Happy Trails, Tedy Bruschi

New England Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi is announcing his retirement today after 13 seasons in Foxboro. The veteran and former team captain has been a rock in the middle of the Pats’ D since becoming a starter in 1999.

His best season was 2003 when he recorded 133 total tackles, three sacks and two interception returns for TDs. I’ll never forget that INT return for a score with him on his knees against the Dolphins that resulted in the crowd throwing snow into the air for the first time.

His recovery and return from a stroke served as an inspiration to many people. He played in 22 playoff games, was named to one Pro Bowl and was voted as NFL Comeback Player of the Year in 2005.

Bruschi has been playing on New England’s second-string defense this preseason and was no sure thing to make the team. I wouldn’t be surprised if coach Bill Belichick told him ahead of time he would be cut and Bruschi decided to hang it up rather than play for someone else.

The third-round pick in the 2996 NFL Draft finished his career with more than 1,000 total tackles, 30½ sacks, 12 interceptions and 17 forced fumbles. Good luck in future endeavours, from all of us here at Decent Community. I don’t know about you, but I hope we’ve seen or heard the last from Bruschi around New England.


Weekend Suggestion: Food Fight!

More than 40,000 people flocked to the village of Bunol in Spain this week for the annual “Tomatina,” a tomato food fight fiesta. People came from as far away Japan and Australia for the 64th annual event, which featured more than 100 tons of tomatoes.

Photos by Alberto Saiz/The Assocated Press

So here’s your blueprint for a decent weekend: 1) Round up all your buddies. 2) Head to the grocery store and clean it out of tomatoes 3) FOOD FIGHT!

Thursday Ramblings

I’m quietly becoming addicted to the escape games on Bored.com. For anyone who hasn’t checked them out, It’s a flash game where you use your mouse to explore a room and try to find a way out. Great way to kill some time after you’ve read Decent Community at work. While you’re at Bored.com, try the Causality game, where you have to kill six stick figures without any of them seeing another die. It sounds weird, but it’s pretty challenging. If you figure out, let me know because I’m stumped. … Today marks 19 years since the passing of guitar legend Stevie Ray Vaughan. He died in a helicopter accident while on tour with Eric Clapton. Rolling Stone named Vaughan the No. 7 Best Guitarist of all time. … Rest in Peace, Sen. Ted Kennedy. Gov. Deval Patrick said he would support legislation that will allow him to appoint a successor rather than wait months to hold a special election. Decent Community has some good suggestions as to who should replace the legendary Kennedy. … Did anyone else catch the Celebrity Roast of Joan Rivers on Comedy Central last week? Shame on you if you missed it. The annual Roast is nothing but hysterical. The always raw Lisa Lampanelli was absent again this year, but Gilbert Gottfried was as funny as ever. Check out his act and I’ll give you $5 if you don’t laugh. I’ll throw you $10 if you don’t chuckle at what I think is his best performance at the Roast of Hugh Hefner. … So why should casual movie fans be interested in the upcoming science-fiction flick “Avatar?” Because James Cameron (Titanic, Terminator 2, Alien, Aquaman) has spent the last 12 years working on it and it is reportedly the most expensive movie ever made. He released the first trailer for the movie last week. It’s due out in December. … Happy 61st birthday to Robert Remus, better known as Sgt. Slaughter. He feuded with Hulk Hogan during the WWF’s heyday, even hitting the Hulkster with a pointed boot and trying to pin him with an Iraq flag. Did you know Slaughter is one of a handful of celebrities (including Buzz Aldrin, William “Refrigerator” Perry and Roddy Piper) to be honored by having their own G.I. Joe action figures? … Happy 57th birthday to Paul Reubens, also know as Pee-Wee Herman. Decent show to watch as a kid. Despite the fact that he was arrested to flogging the dolphin in a porn theater 1991 and another arrest for kiddie porn in 2002, he is returning to the entertainment business later this year for a Pee-Wee stage show in Hollywood in November. He also recently said he is close to filming a Pee-Wee movie he wrote. … Happy 50th birthday to Downtown Julie Brown, former VJ on MTV. Did you know Brown won the World Disco Dancing Championships at age 20, or that she posed naked for Playboy in 1998? … Happy 40th birthday to The Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan. He wasn’t a licensed dog trainer when he struck it big (he freely admitted he was just a “Mexican guy who has a magical way with dogs”), but his work with Will Smith‘s pup led to his stardom. Smith and wife Jada started recommending him to other celebrities, and even worked with him to improve his English as he started hitting it big.

So You Think Obama’s The Coolest President Ever?

