Isotopes Notebook: Mid-Season Report Card


We’re halfway through the 2012 Sandlot Softball League season and the Rose Alley Isotopes are 10-4 and sit in first place. They’re outscoring opponents 131-102, have at least a two-game lead on the second-place team, playing good defense and getting big, timely hits.

“So far so good,” coach Jon Darling told The Isotopes Times. “I couldn’t ask for anything better at the half-way point of the season. We’ve won blowout games and won ugly games, and we’ve been right in each of our four loses. I said it in Spring Training: ‘The Isotopes are the best team in this league,’ and we’re playing like it.

“The scary part,” Darling continued, “is we’re still not playing as good as we can. There’s a lot of softball left and we have yet to play our best ball.”

At the midpoint of the 28-game season, The Isotopes Times is busting out the report card. Grades are based on a number of factors, including on-field performance (hitting, fielding, running, awareness) and off-field performance (attendance, attitude and character).

“The off-the-field stuff is just as important as what we do between the chalk,” Darling said. “The Isotopes are a class organization and we strive to set a good example on and off the field.”

All stats are current but do not include last Tuesday’s 3-2, walkoff win over the Sand Demons. Some numbers mean more than others. An example is batting average, which is good but not as important as combined on-base percentage (KMPOBP), which factors errors into how frequently people are getting on base.

Here are the mid-season grades for the Rose Alley Isotopes, in alphabetical order:

Jordan Chabot: C+

Busy times at the Rose Alley Ale House have limited Jordo’s games this year and his numbers have taken a hit because of it. Unable to get in a groove because of work commitments, Jordo has posted the lowest KMPOBP on the team at .389. With work settling down, Jordo will play more games in the second half of the season and find his rhythm at the plate to bounce back hard. Jordo gains big points for attitude and hustle but lost big points for leaving Bonaroo before Phish went on stage Sunday night.

Ry Chabot: B

Ry’s made some fantastic plays in the outfield this year, several of which would have made SportsCenter’s top-10. He has arguably the best eye in the league and always knows what is a ball and a strike, but the luck of the draw has lowered his walk numbers; he is on pace to walk only eight times this year compared to last year’s 14. His ability to work the count and make the pitcher battle is getting him in a lot of two-strike counts, making it hard to get solid contact on the ball. However, his KMPOBP remains near the .500 mark (.474). Expect big things from Ry in the second half, both offensively and defensively.

Jeff Dacosta: B+

Dacosta is making a big impact on the team in hs first year in the league. His hustling on the basepaths is causing havoc on the other team’s defense and his ability to play multiple positions in the infield gives the Topes a lot of defensive flexibility. At the plate, he’s coming up with big hits, as is evident in his 13 RBIs (among the team leaders). His always-100-percent effort gets him into trouble at times, though, as he has on occasion let a throw get away, resulting in extra bases for the opposition. Going forward in the second half, look for Dacosta to improve on his .463 KMPOBP and continue to drive-in runs.

Jon Darling: C+

Coach’s season at the plate has been very disappointing (.333 average with only two RBIs) but his KMPOBP of .444 is decent, as is his team-low six flyouts, meaning he’s doing a good job at hitting the ball down. As the pitcher, he’s averaging less than a walk per game, which is outstanding. He shows his frustration on the mound when errors start happening, dipping his attitude score a little bit, but is doing a good job in the field-maintenance and team organization department.

Dave Gagliardi: A+

Gags gets the top grade in the Mid-Season Report Card after an absolutely outstanding first half of the season in which he leads the team in batting average (.628), RBIs (16) and KMPOBP (.659). Combine that with perfect attendance and the highest standards of attitude and character, and you’ve got the ideal Isotope. Gags is tied for the team lead in total bases with 36 and prevents the other team from taking bases with his laser-rocket arm in the outfield. Left-center field is the spot in the outfield where most of the balls go, and Gags does the best job of anyone in the league at tracking and catching those balls. He also gets high marks for his pizza-making ability, which is unmatched across the Eastern Seaboard.

