Decent Community is a confluence of good times, positive attitudes, thought-provoking insights, and funny/weird shit put together for our readership’s enjoyment. We intend to provide goofy, informative, sometimes truth-bending slants to incite unconventional yet well-founded perspectives.

Under the guise of decency, our community explores funky, off-beat, and far-out topics which can be broad in scope — yet piercing in its otherness. Indeed, our views could be characterized as overly grotesque and off-limits for many. For us, however, decency is essentially a mindset sans restraints.

To further understand who and what make up Decent Community, check out DecentCollage.com, a gigantic composition of decent images our community associates with.

It’s our sincere hope that our website encourages the expansion of decency throughout the greater community. You can help by emailing feedback, ideas, questions, comments, submissions, opinions, or anything else on your mind to DecentCommunity@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you!

We appreciate you dropping by DecentCommunity.com. Come back again, and keep it decent!

3 Responses

  1. This is a cool site. I am going to put it in my favorites!

  2. Great site!! Good Stuff!!

  3. awesome site! :~) got some funny stuff.

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