Call me when he slays a rhino like Theodore Roosevelt did in 1909. After leaving the Oval Office, he embarked on an African safari with several companions, hunting and trapping everything from insects to elephants that were be shipped back to the U.S. for the  Smithsonian and the American Museum of Natural History. Roosevelt and company nabbed more than 11,000 animals.

Decent Community Salutes Witty Homeless Dudes

Being homeless isn’t easy. No cash, no shelter, no food,  no showers, no TV and no Decent Community. They sit outside on sidewalks, begging for loose change for some food (vodka) or a cup of coffee (crack cocaine). With the homeless population at an all-time high (I’m sure the recession has something to do with this), bums have to be on their game to get that spare change. That’s why Decent Community salutes those who use their wit and sense of humor to acquire said loose change. If I’m going to give a buck to a bum on the road, I’m giving it to the guy with a funny sign.

Check out Holy Taco for some of the best homeless dude signs out there, including my favorite “Time Traveler: need $ for Flux Capacitor.”

The Little World of Lacrosse

Lacrosse players live in their own little world. While the above video is a parody, it’s decent because it strikes all the right chords. Believe it or not, both Tubesteak’s boarding school and college were lacrosse hotbeds, and I know all too well what these bastards are about.

Lax players primarily come from wealthy suburbs of the Baltimore/DC area, a 30 mile radius of NYC (Long Island, SW Conn., North Jersey), Syracuse/Upstate region, and tony Northeastern prep schools. These bastards think they’re pretty cool for playing a sport most people could give two shits about.

Most lacrosse players aren’t good athletes. And any good athlete can turn into a dominant lacrosse player. I’ve seen this first hand. The talent pool is so small because there’s better sports to play and most people don’t want to join a team full of douchebags. Forgive me if I’m stereotyping — but stereotypes exist for a reason.

It’s a niche sport that’ll never gain mainstream popularity. And if lacrosse ever did make it to the masses, I don’t think all these “lax brahs” would have much to hang onto. They’re probably better off twiddling their sticks amongst their own kind, happy that they can be decent at some kind of sport.

Thursday Ramblings

Brett Favre in Minnesota? Brett Favre getting a helicopter ride to the team facility? Have the Vikings been watching the same film as the rest of the NFL? He single-handedly pushed the Jets out of the playoffs last year and cost Eric Mangini his job. He led the NFL in interceptions last year (22) and has only one season since 2005 with more touchdowns than picks. Granted, the Vikings don’t have a better option and Favre should be better playing indoors, but he’s just not the same guy after 18 seasons taking an NFL pounding. Does the Oct. 5 Green Bay at Minnesota game already rank as the most-hyped sporting event of all-time? … Speaking of the NFL, I am a huge fan of preseason football. It seems the more people I talk to, the more hate it because the starters hardly play an it doesn’t count. I don’t see it that way. I see, especially in the second half, that only about 5 percent of players are going to make the cut, so they’re playing their asses off hoping to catch the coach’s eye. Plus, it’s a chance to see some college stars who ride pine in the pros getting some real playing time. The effort level is as high as a regular-season game and there’s almost as much on the line for these fringe players. … That contraption at the top is the now world famous Bier Bike. It’s used in Germany, allowing people chug brews while peddling across town. Here’s the Web site for more details, if you can read German. … For those of you who haven’t heard of the TV show Z Rock, go right to your On-Demand menu and find it on the Independent Film Channel (IFC). It’s three goofy rocker dudes in a band trying to make it big with IMG_5926.JPG by tragicallydorky.a slew of celebrity cameos mixed in. Check it out. … So it seems like everyone and every business out there is “Going Green” and now the sex toy business is doing the same. This company is going to refurbish some of the toys and resell them. I’m not joking. … I used to use the cardboard tubes from posters and wrapping paper as pretend swords as a kid. Who didn’t? But I didn’t know that there are official Cardboard Tube Fighting Competitions. Face shots are illegal, but you can slam someone in the head with it. The goal is to break your opponents tube without your own. Decent. …  From the Only in New Bedford DepartmentA fight outside a Chinese restaurant on the Ave.  moves to the back of a moving pick-up truck, resulting in one man dying. … The Little League World Series is decent, but I’m not a big fan of the Little League Softball World Series that’s been on ESPN lately. I have nothing against gender equality and the whole girls-can-do-anything-boys-can argument; my reason for dislike is the stupid masks they make the girls wear in the infield. They’re like batting facemasks that are worn in the field. One blogger I ran into feels that if they’re not skilled or coordinated enough to defend themselves with reflexes and gloves, they shouldn’t be playing. … Happy 39th birthday to Fred Durst, the frontman of Limp Bizkit. Personally, I’m not a big fan, but I got to give props to a guy who slept with both Brittany Spears and Christina Arguilera in their primes.