Boston’s Five Best Burgers

(Eagle’s Deli’s Godzilla Burger)

Decent Community knows one thing, in addition to decency, and that is; BURGERS.  We have sampled many, if not all, of Boston’s burger joint, fast food restaurants, upscale restaurants, hole-in-the-wall dives and speciality restaurants in search of Boston’s Best Burger.  Our burger juice laden tongue has led us to the following establishments pumping out some of the city’s most decent burgers.

Boston’s Five Best Burgers:

1.  Eagle’s Deli (Brighton)

Forget about it.  In the Community’s mind this was a no brainer.  Simplicity, juiciness and tons of flavor makes this famous Brighton establishment’s burger the best on our list.  The burgers are simple, diner style burgers — greasy and relatively thin (but dense) served on simple soft white rolls with American white cheese.  This place is generally packed and the staff is relatively aggressive, but none of this negates the fact that the Eagle’s Deli simply makes the most decent burger in the city.  Eagle’s Deli is located at 1918 Beacon St. Brighton

2.  Charley’s (Back Bay)

Potato buns.  Charley’s on Newbury features a great pub style handmade juicy burger.  There’s nothing particular that sets Charley’s apart from other pub style burgers, except it tastes really delicious.  We’re not sure what makes it soo good, but it is.  Charley’s is located at 284 Newbury St. Boston

3.  Columbus Cafe (South End)

Headiness.  Columbus Cafe makes a surprise appearance coming in at number 3 on our list.  The Columbus Cafe has a daily sirloin burger special, which creates nice variety and every mismatch combo they chose seems to hit the spot.  Columbus Cafe is located at 535 Columbus Ave. Boston

4.  Clarke’s (Faneuil Hall)

Clarke’s, really!?!  Yes, Clarke’s.  Clarke’s burger is on par with Charley’s in terms of burger style.  This is a no-frills burger, but very solid.  Clarke’s burger took the Community by surprise and we think you’ll agree that their burger is surprisingly super fantastic.  Clarke’s is located at 21 Merchants Row. Boston

5.  Aquitaine (South End)

This burger has funk written all over it.  It’s not typical to find a good burger in a French bistro, but Aquitaine makes the Top 5 with their bacon boursin burger.  This 14 dollar burger is by far the most expensive on our list, but it’s that good.  Aquitane is located at 569 Tremont St. Boston

Honorable Mention:  Uburger (Kenmore Square), R.F. O’Sullivan & Son (Porter Square), Audobon Circle (Fenway), Charlie’s Kitchen (Harvard Square).


Jesse and the Rippers Concert Review

Nieces and nephews were out in full force last night for what was anticipated as Boston’s concert of the century. Jesse and the Rippers came to town and discharged a huge hunk of euphoria at Saint’s Exeter Street digs, and those who were there are already calling it the finest musical exhibition the hub has ever witnessed.

In a city with a well-chronicled rock n’ roll pedigree, Jesse Katsopolis gave new meaning to rocking the fuck out of Beantown. Jamming the shit out of such hits as “Forever” and “I’m Gonna Freakin Kill You,” Katsopolis and his band of erotic looking sex addicts/musicians had the whole crowd naked just one minute into their first number. Puddles of sweat three and four inches deep accumulated throughout the venue, and the only complaint of concert goers was that the puddles weren’t deeper.

Opening this legendary night of music was full-bodied and exceptionally round-tittied turntablist DJ Tanner, who somehow has mastered a technique where she scratches records with her nipples and manipulates beats with her fat, juicy ass. During her performance several members of the audience could be heard screaming, “I’m getting a boner!”

Of course, there were no shortage of celebrities on hand. Perhaps the signature moment of the night came when a noticably coked-up Ashley Olsen sat in with the band for a rendition of crowd favorite “I’m Gonna Chainsaw off Your Dick or Your Boobs (depending on what sex you are).” To say Katsopolis and his Rippers brought down the house would be a vast understatement.

After the show, an out of breath fan stumbled out of Saint wearing only a condom. When asked if he could describe what he just witnessed, he paused for a few moments and let out a slow but poignant moan, “That… was decent.”

Boston Flip Cup Championship

*** The tournament is now OVER. If you’d like to get on our mailing list, send an email to and we’ll be sure to let you know about future events (trivia night), tournaments (pool, pop-a-shot) and competitions (flip cup redux, dance offs).

CONGRATULATIONS to the winning squad, The Clam Diggers who took home the cash, shirts, trophy and the tournament bracket.

We’d like to thank everyone for their participation in the tourney and those who donated the raffle prizes.  Thanks to New Balance, JA Stats, and everyone else that helped make the tourney a success.

If you’d like to purchase a Boston Flip Cup Championship t-shirt, please shoot us an email and we will look into ordering more and if you have any pictures of the event that you’d like to share you can send them to us as well.

