Olympic Fun Facts & Thursday Ramblings

International competition. Bobsled. Curling. America topples Canada on ice. Alpine skiing. Biathalon. Nordic combined.

What’s decent about the Olympics? Everything, or course. From the ladies who like to watch every kind of figure skating to the guys wondering how all these hot chicks got involved in curling, the Olympics offers something for everyone — and its seemingly 24-hours-a-day coverage means there’s always something dece to watch of TV.

So here are a few Olympic fun facts, courtesy of the Book of Odds.

  •  The 2010 Olympic mascots (above) are Quatchi (a sasquatch) and Miga (half orca, half kermode bear). Their unofficial sidekick is a non-mythic Vancouver Island marmot named Mukmuk. Miga and Quatchi are not the Winter Olympics’ first cryptozoological mascots: the Turin games in 2006 had Neve and Gliz, a snowball and an ice cube. And at the ’92 Albertville games, it was Magique, a “snow imp” or anthropomorphized star.
  • There are two notable Winter Olympic events that didn’t stand the test of time: 1) Skiojring, skiing while being pulled by a pack of dogs, ceased after the 1928 Games while the Winter Pentathalon (Cross country skiing, downhill skiing, shooting, fencing and horseback riding) saw its final run in 1948.
  • The only even the U.S. has not medaled in EVER is the biathalon. That list also included the nordic combined until won a silver medal a few weeks ago.
  • Only one Spanish athlete has ever won a gold medal at the Winter Olympics. It was Francisco Ochoa in the 1972 slalom.
  • There have been only four athletes in Olympic history to win medals in both a Summer and Olympic Games. One is American, Eddie Eagan, who won the gold in light-heavyweight boxing in 1920 and another gold in the four-man bobsled in 1932.

Thursday Ramblings

Why is it when I go to Wal-Mart I hear more Spanish than English? … Faithful readers of Thursday Ramblings might recall my idea to get very wealthy: Buying a $20 scratch ticket every Friday. Well I went five straight weeks of losers before I finally won something — a big $200 winner on Week 6. For those mathmatically-challenged, that’s +$80 after six weeks. I haven’t cashed the ticket yet but am planning on doing it tomorrow and saving it to fund the next 10 Fridays. Stay tuned. … Happy 28th birthday to porn star Jamie Lynn. Did you know Lynn, the Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2006, was the first Ganja Goddess for High Times magazine? … Happy 35th birthday to comedian and E! Entertainment TV star Chelsea Handler. Did you know the host of Chelsea Lately, who used to date the CEO of Comcast (and boss of E!), appeared on the cover of Playboy last year and turned down a spot on Dancing with the Stars? … Finally, today would have been George Harrison’s 67th birthday. Although John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote most of the Beatles songs, Harrison is credited with writing “Here Comes the Sun,” “Taxman,” and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.”

Let’s Get Serious For a Sec

No doubt, The Community is a haven for goofiness. But that doesn’t mean we don’t take some stuff seriously. I mean, we take getting head seriously. We take drinking bronsons seriously. There’s probably a few other things we take seriously, but they’re not coming to me right now.

In all seriousness though — we thought we’d share a pretty serious interview with Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google. This vid is nearly 40 minutes long, but the content is definitely worthwhile. As in: changing our world, how we live, ethics, energy, and information. Some really big questions are addressed here.

This is probably one of the best things I’ve watched in awhile. Seriously. So instead of watching The Biggest Loser or some other crap show on TV, take a moment to listen and think about how our world is changing.

Decent Site of the Week: Texts From Last Night

Decent chance you’ve heard of this site before, but we figured, “Hey, what the fuck, ya know?” Texts From Last Night is a collection of anonymous user submitted texts (with the area code included) that reveal funny situations and musings. Texts From Last Night is basically exploiting “the tendency to press ‘send’ more easily as the night turns to morning.” Here are a few so you get the gist:


I just walked into a room at this party and someone yelled “dibs!”…


Grinding on my ninth grade teacher. Dreams really do come true


I was just told by a cop that my party was the most epic party they ever crashed.


***In the spirit of Texts From Last Night, we’ll share a decent text of our own. Here’s an actual exchange I enjoyed with Community member Lice a few nights ago:

Lice: Sitting next to Steve Kerr at the airport bar.
Tube: Buy him a shot of Jager!
Lice: We just did some Jack.
Tube: Get the fuck outta here. Maybe some vodka next?
Lice: He’s a chill cat. Possibilities are endless.
Tube: Do some shnizzle with him off the bar.
Lice: He said Horace Grant’s shlong is 9 inches limp.
Tube: Don’t doubt that for a second. Kerr sounds like a chill guy!
Lice: Just gave him a Community business card.
Tube: Did you know he’s the all-time leader in 3 pt FG Percentage? That’s as pimp as it gets.
Lice: I didn’t. Bartenders are all over him. I’m riding his coattails aaaall night.
Tube: I heard a night out with Steve Kerr usually turns into two weeks of acid/hookers/cocaine/steak dinners. In that order. Bet that will be a fuckin blast.
Lice: Fear and loathing in Dallas with Steve Kerr. Sign me up.

