My Favorite Chicken Pictures

Santa Chicken

Ground Beef Head Chicken

Big Red

Yeti Chicken

Thomas Jefferson and George Washington Chickens

Little Jerry

You Must Be Trippin Chicken

Russian Fur Hat Chicken

Decent Community Word Search

As you probably know, DC is pretty fond getting down on games. So today we wanted to drop a decent word search on your ass. It’s a fun little way to pass the time, increase your detective abilities, and hunt down decency. In fact, there’s a reward for the first person to email us a successfully completed version of this word search! For a printable PDF, it’s at this link: DC WORD SEARCH. Have fun, you bastards!

Decent Site of the Week: Look at this Fucking

Word to your mutha. This week’s Decent Site of the Week profiles bastards who sport jeans/spandex, ironic shirts, nerd glasses, fucked up hair, and slug PBRs. Of course, we’re talking about hipsters — and these faux-trendy scenesters are on full display at (abbreviated

Total freak show going on at this site, and at times these hipsters can be scary. But definitely packs in the indies and emos. If nothing else, it features a comprehensive catalogue of people you could definitely beat up. Check it out.

Decent Reads of the Week

Stop the presses! The Community thought it would be a good move to bring new looks at decency by sharing some of the chill articles that come across our desk. So we’re instituting a new post we’ll get up every so often called “Decent Reads of the Week,” in which we’ll provide goods we feel are insightful, funny, weird, or what have you. (If you come across something you think we should share, send it along to Here’s some goods for this week:

Undressing the Terror Threat (WSJ)

Briton jailed for four years in Dubai after customs find cannabis weighing less than a grain of sugar under his shoe (Daily Mail, UK)

Brother gets revenge on sister with legendary facebook post. (

John Lennon wrote “Come Together” as a campaign song for Timothy Leary’s race against Ronald Reagan for governor of California. (NYT)

Breaking down the sentence: “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.” (Wiki)

Dude shits his pants on a date and tries to figure out what to do. (

KFC Thinks Black People Like Fried Chicken or Something (

Sorry MILFs: Carnival Bans Cougar Cruises (Miami New Times)

What Makes Us Happy? (The Atlantic)

John Updike on Golf (NYT)

The Pharaoh is Our Decent Bastard of the Week



Just as the ancient Egyptians needed monarchs to guide them and provide their civilization with fruitful bounties, so does The Community. Whether it’s teachings, deliverence, or even salvation — sustenance from a higher authority is integral to our soul. That’s why this week we’re saluting The Pharaoh by naming him our Decent Bastard of the Week.

Go back twelve years or so to a simpler time when rap music, sports, dime bags, and busting heads were the primary concerns of many. That was the height of The Pharaoh’s reign. Dropping heavy beats, football knowledge, and shwag herbs with a slew of rough characters he welcomed to his domain, The Pharaoh served as figurehead to a kingdom unrivaled to this day. He also had a huge fucking TV and a pitbull.

And while you may think The Pharaoh was a thug by the description above, in fact he was as gentle as they come. Therein lies the greatness of The Pharaoh. His lifestyle and what he projected were exactly what his community so desperately needed during this time period. Whether he was dishing out a bag of grass or a can of whoopass, he was doing it for the greater good.

The Pharaoh’s reign may not be as robust as it was twelve years ago, but that doesn’t mean he’s no longer The Pharaoh. Nay. In fact, it’s The Communty’s stance that The Pharaoh’s dynasty is still in its infancy. Because while he took power at a young age, The Pharoah’s virtues (and his love for weed) will never die. Teach us great Pharaoh! Teach us!

World Stats in Real Time

Gosh! The Community couldn’t resist sharing this site we just came across that updates significant world statistics. Like the world’s population at the time of this is 6,806,613,380 but it goes up more than a person per second. It’s not only population that this thing details —  there’s government, economics, society, media, environment, food, water, energy, and health.

It’s wild to see the way these statistics move. For instance, there were 14,956,951,525 cigarettes smoked so far today, and that increases faster than 100,000/second. Another — if gas is consumed at the current rate, there are 60,784 days left until we run out. There have been 40,490,683 abortions so far this year. We could go on, but you should check this site for yourself. It really paints a vivid picture of the world we live in.