DC Champs


Decent Community Presents

The Boston Flip Cup Championship

Saturday, November 8th – 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Copperfield’s Bar – 98 Brookline Ave. Boston, MA

The Decent Community would like to announce the 2008 Boston Flip Cup Championship! Taking place at Copperfield’sright next to Fenway Park, the event includes prizes, an open beer bar, and a $1,000 first place payoff.

DETAILS: 32 teams, 6 players per team. $25 entry per player ($150 per team). Single elimination. Best of seven matches.

YOUR $25 ENTRY FEE INCLUDES free beer from 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm and automatic chances to win fun prizes throughout the event.

HOW TO ENTER: Send an email to with your team name and the list of players on your team. We’ll reserve your spot and send payment instructions. NOTE: Your spot cannot be confirmed until we receive full payment from your team. Spots are filling up very quickly, so sign up soon!


  • If you’d like to go to this event, but don’t want to play flip cups, we can accommodate you. There is, however, limited amount of space for non-players. Shoot us an email to reserve a spot.
  • This is a private event and you’ll have to be signed up with us to gain entry to the bar. This is a strictly 21+ event.

***We anticipate this being an event to remember and are excited to crown Flip Cup Champions of Boston! If you have any questions, please email Sign up soon and join us for what will surely be a wonderful afternoon!***

Sessions of Decency

Session \ˈse-shən\ n. – a laid back meeting or chill scene in which mellow bastards revel in acts of decency. Often abbreviated as “sesh.”

Welcome to another Decent Community reading session. In this sesh, The Community felt it necessary to address the decency of sessions. We’re talking all types of sessions, each of them decent in their own unique ways because, at their core, they’re gatherings to build and celebrate commraderie — with the sole purpose of sharing good vibes.

Think about it. Have you ever been to an indecent session? Try telling me that boning sessions aren’t full of pleasure. Everyone loves a killer jam sesh. What about unwinding with a nice herb sesh? Bronson and grill sessions are to die for, while grizzle and slap sessions are always satisfying. You can stay active having hack sessions, table tennis sessions, or gang-bang sessions and you can get your competitive fix with a cribbage or flip cup session. Man, I’m craving a mean sesh right now!

Perhaps the best session of all is the Community favorite, bullshit session. Nothing is quite as reassuring and comforting as a good old-fashioned back and forth amongst decent souls. Speak your mind in the name of storytelling and participate in the arcane discourse that unites everyone. Happy Sessions to all Community members!

Mind Your Cleavage

You know you’ve seen it… Although far less likely are you to admit it.  Much less likely to admit that you have inadvertently noticed an 81 year old boob.  Like staring at a car crash, you’re morbidly interested, scientifically curious, contemplative and scared. 

It serves as a constant reminder that we all get old.  Father Time, that bastard, continues to take our young ladies!  Father Time, like the whore that is Mother Nature, is one selfish son of a bitch!  I guess things change, and like Grand Daddy Helmet Head before me I too must roll with the punches.  As the summer ends, a new season begins — boobs young and old are covered up, sent into hibernation for what is expected to be a long, cold, hard winter. 

Father Time and Mother Nature continually attempt to disrupt our decency.  However, in the moment decency continues, despite constant reminders contrary to said philosophy. 

So while my forthcoming request will undoubtedly be revised as I age, I currently state:  Do us all a favor, granny, and mind your cleavage!

You Are Getting Sleepy

(Stare at the + in the middle and the dots will disappear!)

Here at The Decent Community, we celebrate sorcery, magic, wizardry, witchcraft, voodoo and anything else that may fuck with your head. Psyching people out, playing them for a fool, or just leaving people scratching their heads is something everyone has a good time with, so it’s important to jump at any opportunity to dupe a bastard!

How all this shit works is a whole different story. Is there a hypnotism school out there? Because if there was, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be the most popular university known to man. “You will flash your boobies at every man who walks by.”  “You will go find a bunch of hundred dollar bills, buy me a few cases of beer, and leave me with the change!” Does anyone know of a good hypnotism school?

I suppose if I was a practitioner of these forms of black magic, the first thing I would do is use my powers to promote decency. Decent bastard Chris Angel — the Mind Freak — has a good time with this kind of material. Look at him, he gets mad ladies, drives around Lamborghinis, and walks on water. Now can anyone tell me that the dark arts aren’t decent?

Pie in the Face

It appears large breasted babies love the old pie in the face.

Like a rubber covered bone, there is nothing more frusterating and ill fitting than a good old cream pie being smashed in your face.  Yes that’s right, we are talking about pieng!

Have a guy grab a pie and grab a girl and give it the old college try!  Smash, smash, smash that pie in their face! Give me a P — P!  Give me an I — I!  Give me an E — E!  What’s that spell!?  DECENT!

Fall is not only the best season for gear, it is also the Season of the Pie and Decent Community is proud to be the primary ambassador.