Emails Hurt IQ More Than Pot

Decent Community has been alerted to a recent study that says people distracted by their Blackberrys and iPhones suffer a greater loss of IQ than a person smoking marijuana. So for all you people out there who think toking herbs isn’t decent, maybe they should consider chilling out with the emails and texts.

This study makes total sense. I picture all those chicks out there who walk around holding their phones with their palm up (above, pic #1), ravaging their little devices like a squirrel attacking the season’s last acorn. Shouting things like “Like!” and inputting prose like “OMG 2much!” as their IQ deteriorates into something smaller than a pointy little nipple.

To everyone — take a breather from technology. Clear that noggin of yours every once in awhile. It’s probably better to not know what’s going on every second of everyone’s life. The habit intensifies to the point where you’re not thinking for yourself and not relying on yourself. If you have difficulty ripping yourself away from your Blackberry, maybe some grass will mellow you out — you’d be lowering your IQ anyway, right?


Reader Email: Calzones Ended My Relationship


Dear Decent Community,

I made some calzones last night, which I thought turned out pretty good. But my girlfriend went berserk when she saw them. She said they weren’t cooked enough and refused to even take a bite. The attached (above) picture of calzones were left-overs that I put in the fridge overnight.

Long story short… these calzones led to a huge fight, and my girlfriend telling me that our relationship is over. Because of calzones! Is this fair treatment? Do these calzones not look like “the bomb”? Any advice or words of wisdom would be appreciated! Also, love the site. Keep up the good work!


Hey Jarrod, those calzones look pretty lousy. No offense, bro — but a shitty calzone has been the downfall of many healthy relationships. While there was probably a lot of effort put into those ‘zones, it’s the end result that counts. View these calzones as a metaphor to your relationship — you may be working hard, but in the end you’ll never be able to please this woman.

What do our readers think? Do those calzones look like our boy Jarrod should get dumped? Let’s put it to a vote!