Thursday Ramblings

What’s a more decent show to watch as a little kid than Sesame Street? This is the 40th year for the popular children’s program and several Web sites and media outlets (including Decent Community) have been dedicating time to take a look back at Burt & Ernie, Big Bird and the man himself, Snuffaluffagus. Check out this interactive look at the decent muppets from Sesame Street, a handy way to take a trip down memory lane and come across some of the decency you might have forgotten. … The staff at Electronic Arts that works on the annual Madden football game spends countless hours rating every player and every team to try to get them as close to real life as possible. That’s why the San Francisco 49ers are a 75 as a team and the Patriots last year were a 90. Not exact, but close enough. I find it a little odd that both the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees have exact 97 ratings in the upcoming MLB 2010 video game. Sorry to say it but the Yankees are better than the Red Sox, only because New York has a better offense. The meat of Boston’s order (Youk, Victor and Papi) just isn’t as strong as A-Rod, Teixeira and Granderson, who hit 30 homers in Tiger Stadium last year is a sure bet to hit 40 this year in the Bronx. …  Three links for your reading enjoyment this Thursday: 1) High school pledges to turn up the lights and blast Burt Bacharach at dances if teens start grinding; 2) 79-year-old survives for four days on a deserted island after his boat sinks; and 3) Take a glance through 30 of the dumbest inventions, including a device that lets you smoke a full pack of butts at the same time and the baby cage, a dog cage intended to house a baby dangling stories above a busy street. … Happy 36th birthday to Biggest Loser fitness trainer Jillian Michaels. Did you know Michaels, who decided to become a trainer after overcoming her overweightness as a teenager, will be starring in her own Biggest Loser spinoff series “Losing it with Jillian” on NBC next year? … Happy 42nd birthday to former teen star Molly Ringwold. Did you know that Ringwold, who is ranked No. 1 on VHI’s list of 100 Greatest Teen Stars, saw her career decline after turning down leading roles in Pretty Woman and Ghost? … Happy 53rd birthday to the very decent Vanna White. Did you know that Vanna’s first television appearance wasn’t on Wheel of Fortune, but rather as a contestant on The Price is Right in 1980? She was selected to “Come on Down” but never won the chance to get on stage. … Finally, a public service message from the most decent slow-pitch softball team out there, the Isotopes. The team is seeking players for the upcoming season. Games are in the New Bedford area on weekday evenings in the summer. Players must be somewhat athletic and like to chill and drink beers. Send an e-mail to decentcommunity@gmail.com and someone from the team will get back to you.

Decent Monologue

The Lonely Island comedy group temporarily covered the landmark Hollywood sign with the message “Dick in a Box”.  The group hopes to purchase the land to protect it from luxury housing.

On a related note, Vice President Joe “Lightsaber Roni” Biden, left, sparred with his predecessor, Dick “That’s My Name Don’t Wear It Out” Cheney, during talk show appearances Sunday.

Vice President Joe Biden, left, sparred with his predecessor, Dick Cheney, during talk show appearances Sunday.

On March 19th the verbal attacks will take a backseat to a pay-per-view sword fight between the two.  MTV is said to be reproducing the sword fight on its hit show Celebrity Death Match.

A marijuana bust along the U.S. – Mexico border revealed 30 pounds of the drug stuffed into framed pictures of “Jesus Christ” the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency said Wednesday.  When asked what tipped them off Authorities said the 22 year old woman had thought they were pictures of Jesus Christ but they were actually pictures of Jerry Garcia.  A Dead giveaway.

Rescue teams are trying to save a hiker who fell into Mount St. Helens.  When asked what was the most challenging part of the mission a rescuer responded, “IT’S A VOLCANO!”

DC GIF Caption Contest x3

“Cereal laced with crack.”

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DC Podcast Vol. XI

Instead of going on about what a chill and decent podcast we have this time around, I’m just gonna say… ya know… whatever. It’s your decision if you wanna jam on it.

Click here to listen to and download the Decent Community Podcast.

Seriously, it’s up to you. I understand that some people just aren’t that into music. They’d rather sit in silence and play solitaire. Hey, ya know, that’s your thing. Whatever you’re into, we respect your decision.