R.F. Amusements is Our Decent Bastard of the Week

The grainy image above depicts one of decency’s forefathers, a trailblazer of merriment and glee, and a pioneer of casual recreation. R.F. Amusements is one of the originators of good times and positive vibes in New England, and it’s a no-brainer that we bestow upon him the posthumus honor of Decent Community’s Decent Bastard of the Week.

It was in 1867, with the nation fresh off the Civil War, that Mr. Ryan Family Amusements took it upon himself to bring playful diversions to the people of New England. We’re talking mini golf, bowling, video games, pizza, and birthday parties. He set up shop in Needham, MA and his empire has grown to include locations in Millis, Hyannis, Yarmouth, Buzzards Bay, Raynham, Martha’s Vineyard, and Newport, RI.

Chet Slater of Buzzards Bay, who recommended R.F. Amusements for this honor, gushes:

“Dude, fuckin R.F. Amusements was a chill, laid back muther-fucker! Shit was probably so boring back in his day! My theory is that my R.F. was tokin’ on some diesel weed and then was like, “Shit, man, there’s nothing to do!” Him and his boys probably got together and just made a bowling alley in, like, a couple days! Totally!!! It’s because of R.F. that me and my boys now have a place to go after we rip some bongloads! DECENT, BRO!!!”

Very righteous indeed Chet! Residents of of New England are extremely grateful for R.F.’s contributions to decency. We can gather from his last name that this bastard was meant to bring entertainment and clowning around to the masses. R.F. Amusements, if you are reading this posting from heaven, we want to thank you for providing us with such decent and wonderful games!!


Boston Concert Update

August 1, 2008

B.B. King @ South Shore Music Cicurs – Cohasset

August 2, 2008

Eddie Vedder and Liam Finn @ Opera House – Boston

Wolf Parade and Wintersleep @ Paradise – Boston

Bruce Springsteen @ Gillette – Foxboro

Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi @ Cape Cod Melody Tent – Hyannis


 ** August 1 – 3, 2008

Newport Folk Festival – The Black Crowes, Trey Anastasio, Cat Power, Stephen and Damian Marley, Jim James, Jimmy Buffett, Levon Helm.  Click for a full list of artists, tickets and show times.

August 4, 2008

Coldplay @ The Garden – Boston

August 6, 2008

Gnarels Barkley @ Wilbur Theatre – Boston

Jack Johnson, Rogue Wave and Neil Halstead @ Comcast Center – Mansfield

The Wailers @ Chicken Box – Nantucket

Bret Michaels @ Hard Rock – Boston

August 13, 2008

Radiohead @ Comcast Center – Mansfield

Eric Lindell @ The Beachcomber – Wellfleet

August 15, 2008

Playing Dead @ Harpers Ferry – Allston

August 16, 2008

Playing Dead @ Harpers Ferry – Allston

Allman Brothers Band and RatDog @ Comcast Center – Mansfield

September 5, 2008

Stereophonics @ Paradise – Boston

September 6, 2008

My Morning Jacket @ BOA Pavilion – Boston

September 7, 2008

Mike Gordon @ Paradise – Boston

Ryan Adams and The Cardinals @ BOA Pavilion – Boston

September 14, 2008

The Mars Volta @ Orpheum – Boston

Every Tuesday:

Pearly Baker @ The Bullpen – New Bedford.

Newest Decent Fashion Statement: The Drug Rug

Oh dear! It seems the Decent Community’s Newbury Street spy has identified the newest fall fashion. Apparently it’s the Drug Rug that will be the hot item for back to school shopping this year! While the drug rug has been a wardrobe staple for our friends over at the Jamband Community for years, it’s been quite a while since the rug was last respected in the upper echelons of the fashion world. To be frank, The Community is ecstatic!

It’s been a long time coming for the dank-smelling, organic drug rug to gain mainstream acceptance. It’s been living in realm of large bearded dudes, and heady mamas who love rainbows, blowing bubbles, and ganja gooballs. With the emergance of the rug’s widespread usage, it’s the hope of many Communities that the rugs will encourage headiness, herb smoking, jamband music, and body odor.

It’s really a good look (as if you didn’t realize!), and as the temperatures outdoors dip, and summer fades into fall, drug rugs will be there to keep us warm, announce fashion supremacy, and fuse three unique communities (fashion, jamband, decent) into one. I think we can all agree that bringing communities together is decent. We have the drug rug to thank.

Olde Fashioned Slush

Nothing gives me a woody like a Ronnie’s Olde Fashioned Slush on a hot summer day. You may think I’d rather be boning women, or smoking some kind bud, but you’d be wrong. Equip me with a spoonstraw, some positive energy, and good friends to buy slush for, and I’d say I have quite a golden day on my hands!

