Phish Ticket Giveaway heating up

Apparently people so want a free ticket to the upcoming Phish concert at the Comcast Center on June 6. Since Decent Community posted an update on who’s in the lead earlier in the week, the tables have turned and there is a new leader! There’s still time to enter the contest, still time to win the contest, and there’s still time to reclaim the to spot before the deadline ends at midnight Sunday. No entries will be counted as soon as the clock strikes June 1. Click here for rules. Good luck everyone.


Topes get back in the win column


WESTPORT — The Rose Alley Isotopes rebounded from a thrilling loss Tuesday night with a 7-5 win over the Misfits Thursday. Kenny Jacobsen, who just joined the team last week, had the loudest hit of the evening, a two-run homer to left as the Topes improved to 8-2 on the season.

“He’s playing really well so far. We’re very fortunate to have him on the squad,” coach Jon Darling said of Jacobsen. “It feels good to get back in the win column. Now we have to gear up for Monday.”

The Topes will get another shot at first-place KMP (10-1) at Livesey at 6 p.m. Monday.

Yim continued to swing the bat well Thursday, going 4-for-4 at the plate. Eric McAndrew rebounded from Tuesday’s 0-for-5 night with a 3-for-4 performance with two runs scored. Darling had three two-out RBIs as part of a 2-for-3 evening.


DC Podcast Vol. IV

dece headphones

Hello Community!! Wanted to let our readers know that the fourth installment of the Decent Community Podcast is now live. We’ve got some legendary jams here to coincide with the beginning of summer. Check out the tags to see who we featured this week in the setlist, and please, enjoy the jams.

Click here to listen to and download the Decent Community Podcast.

We should mention that we’ve switched podcast hosts for an easier interface for our listeners. We know many of you have been checking out previous versions, but we’ve received minimal feedback. We’d greatly appreciate jam requests, questions, ideas, or any other knowledge that our heady audience can drop on our ass. Be decent and jam on!

Decent Bong Pics on Flickr

The Community was just hanging loose and figured we’d pass along some of our favorite bong-related picks that we found on Flickr. Check em out, bro:

Thursday Ramblings

Will the Red Sox release David Ortiz? He’s not hitting and doesn’t play defense. He’s wasting a roster spot right now. Theo Epstein and Terry Francona are hoping he starts to hit at least a little bit because they can’t keep him if he keeps hitting .180. Do you eat the $12 million and let him go? Do you keep a DH on your roster who can’t hit? Imagine that press conference with Theo announcing the Red Sox released Big Papi. … Every gambler wishes they had the luck of grandma Pat DeMauro, who last weekend set a record for longest craps roll of 4 hours and 18 minutes! She rolled 154 times at the Borgata in Atlantic City, breaking the previous record of 3 hours, 6 minutes in Vegas in 1989. Neither the Borgata nor DeMauro would say how much she walked away with but I’m thinking at least $500,000. … Tony Robbins is my boy. He was decent in “Shallow Hal” and his late-night infomercials on how to improve your life are always good for a chuckle or two. I think it’s sad, however, that Tony and other dudes like him basically target overweight people for needing life improvement. I mean, his Ultimate Edge DVD set or whatever it is has a big segment dedicated to losing weight. I’m actually kinda curious on what would happen if I folowed one of his programs faithfully from start to finish. Maybe I’d hit the lottery and marry Scarlett Johansson. … I’m never going to the 24-hour McDonalds on Coggeshall Street in New Bedford ever again. Not because the food sucks, it’s actually quite good unlike many places who dont give a crap late at night. It’s not because of the people who work there either, who aren’t wierd, mean and gross like other late-night places. It’s because after midnight, you can only get value meals, and they jack up the prices on them like crazy! It’s 10 bucks for a 20-piece nugget meal! It’s the only 24-hour grizzle place in New Bedford and it’s a shame the store is screwing everyone like this. … Jeff Dunham is Decent Community’s D-bag of the Year. Who’s Jeff Dunham and why is he a huge cocksmoker? E-mail him at and ask him yourself. … Happy 59th birthday to Jim Harris. Who? Kamala from old-school wrestling. His Kamala character was a big, dumb african guy, but did you know that Harris received an honory degree from the University of Arkansas last year? … Today marks two years since the passing of New England Patriots defensive end Marquis Hill. The Pats came so close to perfection that year that it almost felt like something was missing when they lost. Teammate at both LSU and with the Pats Jarvis Green wore Hill’s shoulder pads that season as a sign of remembrance. … There’s still a couple of days left in the Phish Ticket Contest! Anything can happen and there is no clear-cut winner yet so get some people to e-mail us some pics. Anyone can win a FREE TICKET! … You can now follow Decent Community on Twitter ( More on this as soon as we get the hang of this Twitter thing, but so far we’ve been sharing brief nuggets of decency throughout the day.

Sniffing Paint and Glue

If you’re looking for a cheap and decent buzz, The Community would like to propose sniffing things like glue and paint. Although the fumes from glue and paint can cause damage to the central nervous system, liver, brain, and heart — when used properly, inhaling these suckers provide a powerful and cost-effective high.

We should stress that it’s not very chill to drink the paint or glue. And it’s not cool to try and get little kids to huff the substances with you. You probably shouldn’t do anything when sniffing paint or glue besides sit there and run the risk of popping a blood vessel in your brain. We’re talking a serious trip here.

In fact, paint and glue snuffage will not get you ladies, and it’ll probably hurt your chances of scoring a decent job. It will, however, make you unbelievably mellow to the point where you say things like, “GGNGnggNNGGO! GLU! URgggRRGGgg…” and then pass out. So if you’re looking to get stupid and drool on your cross-eyed self, paint and glue may be a route to consider.

NOTE: Decent Community does not endorse sniffing paint, glue, and like substances.

Phish Contest Update


With a little over one week to go until the Phish takes to the Comcast Center, the Decent Community Phish Ticket Giveway Contest is wide open!

Leaderboard (to be considered you have to follow the rules):

  1. J. Alexander — 16 (people to email a picture on his behalf)
  2. S. Siclari — 5

Nonconformist Leaderboard (we’re not sure what we are going to do with you guys — most of you are just emailing us pictures, which is great, but to be eligible to win the ticket you have to get other people to email pictures on your behalf)

  1. 01Roggae — 17
  2. C. Avilla — 5
  3. M. Sousa — 3
  4. Flefleh-Vincent — 2
  5. M. Blank, H. Roy, C. D’Andrea, M. Sayles, M. Jengo, P. Cannitto — 1

What are you waiting for?  Enter now!  Don’t you want to spend a weekend with these guys.

If you are irate because this is the first time you have heard of our contest you can email Jeff Dunham at  This jerk has been sending us nasty emails and removing our post on Craigslist as spam.