Ethan Gifford: B+

Gifford’s been known through the years for his offense, and this season has been no different. He’s one of only three Topes to have a home run this season and one of only six to have double-digit RBIs. Add those numbers to a .519 KMPOBP (one of six Topes above .500) and you’ve got an outstanding hitter in the lineup. Giff’s defense at second could use some work, but he makes up for it with outstanding attitude, character and hustle. Expect Giff to continue delivering big hits in the second half.

Mike Hochella: B-

Mike will be the first one to tell you he’s not happy with the way he’s performing so far, but he has rebounded from a slow start and is finally starting to get comfortable at the plate. He’s a good example of what can happen when you hit the ball hard: He’s reached base seven times on errors, posting an above-average .459 KMPOBP, meaning he’s hitting the ball hard and making it hard for the defense to make a play. Mike’s attitude is top-notch and his attendance has been perfect, making him a great addition to the team. Expect big things in the second half, and here’s one prediction The Isotopes Times would put money on in Vegas: He will hit a ball over the fence at Cushman before the year ends.

Kurt Homer: A-

Homer has done an outstanding job getting on base this season, making him the perfect No. 2 man in the order and the right choice to leadoff when Kenny Jacobsen isn’t around. He leads the team with seven walks and is third in KMPOBP with an outstanding .583. Defensively, he’s been superb in right-center field, making adjustments on hitters and taking away short bloop singles by getting good reads off the bat and breaking hard on balls. The only place he loses points is attitude, which is far below the standards set forth by coach. When things don’t go his way or there’s a bad call that goes against him, he tends to flip out and throw things in a temper tantrum, such as tossing around coach’s trusty handtruck like he owns it. Despite his less-than-ideal attitude, no one plays harder, no one hustles more and no one wants to win more than Homer, making him one of the most valuable and consistent players on the team.

Tom Jachimczyk: A-

Yim continues to hit the ball hard and with authority almost every time at the plate and earlier this season delivered one of the most memorable moments in Isotopes history, launching a two-run, walk-off homer in the team’s first win of the season. He is the most feared hitter in the league, as evident from the intentional walk he was given in the seventh inning of a close game last week. He’s tied for the team lead with two home runs despite only playing in six games — a number that lowers his grade from an A+ to an A-.

Kenny Jacobsen: A-

Kenny’s the prototype leadoff hitter, getting on base with a .528 KMPOBP at the top of the lineup. He also has been great defensively at third base, where he is making solid defensive plays at the most demanding (and most dangerous) position on the field. Jacobsen also possesses the highest standards of character and attitude, a true team player who will do anything to help the team win. Playing third is a great example: Some would say he’s playing out of position there, but when coach Darling had a hole in the infield and needed a reliable, solid player to fill it, Kenny stepped up and has done a fantastic job. He consistently has good at-bats and is a sold baserunner. In a close game Tuesday against the Sand Demons, Kenny led off the final inning with a full-count walk, tagged up on Homer’s flyout to deep right and scored the winning run two hits later.

Patrick Long: B

Long has a unique skill that many in the Sandlot league with they had: The ability to place the ball at the plate. Long has taken advantage of opportunities by hitting the ball down the right-field line, left-field line and up the middle. If there’s a gap in the outfield, chances are Long will find it. He also boasts a good eye at the plate with five walks — second on the team — that raises his KMPOBP 140 points higher than his batting average.While not possessing the strongest or most accurate throwing arm in the outfield, Long makes up for it by making nice catches, and isn’t afraid to hit the turf to make an out. Pat gets big points for attitude and dedication (despite all his meetings, appointments and business obligations, he still has perfect attendance) but loses some points for not naming his soon-to-be-born son Jonathan.

Eric Marshall: A

Marshall is a newcomer to the league this year but in just half a season has already gotten a reputation for being one of the best players in the league. At the plate, he’s flat-out crushing the ball: He is tied for the team lead in homers (two) and would have many more if the fence at Cushman were a few feet shorter. He is second on the Topes in batting average (.605), leads the team in runs scored (18), and has the most extra-base hits (eight) on Rose Alley. In the field, he is playing absolutely outstanding defense in the outfield, coming out of no where with diving catches and showing a strong, accurate throwing arm. He has become a force in the middle of the lineup, making the Yim-Eric-Gags middle of the order murder’s row. The only thing keeping him from a perfect A+ is the one game he missed this year.