Slugging back an icy Ronnie’s is perfect after a round of volleyball with your crew, after having a killer bong session in the basement of your mom’s house, after huffing back a ciggy, shooting some hoops, or just lying on the beach.

I’m telling you — if you haven’t scarfed this shit yet, I recommend you do so immediately. You’re suppressing decency in the form of ice, juice, and sugar — but you’re also repressing refreshment. Quench your shteeze with a Ronnie’s!! Not only will your roni get a lift, but your spirits will also rise after quaffing this decent elixir.

Dunk Tanks

From a very young age, my parents instilled in me a great respect for anything related to dunk tanks. When other kids were out playing little league and at after school events, my parents would take my sister and I to a remote dunk tank a few towns away run by a shadey guy named Maurice. We’d stay there for hours whipping balls at the target, and screaming at anyone who happened to fall in the tank. The family member who fell in the most would go hungry for that evening.

Not only did dunk tanks promote love of competition, it also made me love humiliating others. I learned how to laugh at the expense of inferior people, how to be smart when wagering money on carnival games, and developed a pinpoint accuracy.

But perhaps more than anything, going to that rural dunk tank infused a great appreciation for what that weird dude Maurice described as “lila.” The term lila is another word for play or creative sport, and could generally be described as movements and activities made in the name of the divine (decency). These movements are free by nature and not subject to laws. I believe Maurice described it as some kind of Hindu concept.

I still remember the day Maurice told me about lila, and for some reason I remember comprehending how important it was in my life. Having fun through activities, rhythms, and motion — it is an incarnation of joy, so simple and gay! Dunk tanks, and to a larger extent lila, are what it means to be decent.

Decent Community Burger Think Tank

The newly created Decent Community Burger Think Tank is looking for extremely organized, creative, burger-minded individuals to participate on a variety of levels with the DCBTT.

What We Do: 

Conduct research and engage in advocacy in areas such as social burger policy, consumption strategy, the hamburger exchange, burger science and burger technology issues. 

Why We Do It: 

DCBTT is home to some of America’s most accomplished and forward thinking public policy burger experts.  Our purpose is to defend the integrity of the burger and improve burger capitalism. 

Our Mission Statement:

Competition of ideas related to burgers is fundamental to a a free and decent community. 

Our Current Needs:

  • Funding:  We are currently looking for burger interest groups or interested businesses to fund our research and offset burger consulting and research work related to our mandate.  Please email, decentcommunity@gmail.com and insert “Burger Think Tank Funding” in the subject.
  • Employment:  We are also interested in hiring a pre-clinical small molecule burger scientists.  If you have interest in participating in a revolutionary new think tank and have pre-clinical burger research experience please email:  decentcommunity@gmail.com and insert “Pre-Clinical Burger Researcher” in the subject.
  • Participation:  Additionally, we are looking for participants who have a strong palate for burgers to participate in two privately funded, double blind studies for future burger development and implication of resources at one of our major burger producing and consumption affiliates.  If you are interested in participating please email, decentcommunity@gmail.com and insert “Burger Research Enrollment” in the subject line.

Hamburg Disclaimer: 

The Decent Community Burger Think Tank is clearly aligned with grassroots conservative burger causes.  Our views are considered politically non-partisan and are intended only for those actively seeking increased decency by studying how burgers impact the global economy and culture.

The Community Has a New Favorite Bread!

Introducing a bread that The Decent Community would most definitely not mind stealing! In fact, the only reason we don’t steal it is because Community Members respect this bread too much. (Stealing is not in The Community’s repertoire unless we’re stealing babes from under your nose.) Moreover, we’d never want to dick over our new business partner, Beefsteak Rye Bread, now The Offical Bread of The Decent Community.

We’ve brokered a deal with Beefsteak to create a relationship where The Community promotes Beefsteak every so often in exchange for our logo being printed on every bag of their bread. Their circulation is somewhere around five-million. While Community participation isn’t as vast at this point in time, Beefsteak Rye Bread is banking on the fact that Community Members will eventually number in the range of one billion or so.

Beefsteak Rye Bread has — unquestionably — the best name in the history of breads.  What’s even more unbelievable is how robust and full-bodied Beefsteak Rye Bread is. As a matter of fact, it was just yesterday that I had one of the meanest sandwiches of all time — with tangy slices of Beefsteak bookending some corned beef and fromage. We’re extremely excited about forming what we think will be a randy relationship. A partnership of two of the more meaty presences in their respective industries — it would appear a match made in decency heaven.