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Decent Mail is a now-defunct subsidiary of  Decent mail was simple:  we took real emails between real people and posted them on the site.

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  1. I received a business card for the “Decent Community” and I have to admit it is fucking brilliant. My only concern is the lack of content pertaining to “Cougars”..The Mountain Lion & the 40 something sex machine looking to score with younger dudes. The Lion and the Lady are both extremely decent from what I gather. I’m just sayin.

  2. Tubey and Helmy, I am outraged with the lack of DECENCY published on the Decent Mail site. It is not the quality, but the quantity. How about same quality and more quantity. Now get crackle-lacking and post some bitch smacking, joke cracking, fun packing shit.

  3. Decent Community Patrons,
    I wanted to check in and make sure we were able to address this cougar and lion hunting game in Boston proper. It seems like worlwide, Cougars and old women are gaining confidence and independance. I find this totally offensive and have enlisted Hulk Hogan, Danny Devito, and Mr. Bean to help young men leverage their greatest asset: a willingness to take down older pigs at any time with no fear of reprisal. Once these man warriars realize their position of strength, their confidence only increases as does their average daily takedown of weaker feline opponents. Stay tuned for comments from our Panel including our next installment, Sloppy Suds: How to peer through 16 PBR’s and still land a mediocre divorcee.

  4. The key is to take an adversarial approach to dealing with your prospects emotions. Face it… any 40 year old devorcee that you want to take down has probably been dealing with confrontation, litigation, and mental combat; she gets used to it and starts to like it. Let her step back into the power seat by catching her off guard with a few zingers.
    Be willing to say the words, “You wanna take this to court.” or “I’ll be the judge of that.” Sometimes I just look up at the club’s ceiling and start whispering about litigation and arbitration, and one time I looked over at a bouncer type and said, “Sam, hold ‘er, I’m gonna jimmyjack her right here.” These chics eat it up. Go out there and drop some of this divorce potion and let the decent community know what happens to your jimjam.

  5. Millhouse,

    It sounds like you have a wealth of knowledge on this subject. We’d like you to write a weekly post on this subject as opposed to posting them as comments. Email your next insights to and we will post it accordingly. In the meantime we’ll work on getting you set up with rights to post directly to the Site.


    Helmet Head
    Decent Community

  6. Helmet,

    Thank you for your invitation. I’ll post my comments via email to your sight in the near future, but for now, to keep my musings off of my corporate email, I have to post this way. Nonetheless, the next step in this game of cat and mouse is just that…the cat and the mouse.

    Cougars, Bobs, and even a large African Tigress all have one thing in common: they are hunting almost all the time and they sleep for long period of time after a good kill. How is a mouse to take advantage of this sitution? Well that depends on the cat and territory, but use your small size to your advantage and you’ll do quite well.

    First, assess your adversary. Is she old, young, rich or poor? Typically you can find plenty of rich Kitties in a metropolitan area, so focus on the typical lead, a 40 year old booze laden whooah that needs some basic services. First, they need to feel like they’re in control. Since they’re usually hornier than a jackrabbit, this is pretty easy. Just service them accordingly, and give them a fair amount of physical leverage during intercourse. That should suffice, but if you really want to charge their battries, tell them the unthinkable, that they’re “so beautiful, you can’t hardly believe it!” Well they will, and then they will remove they’re last defences for mouse man to exact his due compensation.

    Why do we need to be compensated? Well, we’re performing services for clients in neeeds. So the question is, what do you want in return? I often find there are plenty of items in the apartment that can suffice. Cash, jewelry, and rare coins are my favorite items do to their small size and potential value. I find these are a good fit for the lazier Cats who did not meet expectations in the sack, and are therefore not good long-term clients.

    For those Bobbers and Cougs that exceed expectations, take a longer-term approach. If they’re fresh enough off the divorce (that is key by the way), they won’t know how good they may be in the rack. They’ve gotten two points of feedback in 10 years, and you can easily keep them guessing. Send mixed signals, be slightly wierd but not enough so she gets scared, and generally close the loop with a unenthusiastic compliment at the end so she thinks you’re a fan, but not completely sold on the deal. This is when you have complete control. Use this leverage to make her your servant. Make her meet you at certain places at exact times. Have her buy you food and beer. Gently guide her to perform services on you with regularity and strange precision. Once you get her into this rhythm, she’ll start to like it, and she’ll actually enjoy the dimented and subservient aspects of your relationship. She’ll grow used to it, at which point, you can dial it back if you need to juggle another ball; or you can push it to the brink of absurdity until she kicks you out or becomes your complete slave. Just name your price. And thie crescendo should be contemplated by and shared with your grossest guy friends…as they will be the only ones to truly appreciate your creativity and commitment to excellence.

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