Eric McAndrew: B+

Plumber has perfect attendance, is among the team leaders in RBIs, runs scored and walks, has a great attitude and has played good defense at shortstop. So why doesn’t he a higher grade? Ask him and he’ll tell you: He’s not hitting the ball as good as he can, and he’ll be the first to admit that. His KMPOBP of .467 is very solid but ask him and he’ll tell you it’s not good enough. He’s hitting only .400 this season but has been doing a good job at getting big hits — his three triples is third on the team. Expect big things from Plumber in the second half of the season, his average has been on the rise since a horrible start, and he’ll have more RBI opportunities hitting behind Yim, Eric and Gags. Plumber also loses points for the continued delay of Plumber and the Guys’ new album, “Sheetrock Moldings Vinyl Siding,” which has yet to hit stores and iTunes.

Ryan Walsh: B

Despite his recent slump, Mr. Walsh is still getting on base at a very good clip, posting a .484 KMPOBP while playing a very decent first base. Expect Mr. Walsh to bring more pop in his bat in the second half (he has only one extra-base hit this season) and bounce out of his slump in a big way. He also gets points for being one of the best-dressed Topes.

Quick Hits

Ry Chabot’s strikeout Monday gives him the lead in the beers category. Through the first half of the season, Chabot owes 48 beers, tops on the team. Behind him are Mr. Walsh (42), Jordo (30), Mike Hochella (30), Dacosta (24) and Pat, Homer and Kenny with 12 each. … Home is definitely where the heart is for the Topes: They are 8-2 at the Main Street side of Cushman this season … One team to look out for are the Red Eyes, who entered last week in third place at 7-7 after winning four straight games. The team is led by “Cricket” Mike Girouard, who leads the team in triples, homers and RBIs and is the only one on the team to have a double, triple and homer. Don’t remember him? He hit a grand slam that still hasn’t landed yet in a win over the Topes a few weeks ago. … KMP’s win over the Wrecking Crew Thursday put them back at the .500 mark after a four-game losing streak dropped them below .500 for the first time since 2005. Don’t sleep on KMP: The Isotopes Times would bet its weight in gold that they will be near the top of the standings when the season ends and one of them most dangerous teams come playoff time. … Get well soon to Waldo on the Misfits, who broke a rib in a game against the Red Eyes recently. With their left fielder on the DL, The Fits’ have been using Kruger in left, putting the Cobra on the mound in his place. … Despite all the rain this summer, Rose Alley has only two make-ups to play, one of which is this coming Tuesday. The other is set for July 25 in Westport against the Bulldogs.

Looking Back

From time to time, The Isotopes Times will look back at a notable game of yesteryear. Today, we take the DeLorean from Back to the Future to 2008 for a home game against KMP under the lights at Cushman Park.

This notable game of yesteryear wasn’t memorable because of a huge win, but the exact opposite: The Topes scored 21 runs … and lost.

KMP jumped out to an early 8-0 lead after a rough first inning but the Topes battled back to trail by only one, 12-11, after four innings. Rose Alley fell behind again, 14-11, until the sixth inning when five consecutive runners scored, highlighted by Nick Mitcheson’s two-run double to pull ahead, 16-14.

The lead wouldn’t last, however, as KMP exploded for 14 runs in the top of seventh, and the Topes rally fell short in the bottom of the inning. Mitcheson platted two more with a single but Chris Desmarais was thrown out trying to stretch a single into a double after five runs crossed the plate for a 28-21 loss. The 49 combined runs remain a Topes record. Ym led the charge with a 5-for-5 day with two RBIs while Plumber and Chris Pinault also had five hits each.

Looking Ahead

The Isotopes have a big few weeks coming up. Tuesday, they will host the Misfits for a one-and-one doubleheader at 6 p.m. at Cushman Park before heading to Westport Thursday for a matchup with the Wrecking Crew. The rival Bulldogs come to Cushman the week after for a 7:30 contest on June 26 followed by three straight games against KMP on June 28 and a doubleheader on July 3.


