All hail Earnie Adams


cheese steak thickburger

i want one.  someone overnight a cheesesteak thickburger to me, i’ll pay top dollar.



what appears to be a very organic, professional head shot of sylvio ve:




mmw’s decency protrudes

here’s a really great video of what i think is one of the most decent bands around. their bassist is very lurch-like, and the keyboardist and drummer are straight-up avant garde!

election 2008

this is a pretty interesting quiz regarding the presidential candidates.  i like the questions and i like how you can see why you align with a particular candidate.  glassbooth is a non-profit, nonpartisan organisation so i think the results can be trusted to a certain extent.

based on the questions asked i am in favor of romney @ 75% 

***i also just heard that john edwards has dropped out…

artwork posted.

we have posted some of al suave’s work on his page….

rambo review

quick plot summary:

rambo is a retired vietnam vet, living in thailand working as some type of snake hunter/river boat captain/steel smith guru.  some missionaries enlist rambo to bring them up river to burma to provide medicine and moral support to the locals.  the missionaries get captured and Rambo is asked to bring a group of mercenaries to rescue them (that all takes 20 minutes or so).


the next 73 minutes include:

bow and arrows, homemade machetes, head and limb explosions, gas, a really fast running rambo (RFRR), tracking dogs, a bare handed throat removal, intestines, a burmese pedophile, a WWII bomb, rice fields, the biggest gun ever, cobras, burmese boobs, tapered dungarees and a farm in arizona.


the 70+ minutes of destruction is well worth the 7 bucks of admission.


couple other notable things:

i’m not sure what rambo’s word count is for the entire movie but i bet it’s fewer than 25 words.  after the first 20 minutes the only 2 words he says are “GO!” and “aaAAAHHHHHHHHhhhhh.”


at the 11 am sunday showing there were only 2 other people in the theater (an old man and his grandson).  they were still soaking in the entire experience when we left well after the credits were rolling.