Bacon Eating Contest

A Bacon Eating Contest, eh?? I’ve never heard of anything of this ilk. It turns out that registration for this event already ended. Is the winner the last person not to have a heart attack?? I’d like to know how many slices of bacon it takes to win this thing. I’d also like to know why there aren’t more eating contests in the area. Who knows, maybe there are and I’m just unaware of them. Every place should have a weekly throwdown of their best food entity. The world would be a better place.


Gator Bait!!!!

Sorry bro — but you just became GATOR BAIT! Oh Snap!

Andre the Giant and His High Tolerance


A lot of times people think they’re bad-ass for drinking, like, eight beers in a sitting. “Dude, I just had eight beers! How many have you had, loser?” For many, it’s a sign of manhood — a sign of toughness. But lord … if a man is judged on how many bronsons he can put back, then André René Roussimoff is probably one of the most cutting-edge guys of all time.

You probably know him as Andre the Giant, and there are stories of him putting back 40 vodka tonics and slugging two liters of vodka just to “get warm inside.” And then there’s the time he pounded 119 beers in 6 hours. Granted, he was a “giant” — but for all your 8-beer-queers out there, take a step back and think about what you’re saying when you’re ragging some unsuspecting lightweight.

Here’s some goods on Andre the Giant’s drinking habits:

Magic Confounds Me

Can someone please tell me how this magic trick is done? Apparently if you study this, it’s easy to figure out how it’s done. I can’t figure it out at all…

Hair Myths Debunked

Earlier this evening I was staring at my belly, furious that the right side of my belly produces a significant amount of hair growth, while the left only can manage a few stray hairs.  I tried shaving the left side not too long ago in hopes that it would grow back full of hair. No such luck. So… obviously I checked the internet to see what the story was. I learned some interesting things about hair…

– Cutting or shaving hair more often does not result in more growth

– Hats do not cause baldness

– Eating crust does not make your hair curly

– Brushing is not necessarily good for your hair

– Over-shampooing does not make your hair fall out

– Split ends can’t be repaired

It is my hope that someone besides myself will find this information relevant and useful.

Okajima’s New Pitch


From today’s Boston Globe:

“Hideki Okajima gave at least a hint as to the identity of the secret pitch he’s developing. Okajima has deemed his new pitch the “Doki-doki,” appropriate both for the play on his nickname and its meaning in Japanese, which, according to translator Jeff Yamaguchi, means “sounds of a heartbeat,” and “he makes me nervous.”

pour house bikini party 2/28

This is your confirmation of your Caribbean Club VIP party scheduled for Thursday, 2/28.  By Tuesday morning, please give me an estimated guest count and their expected arrival time between 6-7pm.  Also all will need to show valid ID to enter Caribbean Club.

post a comment or send me an email if you are in so i can get back to this woman.