Isotopes Notebook: Success Starts at the Top

The Isotopes Times

The Isotopes are 2-2, have been outscored on the season and there are a lot of low numbers when looking over everyone’s batting averages.

The slow start doesn’t have coach Jon Darling worried, and he points to one stat to why he thinks the Topes are the favorites to win the championship in 2012: .643 — the combined on-base percentage for leadoff hitter Kenny Jacobsen and Kurt Homer, who has hit second.

Jacobsen has been on a tear to start the season. In four games, Kenny is hitting .750 with an OBP of .786. He’s 9-for-12 this season with two walks.

Behind him, Homer has an OBP of an even .500 with three hits and a team-leading four walks.

“The guys at the top of the order are getting on base, that’s what they’re supposed to do and they’re doing it well,” Darling said. “The middle of the order is off to a slow start, but when the heavy hitters come around, there’s going to be plenty of ducks on the pond to drive in.”

Jacobsen and Homer have each reached base in the first inning in all four games this season and have been on base a combined 18 times in four games, yet the duo has scored only seven times.

“Historically, the top of the order has been an area of concern,” Darling continued. “Over the years, we’ve tried several different combinations up there, looking for guys to get on base for Tom Jachimczyk and Dave Gagliardi in the middle. Now, we’re found a combo that works, and we’re only going to score more runs as the bats come alive and the temperatures get higher.”

On top of the success at the front of the batting order is a stronger middle. In addition to Yim and Gags, the longtime combo in the No. 3 and No. 4 spots, Eric Marshall, Eric McAndrew, Ryan Walsh and Jeff Dacosta have made the lineup deeper. It’s a simple formula: Guys getting on base and good bats to drive them in. It’s a combo that’s gonna lead to a lot of wins.

Season Highlights

There have been only four games, but there are a number of noteworthy plays already in 2012. … Yim slammed a two-run, walk-off homer in the first win of the season, 15-14 over the Sand Demons. … In that same game, Homer platted two runs with a bases-loaded double on an 0-2 pitch with no fouls to burn. Also in that game, Dacosta, Ry Chabot and Patrick Long had back-to-back RBI singles with two outs in a big second inning. … Long had a beautiful opposite-field double down the right-field line and scored what proved to be the go-ahead run in a 7-5 win in Westport over the Wrecking Crew, a game that also saw Marshall throw a perfect strike from left field to hose a runner at the plate and Gags drive in the final run of the game with a long triple that arguably would have cleared the fence at Cushman.

Around The Bases

Walsh leads the team with five RBIs and boasts a .545 batting average … Chabot is off to a good start to the season, hitting .444 with two walks, making for a .545 on-base percentage. … Some other teams in the league count errors as hits, and while this isn’t the Topes’ policy, it does shine some light on who’s reaching on errors, i.e. who’s hitting it down and hard. Jordan Chabot is only hitting .285 on the season, but if counting errors as hits, his average shoots up to .571. … There have been 96 penalty beers so far this season (156 if counting preseason games). Jordan Chabot, Walsh, Homer, Dacosta and Mike Hochella have all had to make extra runs to the packie this year. … There has been no set make-up date for the rainout with KMP last Thursday, but the rainout with the Misfits will be made up on June 19 at Cushman in a doubleheader. … The Rose Alley Ale House has two cool new happenings that are worth checking out. First, on Monday nights from 8 p.m. to midnight, the bar is serving breakfast for dinner, complete with a variety of Bloody Marys. Also, check it out on Facebook for details on how you can turn your New Bedford parking ticket into half-off your meal … The jerseys are done and will be available on Tuesday. Compliments to Justin Estrella of Just Your Way Screen Printing in Westport. Find it on Facebook for more information.

Looking Back

From time to time, the Isotopes Times will look back at a notable game of yesteryear. Today, we take the DeLorean from Back to the Future to July 14, 2009, when the Topes were 18-3 heading into a 6 p.m. contest against the Wrecking Crew at Cushman Park.