Tales From The Handicap Bathroom


dear decent community,

you ever use one of those ‘low flush’ toilets where there isn’t much water in the toilet?  well we’ve got one here at work in the crapper i use and i dropped a BOMB this morning, not solid, but not rhea, i wiped a bunch of times to get the remnants from my bung and got up to flush… there was a shitpile bigger than a softball sitting on the porcelain just above the water line with most of the TP falling to the side of it… i promptly gagged and flushed… the water grabbed the still dry paper and pulled that down, but didn’t get the shit, it just slid it down toward the hole, the dry paper clogged the toilet and left the shit pile sitting alone in the hole of the bowl with almost no water… this is the handicap bathroom in our office that a TON of people use because it is the only place you can go in and lock the door and have your own bathroom to yourself (a one seater if you will) and it is in a high foot traffic area (3 ppl turdburgled me while i was taking this dump) so i was face with either grabbing the plunger and basically pushing my shit down the hole, or trying to get out of there without anyone seeing me flee the scene.  I chose the plunger.  I got to the point where most of the shit was pressed down into the hole, but there was so little water in the bowl i couldn’t get good suction seal w/the plunger and was splashing poopy water all over the place.  I pulled the plunger out and flushed again… nothing… but water did fill the bowl so i got a better plunge – i flushed again and everything went down, BUT 2 things were absolutely wrong about the end result, #1 it looked like someone took a brown paintbrush to the toilet and #2 there was a piece of walnut on the side of the plunger and (to my knowledge) is still there sitting behind the toilet… i feel like i can still smell the poo stink on me.



Decent Site of the Week: Shit My Dad Says

Just in case you haven’t read this wonderful site (technically not a website, rather a Twitter feed), Decent Community would like to present to you Shit My Dad Says. It’s written by a dude named Justin, who in the description of his feed writes, “I’m 29. I live with my 73-year-old dad. He is awesome. I just write down shit that he says.”

And the shit that he says is hilarious! Picture an old patronizing and condescending grouch who says what’s on his mind because he doesn’t give a fuck anymore. That’s essentially the premise of Shit My Dad Says. We all know grumpy old bastards like this, and this site really makes us appreciate their old school authenticity.

Lady Caption Contest x 3

beaster lady

“The Goddess of Shwag”


aer lingus

“Prototypical Aer Lingus stewardess.”



“Nice chimichangas!”

Twenty Most Used Passwords of All Time

Decent Community is known for hacking into porn accounts, so it was with great excitement that we located the most used passwords on the internet from Here’s a list of the top 20 most used passwords. If you use one of these passwords, it may be wise to change it. To see the top 500, click on the link above.


Longest Home Run Ever Hit

BOSTON GLOBE — Ever heard of Gil Carter? Probably not, unless you were following the Class D Sophomore League in 1959. That’s when Carter, a burly Cubs prospect who never reached the major leagues, pulverized a pitch so hard it is considered the longest home run in professional baseball history — measuring at an astounding 733 feet.

Tuesday marks the 50th anniversary of the legendary blast, which occurred in the homer-friendly elevation of Carlsbad, N.M.. Carter, playing for the Carlsbad Potashers, sent a ninth-inning offering by Wayne Schaper of the Odessa (Texas) Dodgers skyrocketing over the left-field light tower at Montgomery field. It soared a few blocks and came to a rest at the base of a tree in a neighborhood backyard, according to Carter. The measurement was confirmed by the team but initially reported at 650 feet for fear of mockery. Over the last half-century, however, the longer distance has been accepted — as well as mostly forgotten.

Community Member Caption Contest

nudist“Fugaze lost in Beijing.”

Helmet chill“Helmet Head enjoying his best birthday ever.”

Little Nuggets of Decency

nugget toilet

Little Nugget of Decency (or Indecency)

Nugget Names

Decent Caption Contest Double Dip

shitload of cokeNot exactly the “shitload of coke” I had in mind.


poof daddyWhat da puff?

Little Nugget of Decency (or Indecency)

Nugget Dog

Decent Caption Contest

Picking up where Clinton left off

Picking up where Clinton left off

 Think you can write a better caption? Leave a comment.