, even though the Andelmans can be a touch goofy sometimes.)  Essentially, Bostonist reiterates the same old shit from the same lame publications that bombard the City of Boston. 

While Decent Community salutes those who are innovative, such as the founders of the Gothamist network, we do not salute those who compromise their creativity (and their soul) to write the standard, archetypical poop like the folks over at the Bostonist.

Advertisements is our Indecent Blog of the Week makes the Decent Community want to pick our collective butts and eat it.  God damn it!  Initially we wanted to call out a non celeb-based blog, but on our never ending avoidance of indecency this blog smashed us in the face like a Jerod Mayo tackle, that we had to write about it. is one blog in a network of media blogs with the same diarrhea based content.  What makes Defamer indecent is not necessarily its celeb-specific content — we have come to accept the popularity of pop culture blogs, but its overall content.  If you are gonna write about celebs then write about celebs — so be it, but when your content jumps back and forth from politics to pop culture you lose a bit of credibility in our eyes.  The problem with Defamer is just that, a lack of credibility. 

Can you responsibly write about pop culture and politics?  We don’t think soo.  Not without humor or satire.  Defamer attempts to take both pop culture and politics seriously.  Writing one post about Sarah Palin and the next about David Duchovny’s sex addiction.  Again, credibility is the issue. 

If you’re gonna write about something as serious as Double D’s infatuation with sex, please do it responsibly and without bias!  Why is DD’s sex addiction any more flagrant than any man’s sex addiction?  For Christ sakes, doesn’t every man walking this planet have a sex addiction.  Ignorant little kids read the Defamer and assume it’s credible.  Thanks to the Defamer little boys and girls alike think sex is an addiction, and more importantly, that Dave Duchovny has a problem!  Write about politics all you want, but when you start calling out The Dook, the Master of the Unknown, Decent Community has problem.  Decent Community suggestion to is to narrow down their content, which will increase their credibility, and to lay off the excessive boning lifestyles of the rich and famous that we all strive to attain.

Indecent Blog of the Week

Decent Community has come to realize that a lot of other blogs (our competitors) suck.  The majority of blogs are about “Pop Culture.”  Give me a freaking break!  Why does everyone write about Pop Culture?

Anyway, in addition to out weekly Decent Bastard of the Week we are going to do a Indecent Blog of the Week post calling out all those who clutter the internet with idiotic, and most importantly, indecent blogs. 

Safe to say if your blog headline contains “my little space”, “just me and my blog”, “my thoughts”, if you describe your blog as “a place where I just write about things floating around in my head” or if your “about” page contains the word “ramblings” you are going to be making our Indecent Blog of the Week.

Take a look at The first Indecent Blog of the WeekBlack Celebrity Kids

This ridiculous and astonishingly popular blog features pictures of, you guessed it, black celebrity’s children.  Two popular posts on this site are “Daddy Quotes” – where the site lists quotes from reputable fathers such as Kobe Bryant, and the “Guess That Celebrity Kid” post where a picture of a child is posted and people comment on who they think the little kid is – stimulating!

We literally can’t figure out why or how this blog is soo popular, but it is by no means decent.  Paparazzi harass the shit out of celebrities and now they harass the shit out of kids.  All this site is doing is creating a market for pictures of Celeb’s children.  It really makes no sense and reeks of indecency.