After McAndrew led off the first inning with a lineout to third, Kenny came up and knocked a basehit to center. Yim followed with a two-run homer over the fence for an early 2-0 lead. The Topes fell behind, 4-2, heading into the third, when they scored five runs on back-to-back run-scoring doubles by Kenny and Yim. The Topes broke the game open with an eight-run fourth inning, highlighted by a three-run homer by Yim. The Topes cruised from there to a 19-8 victory, but not before Yim made it a three-homer game with a solo shot in the sixth.

Oh, Yim also pitched that game, filling in for former pitcher Matt Biltcliffe.

Yim’s evening took a disastrous turn when KMP rolled in for the second game of the doubleheader. He slammed a two-run homer in the first to give Rose Alley a 4-1 lead, but tore his Achilles in the third inning rounding second base after a single. KMP scored 10 runs in the fourth and went on to win, 14-13.

Yim’s statline for the night: 6-for-6, four home runs, a double, nine RBIs, six runs scored, seven innings pitched and one ruptured tendon.

Looking Ahead

Rose Alley will have its first of five doubleheaders Tuesday at Cushman against the Wrecking Crew (6 p.m.) and Sand Demons (7:30 p.m.). The week after is a home-and-home series with the Red Eyes at Cushman on Tuesday and Wednesday. Other games to check out around the Sandlot Softball League include: Bulldogs at Red Eyes (5/16), Sand Demons at KMP (5/17), Crew at Misfits (5/21) and Bulldogs at KMP (5/24).

Yo-Yo Master and Decent Guy

Thursday Ramblings

What’s a more decent show to watch as a little kid than Sesame Street? This is the 40th year for the popular children’s program and several Web sites and media outlets (including Decent Community) have been dedicating time to take a look back at Burt & Ernie, Big Bird and the man himself, Snuffaluffagus. Check out this interactive look at the decent muppets from Sesame Street, a handy way to take a trip down memory lane and come across some of the decency you might have forgotten. … The staff at Electronic Arts that works on the annual Madden football game spends countless hours rating every player and every team to try to get them as close to real life as possible. That’s why the San Francisco 49ers are a 75 as a team and the Patriots last year were a 90. Not exact, but close enough. I find it a little odd that both the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees have exact 97 ratings in the upcoming MLB 2010 video game. Sorry to say it but the Yankees are better than the Red Sox, only because New York has a better offense. The meat of Boston’s order (Youk, Victor and Papi) just isn’t as strong as A-Rod, Teixeira and Granderson, who hit 30 homers in Tiger Stadium last year is a sure bet to hit 40 this year in the Bronx. …  Three links for your reading enjoyment this Thursday: 1) High school pledges to turn up the lights and blast Burt Bacharach at dances if teens start grinding; 2) 79-year-old survives for four days on a deserted island after his boat sinks; and 3) Take a glance through 30 of the dumbest inventions, including a device that lets you smoke a full pack of butts at the same time and the baby cage, a dog cage intended to house a baby dangling stories above a busy street. … Happy 36th birthday to Biggest Loser fitness trainer Jillian Michaels. Did you know Michaels, who decided to become a trainer after overcoming her overweightness as a teenager, will be starring in her own Biggest Loser spinoff series “Losing it with Jillian” on NBC next year? … Happy 42nd birthday to former teen star Molly Ringwold. Did you know that Ringwold, who is ranked No. 1 on VHI’s list of 100 Greatest Teen Stars, saw her career decline after turning down leading roles in Pretty Woman and Ghost? … Happy 53rd birthday to the very decent Vanna White. Did you know that Vanna’s first television appearance wasn’t on Wheel of Fortune, but rather as a contestant on The Price is Right in 1980? She was selected to “Come on Down” but never won the chance to get on stage. … Finally, a public service message from the most decent slow-pitch softball team out there, the Isotopes. The team is seeking players for the upcoming season. Games are in the New Bedford area on weekday evenings in the summer. Players must be somewhat athletic and like to chill and drink beers. Send an e-mail to and someone from the team will get back to you.

