States You Don’t Want To Live In

Above is the only map I refer to when I’m deciding whether to respect a state or not. It breaks down which states sell bronsons/booze on Sundays. I just moved to Georgia — little did I know! They don’t sell jars of hooch for 50% of the weekend. Fuck me.

I’m guessing non-selling states only do so because they have shitty pro football teams (or they don’t give a shit about their team). Either that, or somehow God sent a message down to law-makers saying “Do not sell booze on Sundays! I will not give you a reason why, but please just trust me!” How absurd is this rule? Is it the most bogus law in the history of mankind? I would say yes.


The Most Interesting Man in the World

As you might have guessed from previous postings, The Community is a huge fan of Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World. He really has his shit together and maintains a lifestyle all Community members should aspire to. Today we’d thought we’d explore his phenomena in a little more depth.

The idea for The Most Interesting Man in the World sprang up from Euro RSCG, a marketing agency in NYC. You can visit their website to see what went into the thinking for developing this character, and why he is so appealing to Dos Equis’ drinkers — basically the background of this ad campaign.

But the good stuff is just recognizing how chill this bastard is. We went on YouTube and collected all his material for our readers. We were surprised how few of these commercials we’d actually seen on live TV. To get better acquainted with The Most Interesting Man in the World (MIM), here’s a rundown of what he’s about:

We left out the video that’s been all over the TV. The one where “he lives vicariously through himself” and “he had an awkward situation to see what it was like.” The rest of the stuff you probably haven’t seen! We’ll leave you with one more bad-ass clip of The Most Interesting Man in the World. Please, revel in his decency. It’s very profound.

Decent Community Intern


Due to unprecedented recent growth, Decent Community is seeking out a summer intern looking to get their feet wet in the promotion of decency throughout the greater community. This is a fabulous opportunity for college students who are really good looking, reek of headiness, are a little bit weird, and love to party.

The intern will learn from masters of decency and be exposed to levels of chillness unavailable elsewhere in the industry. You’ll perform tasks such as buying us sixers, scoring us packs of smokes, fetching fine cigars, getting us tee times, finding us nice cuts of meat, dancing for us, massaging our feet, and reading us memorable poems.

We reckon this is quite the coveted position and, quite frankly, we should be charging you to work for us! So if you’re lookin to get your freak on, let’s get it on! We’ll be waiting for the best and brightest, but only the most decent candidates need apply!

*All interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter to Please note that we are unable to provide college credits for this internship.

DC Short Jam: How To Keep It Loose

Perhaps nothing is more valuable than one’s ability to keep things loose. As they say — an uptight bastard is an indecent bastard. Failure to keep things loose will prevent meaningful connections, lose you some laughs, and prove unhealthy in general. This is the main reason behind our unveiling of the fourth installment of the DC Short Jam Series.

This episode, titled How To Keep It Loose (Community Style), is meant to provide examples of ways in which The Community keeps things loose, doesn’t get too serious, and just enjoys our scene. Hopefully the short jam will loosen you up, while also helping you think of your own ways to stay as limber as possible.


The most decent greeting known to man has to be “WAAZZAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” It screams decency in just about every way possible and in the process declares that you are one chill Budweiser-drinking bastard. While it’s thought to be best said amongst your boyz, “WAAZZAAAAAAAA!!!!” can also work when you’re greeting grandparents, in-laws, business partners, police officers, and prostitutes. It’s really an all-around yelp, hence its decency!

I urge you to howl to your neighbors a cry of decency! WAAZZAAAAAAAA!!!!! Tell your boss “WAAZZAAAAAAAA!!!” When making love, make your girl scream “WAAZZAAAAAAAA!!!” If you’re just sitting alone in your apartment and are bored, just scream “WAAZZAAAAAAAA!!!!” and I promise you’ll feel quite a decent vibe.

What I’d do without these roaring Budweiser bastards, I have no idea. I do know that our shit wouldn’t be near the decent levels it is today without the word “WAAZZAAAAAAAA!!!!” I urge you — if you’re going to make the most of the decent lingo that exists in the English language, WAAZZAAAAAAAA!!! should probably be at the top of your list of decent things to shout.