Decent Community Podcast Vol. XII

Ha! Decent Community has been on a serious hiatus. We hope everyone is doing chill. We have a big announcement coming soon — so stay tuned!

You should know — we’re still into the jams and figured we’d turn a recent mix into a podcast. So here it is:

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Pretty chill mixture in here — even if a tad on the ambiguous side. But it all correllates with how we’ve been rolling over the past month or so. Give it a listen. We hope you enjoy!

DC Podcast Vol. XI

Instead of going on about what a chill and decent podcast we have this time around, I’m just gonna say… ya know… whatever. It’s your decision if you wanna jam on it.

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Seriously, it’s up to you. I understand that some people just aren’t that into music. They’d rather sit in silence and play solitaire. Hey, ya know, that’s your thing. Whatever you’re into, we respect your decision.

DC Podcast Vol. X

Wazzaaa Dece lovers! We’re ecstatic to jam out the tenth edition of our podcast. The Decent Atlanta studios recently upgraded their equipment, and the result is the most professionally produced podcast yet. It’s smoother in every regard, and you’ll really notice the enhanced sound quality.

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However, we’re happy to say that all the slick production takes a backseat to the music. The tenth volume is the most cohesive podcast to date — really capturing a chill vibe that we hope will appeal to a broad audience. It’s a little less jam-heavy than usual, but I’m willing to bet that everyone will find some goods they’re really into. Seriously, we’d really appreciate you giving this a listen. One love!

DC Podcast Vol. IX

DCPodcast Image

Hello DC! Just posted what’s probably have the most decent podcast thus far. Trust me — you’d be missing out if you didn’t jive on these jams. Good mix here, including DC’s fave jam from Phish’s Exile on Main Street cover at Festival 8. We also got some swamp rock, bone-in funk, and some more subtle numbers that totally seal the deal.

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The Community would also appreciate any feedback on these larries. Maybe some suggestions, or some jams you’re dying for other people to hear. Just give us a holler — We’d love to hear about what you’re listening to, ways to improve to the podcast, etc. Really hope you enjoy the podcast.

DC Podcast Vol. VIII

Waazzaaa! Tubesteak is coming at you with fresh jams from his new Hotlanta studio. After checking some of the previous podcast jams, Tube sensed some complacency — which was hopefully avoided in volume eight of our podcast. Included is some serious rock as well as some mellow pieces — all of which lean to the more avant-garde side.

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You should know that this podcast is more exploratory and probably contains some unfamiliar jams — but therein lies the premise! It’s like getting fresh vegetables from your local farm stand, instead of going to the big ole chain supermarche’ (french for supermarket). Give it a listen — I’ll bet cash you’re feeling these tracks!

DC Podcast Vol. VII

Greetings Community! End of summer, times are changing — so I felt it was time for a new podcast. Tubesteak is moving out of the Decent Community hub of Boston to Hotlanta, GA. Yes, it’s true — the Tube is going back to school like Rodney Dangerfield. This set of jams is a sort of goodbye to the Beantown brethren and a toast to new beginnings!

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I will be continuing as a Community contributor, but I’m not quite sure what my workload and new scene will allow for. As for these jams, they’re not meant to be cornballish — but you’re not gonna hear the usual funk overload within this podcast. You will get some solid gold ballads that will make you cry and nod and close your eyes and shake your head in delight. I hope you guys enjoy.

DC Podcast Vol. VI

Hello Decent Community! Wow! I’ve been missing The Community over the last few weeks, and like herpes, I refuse to let you be. And since it’s summer and one of the best/dirty times for listening to solid jams, I recorded this latest podcast via satelite from a remote locale for your listening pleasure.

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Hoping you guys can groove out to these latest beats. It’s quite the mix — featuring some hard jazz riffs, grooved out funk, some newer quasi-hip material, boned-out rock and roll, and some other goods that are pretty much unclassifiable. Roll down your windows and bump this shit while pedestrians gawk in amazement over how fuckin bad-ass/decent you are. Word is heard!