Thursday Ramblings

Ladies and gentlemen, Thursday Ramblings would like to introduce you to a truly Decent short film called “Logorama.” It is nominated for a Best Animated Short Film Academy Award (the ceremony is March 7). It’s basically imagining Los Angeles as a city made of entirely corporate logos with some pretty funny dialogue. The video, which can be found here on MovieWeb, is about 14 minutes (sorry, but you have to watch the brief commercial first) and worth every minute. Check it out, very decent stuff. How many logos can you spot? … Ahh, International Women’s Day, also known as Valentine’s Day, is just around the corner. It’s known as the day where dudes drop serious coin on everything from flowers and candy to dinner and weekend getaways. Well Decent Community is here to help all those dudes out there who are tired of the usual roses and candy. Some of these gifts are sure to get you some Valentine’s Day dome. Three quick suggestions: The edible bra, edible g-string and heart-printed toilet paper. … The Olympics officially kick-off tomorrow, and no one is more psyched than me. Maybe it has something to do with weird sports on at weird times, but it’s absolutely a change of pace from regular TV programming (Except for LOST, which is extremely decent!). The Olympics are a place to compete and represent your country, but it’s also a place to do a lot of boning. The Today Show recently put together a nice little list of current athlete couples that met at the Olympics and are still boning to this day. In case you were wondering, most of them are ice dancing partners. … Three links for your reading enjoyment this Thursday: 1) Dumbass Denver crackhead arrested after trying to buy crack with a credit card; 2) Dumbass rich guy decides to sell everything he owns, donate the money to charity and live like a hobo in the woods because he says money doesn’t make you happy; and 3) Origami is cool, but try making origami that is only centimeters big. … Happy 41st birthday to hottie Jennifer Aniston. Did you know the “Friends” star, despite coming from a wealthy Hollywood producer father, had to support herself with several part-time jobs (telemarketer, waitress and bike messenger, among others) when she broke into acting in off-Broadway productions in the late 1980s? … Happy 38th birthday to The Dauber, Brian Daubach. Did you know Daubach, who averaged 21 home runs and 75 RBI in his three season for the Red Sox, plays beer-league softball with his brothers in Illinois? … A very, very happy 74th birthday to the extremely Decent Burt Reynolds. Did you know that Reynolds, who went to Florida State on a football scholarship, turned down the role of James Bond after Sean Connery left the franchise because he said an American couldn’t play the part? … One final, quick birthday shoutout this Thursday. Happy 31st birthday to Grammy-winning musician Brandy. Did you know that Ray-J’s sister went to her 1997 high-school prom with Kobe Bryant? …  Update and minor correction: Last week, Thursday Ramblings brought the news that Budweiser was leaving their famous Clydesdales out of Super Bowl ads for the first time in more than 20 years. Obviously, that was wrong as the famous horsies made an appearance in the second half of New Orleans’ win over the Peyton Mannings. Apparently, the day after Thursday Ramblings came out last week, the beer-maker put up a contest on its Facebook page to vote on what commercial to air, and the horsies won hands down.

Super Bowl Mania

One of the Fort Worth Zoo's Western lowland gorillas, 37-year-old Amani, picks the Saints to win Super Bowl XLIV by selecting a paper mache football with a New Orleans logo that is filled with gorilla game day treats such as peanuts, popcorn, grapes, raisins and Great Ape biscuits.

Ah, the big game has finally arrived, and although out beloved New England Patriots aren’t in it this year, the Super Bowl promises to be an entertaining one. From the chicken wings and beers to funny commercials and the actual game, the Super Bowl is a holiday and one of the best days of the year.

It’s also a day to make some cold, hard cash. There are plenty of ways to make some lettuce on Super Bowl Sunday, and not just taking New Orleans plus six (easy cash). Bodog, an online gambling site with everything from poker to sports betting, has some interesting prop bets out there for Sunday’s game. Here are just a few of the interesting ones. Check out Bodog’s game page for all of them.

Colts’  MVP Odds: Reggie Wayne (10-1), Dallas Clark (12-1): Manning’s two favorite targets can both easily win the Super Bowl MVP award. Peyton Manning (2-3) is a safer bet, although you win only two bucks for every three you risk.

Saints’ MVP Odds: Pierre Thomas (10-1), Reggie Bush (10-1): The Reggie Bush play is a nice one. He busts big plays, and is a punt return and a screen pass away from taking home $10 bucks for every dollar you bet. Not bad odds, better than Drew Brees’ (9-4).

