Decent Links of the Week

Today we’d like to present our readers with the Decent Links of the Week to give you something to do instead of going to the convenience store for yet another bag Andy Capp’s Hot Fries.

  • New movement going on where people superimpose their scene to coincide with record covers. Pretty ill shit. 
  • One of my favorite sites on the internet, this site breakdowns Grateful Dead lyrics to the bone.
  • This website is the exact center of the internet. And in a related event, you can win the internet on this site.
  • Phish is returning, which means it’s time to brush on your drug slang for the parking lot. Visit this in depth site after you’ve done some “Bernie’s Flakes”. Then check out these pics of herbs you hope to see on tour.
  • If you’re not getting a Decent Community tattoo, these are some other options.
  • If you’re into freaking out on LSD, here’s some cool pages full of blotter paper with some cool artwork.
  • Easily the best beirut table ever made. Must cost a fortune!
  • This dude is playing a game of “knife roullette” and he fucks up pretty good.
  • A Communty reader sent in this link asking what some of these staggering statistics mean. Definitely some thought-provoking material!
  • Talk about lucky bastards!!! The mother fuckers barely escape some dangerous scenes by the skin of their teeth!

We wish everyone a very decent weekend. Tubesteak’s Super Bowl predictionDecent defense prevails and Steelers win, 31-17. But I’m pulling for the Cards!

Our Favorite Asian Bartender Names


Tony.  In English the meaning of Tony is:  Feline lover.  Like the most famous American cat, Garfield, Tony is witty, smart and enjoys telling a good tale while perched up behind the bar on the cooler.

Johnson.  In English the meaning of Johnson is:  John’s son.  The son of the inventor of the toilet, John’s son, or Johnson is known for a heavy hand and a smooth martini.

Bill.  In English the meaning of Bill is:  Steady dong.  Never quivering in the face of a bar rush, Bill is steady, on point and on time with drink orders from a simple bronson to a complex cocktail.

Eddie.  In English the meaning of Eddie is:  Fierce and loving.  You never know who will be delivering your beverage with Eddie.  One day he could console you, the next he could chastise you for not doing more with your life.

Rodney.  In English the meaning of Rodney is:  Stand-up guy.  Whether tending bar at an upscale club or at a dive bar you’ll always know that Rodney will be on time and ready to work.


With the Patriots not even sniffing the NFL Playoffs this year, the entire postseason has been a little slower around New England. However, in case you’ve forgotten, THE SUPER BOWL IS SUNDAY!

That’s right, whether the Pats are in it or not, Sunday is still the biggest combination of beer, grizzle and football you’re gonna find this year. Piles of pizza boxes, pounds of chicken wings, burgers, steaks, ribs … oh my!Cold bronsons, amusing commercials, the Boss and, hopefully, a damn good football game.

We take gambling very seriously at Decent Community, and if our bookie, Tony, didn’t get pinched by the po-po in an illegal cockfighting ring, we’d be putting down serious lettuce on the CARDINALS (+7)because 1) NOBODY (not even you) thinks they can win this game; 2) The Steelers offense isn’t that toughguy; 3) Arizona has enough playmakers to keep the game within six points.

It stings a little rooting for a team that had to buy thousands of home playoff tickets and give them away at avoid TV blackout; won the ultra-pathetic NFC West; failed to even get off the bus in snowy Foxboro earlier this season; and has Kurt “I still have nightmares of Willie McGinest and Ty Law from Super Bowl 36” Warner, but anything’s better than cheering for the yellow-towel-waving RoethlisPalamalus. Final prediction: Cardinals 22, Steelers 19.

Decent Collage Update

We’d like to thank those who have been participating in Decent Collage!

Some recent additions include:

Cloons, King Henry, Dwight, Flight of the Concords, TGW Shark, The Hulkster, Otto, Trey, Optimus Prime, that decent Pilot, Ryan Family Amusment logo, Sam Adams, Superbad, Howard Stern, Ted Williams, Taj Mahal, The Weasel.

To participate in Decent Collage email your pictures to

In The News: What a Great Guy!


We don’t know who this guy is but we’ve all been there before.  You hit a patch of ice, fight to stay vertical but in the end gravity prevails and you are left with nothing more than some embarrassing photos in the Boston Globe, a spilled coffee and a dirty bagel.

Click here to see how the dude above makes out.

Robert Johnson is Our Decent Bastard of the Week

Identified by many as the greatest bluesman who ever lived, Robert Johnson is this week’s Decent Bastard of the Week. Although this Mississippi Delta legend left us with limited recordings and a fragmented life story in which he was dead by 27, Johnson’s shadowy influence is seducing enough to have countless luminaries proclaim he laid the foundation for rock ‘n roll as we know it. Add to that the legend where he sold his soul to the devil in order play his guitar like none other before, and you have some intriguing, mythical, and decent folklore that makes Robert Johnson more than worthy of The Community’s highest honor.

Despite having almost zero documentation of his life, his small sampling of jams was colossal enough to enchant Hendrix, Keith Richards, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Page, and most notably, Clapton himself. An unrelenting whiskey aficionado, Robert Johnson made his rounds to Chicago and to brief stints on the Eastern seaboard, only to meet his maker back in his homeland jamming, albeit with a bottle of poisoned whiskey that muddled him to termination. An anonymous blues-maker relates:

“Robert Johnson is the creator of the creation. I mean, if he were reincarnated he’d be rock ‘n roll, jazz, blues, psychedelia, R&B, and in most forms, pop. He laid the roots. Listening to this bastard is like reading religious texts, or the Decent Community Handbook — it reeks of truth, inventiveness, and artistry. An unvarnished authenticity, and a proclamation of realness, Robert Johnson, in his most underlying fashion, is decent.”

And so it is that Robert Johnson, one of the foremost musicians of the past 500 years or so, is declared our Decent Bastard of the Week. What is known of him is embraced, what is recorded of him is cherished, and his imprint is immortal.

What’s wrong with broccoli sex?

The above image is an advertisement for, a Web site that, well simply put, guarantees you an affair, or your money back! Here’s how it works: You’re married, your spouse sucks in bed or you’re getting bored banging the same partner over and over again, so you want to have an affair. Boom, fork over $250 to the Ashley Madison Agency, and if they can’t set you up for some adultery, they’ll refund your cash-ola.

Decent Community tried to contact co-workers, bar-goers, gym fanatics, poolboys and escorts for comment on their new competition, but were unsuccessful. However, Salvadore, an Italian pizza delivery guy from Fall River, told Decent Community, “I’m getting a new job! If lonely milfs aren’t going to bone me anymore because they’re on some Web site, why am I still delivering extra-sausage pizzas?”

AshleyMadison comes into focus on the heels of several media outlets reporting the above ad was rejected by the NFL for its Super Bowl XLIII program. Go and PETA also had some proposed commercials shot down by the league. PETA’s rejected spot is below (Editor’s note: Decent Community finds this extremely appropriate and tasteful.)