Passing yards Over/Under: Both Manning and Brees have their over-unders at 300½. Many people think of this as a high-scoring affair, so both going over is probably going to happen.

Who will have more receptions in the game: Devery Henderson (+1½) or Marques Colston: Take Colston, he is Brees’ No. 1 threat and the 1½ is a joke.

Over/Under Rushing Yards on First Attempt: Both Reggie Bush and Joseph Addai have the over-under at 3½. Both could easily get it done.

Still not satisfied? Bodog has money lines on pretty much every aspect of the game, from the coin toss to historical matchups (like will Drew Brees pass for more yards than John Elway did in Super Bowl XXI).

Want to get a little crazy with your bets? Vegas Watch has some of the more absurd lines on the big game. Check it out for everyone from What color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach? to Who will the Super Bowl MVP thank first?

Looking for a little more inside info on the big game on Sunday? New Bedford football guru Jonathan Comey will be blogging live from the Super Bowl. He’s the sports editor at The Standard-Times, and although he doesn’t work for a mega media outlet, he’s a better writer and knows more about football than most of those national dudes.

Anyway, how do members of Decent Community see the big game shaping out on Sunday?

Stan (Saints 3, Colts 2): “Blame it on the Rain…YEAH YEAH”

Pino (Saints 31, Colts 24): “The spirits of Katrina will arise from the bayou and the Saints will come marching home with a Super Bowl win.”

Comber (Saints 31 Colts 20): “Where’s DOSS!? Too much Brees for Colts gay defense. Go SAINTS”

Houser (Saints 31, Colts 24): “Saints go marching on …”

Gagliaduchi (Saints 28, Colts 24): “Who dat?!!”

Noozle (Saints 34, Colts 28): “Reggie Bush Superbowl MVP with 200+ all purpose yds, a receiving and rushing touchdown.  After receiving superbowl MVP trophy Bush is caught boning his lady in the locker room.  Monday morning TMZ is all over this and there is a viral video spreading through the interweb.  Kardashian is looking great in it.”

Uncle Jesse (Colts 34, Saints 31): “Too much time for Manning to prepare for this one. Should be a shoot out but the Colts hold on by a field goal.”

Biltvoncliffe (Saints 41, Colts 28): “Everyone comes out guns blazin’.  I hear big Dwight hurt his ankle though.  This gives The Saints the edge.”

Yim (Saints 28, Colts 20): “I do not think it will be a shoot-out. I think the defenses will play well.”

Fugaze (Colts 42, Saints 38): Sit back and enjoy one hell of a show.

Helmet Head: “I want the Saints but think the Colts will win. I can’t be certain at this point. The Colts will most likely score 27 points (3 TDs and 2 FGs) and I predict the Saints to score a little less.  Probably 21 (3 TDs)… Maybe even 17 (2 TDs and a FG).  I found this picture of Peyton Manning on some fat chicks blog.  It grosses me out.  It grossed me out even more when i actually right clicked and pasted it here.”

Tubesteak (Colts 34, Saints 20): “If winning the Super Bowl meant winning gift certificates to Urban Outfitters, I think the Saints find a way to pull this out. But they’re playing for some stupid trophy, so I’m thinking the Colts win this shit fairly comfortably.”

Winter Vacation Notice

Brrrrrrrrr, this recent spell of cold weather is really pissing me off. So much in fact that I have decided to make like a bird and head south for the winter. That’s why I’m leaving tomorrow morning for a few weeks down south. Screw you winter, I’m outta here.

My plans include a week or two in Florida, hitting up the northern part of the state (Jacksonville) and the south (Miami). Also on my list are a few days in Hot-lanta with Tubesteak and maybe a trip to the Bahamas or Puerto Rico.

So Community readers, you’re going have to live without good ole’ Fugaze for the rest of 2009. I’ll check in occasionally from the warmer states, where I’ll be sipping cold brews by the pool, eyeing up chicks in miniskirts and spending my days outside in the sun.

Merry Christmas everyone. Helmet and Tubesteak will keep everything decent until my return in 2010.