Thursday Ramblings

Happy 379th birthday to Boston! That’s right, on this day in 1630, the City of Boston was founded by Puritan colonists from England. So all you beantown people out there, grab a brewski and celebrate. …  Nothing like a opening-night scare to knock the “we’re awesome” out of the Patriots locker room. They know they can lose to anyone (even the Bills, probably not the Lions), anytime (Monday Night Football), anywhere (at the Razor). The NFL Network replayed the game a few times during the week and the worst performance I saw on film was Gary Guyton, who was forced into action when Jerod Mayo hurt his knee early in the game. The Bills O-Line had their way with Guyton, and it will be a point of interest to watch this weekend against the Jets’ Pro Bowl center Nick Mangold, guard Alan Faneca and Thomas Jones. … Phish‘s new album, Joy, is extremely decent. For once the critics agree, as Rolling Stone gave it four stars and dubbed it the band’s “best studio album.” For the record, the magazine feels Billy Breathes is No. 2. … Want to go to Las Vegas for free? All you have to do is win the Rose Alley Ale House’s Football Picks contest. Just head in anytime Wednesday-Sunday and enter your picks on their machines. The person with the most wins at the end of the year will win a trip to Sin City with airfare and a 3-night stay at the Bellagio. Weekly winners get $50 giftcards. … For the record, spell check wanted to change Bellagio in the previous note to fellacio. … Remember all the talk many years ago around Boston how Nomar was better than Derek Jeter and A-Rod? I don’t care how many home runs A-Rod has, I’d take Jeter over him in two seconds. He’s been a great leader and the face of the Yankees for years. I wore “Yankees suck, Jeter swallows” tee-shirts for years at Fenway but, but the two words I use these days to describe the Yankees captain? Awesome and respect. Nomar isn’t even worthy to be used in the same sentence as Jeter, by the way. … Decent Community Movie Reviews: District 9 (thumbs up), The Final Destination (thumbs down), The Goods (thumbs kinda up, thumbs kinda down). … Tedy Bruschi looks like a natural fit as a football analyst on ESPN. His work last week before and after the Steelers-Titans kickoff game was superb. Another feather in ESPN’s cap is new NFL analyst Adam Schefter, who has been outstanding so far since joining the network in August. He spent five years with the NFL Network and is the former president of the Pro Football Writers of America. … Some decent advice for our readers: Don’t buy untaxed cigarettes from Indian reservations on the Internet or Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick will send you a bill for hundreds of dollars, like I got earlier this week. … Cheers to David, who recently set the world record on Pac-Man. His last name is being withheld by video game officials pending verification, but reports are that David achieved a perfect score (eat every dot, every fruit and every ghost on all 256 levels without dying) in 3 hours, 41 minutes and 22 seconds. Not bad. … Happy 89th birthday to the National Football League, which was founded in 1920 in Canton, Ohio. What would Sundays be without the NFL? … Happy 35th birthday to new Celtic Rasheed Wallace. He and KG should make the Celtics a scary team come playoff time next year.

100 Parking Tickets Paid For By Stranger


Last Monday between 10pm-1am, 100 poor slobs were given parking tickets in the blocks between Mass Ave, Tremont Street, Dartmouth Street and Beacon Street in the South End and Back Bay areas of Boston.  On Tuesday morning 100 once poor slobs but now lucky bastards returned to their cars.  However, in place of a orange Boston City parking violation was a little note, which read “your parking violation has been paid (3 of 100)” and on the flip-side of the page a copy of this post:  CLICK HERE.

Some decent individual took Tubesteak and Decent Community’s words to heart and performed 100 random acts of kindness that humid July night.  Those 100 parking violations were paid for, in-full, by some unknown Decent Community reader!

I know what you’re thinking — this must be a marketing stunt performed by The Community!  Well I’m here to tell you it’s not.  We don’t have that kind of lettuce.  We were contacted by 1 of the 100 grateful recipients that happened to be a Community reader and had recognized the words on the note as a past Decent Community post.

So, If you read this, Mr. Parking Ticket Man, The Community salutes you and your random acts of kindness!  You, my decent friend, are not only our decent bastard of the week, you’re our decent bastard of the month!

DC Short Jam: An Attitude of Decency

A very wise man once said, “What you do with your attitude is up to you.” He also said, “Attitude has a one word definition: Life.” No doubt about it — a positive attitude is contagious and is just about the most decent thing one can inject into The Community.

With that prelude, Decent Community takes immense pleasure in presenting you our just-released short jam titled An Attitude of Decency. It’s about a lad who takes his attitude and makes a conscious decision that it’ll be as decent as can be. Featuring an unbelievable soundtrack, this short jam is intended to provide a boost for those who may possess a sub-par outlook.

Decent Community Joint Rolling Contest

Hear ye! Hear ye! Decent Community is sponsoring our first annual joint rolling contest! Everyone is always claiming to be able to the roll the finest doob, but The Community figured the best way to settle this was through good old competition! So let’s see what you got! We’ll get high, have a decent time, smoke some Ls and settle this question once and for all!

Contest Details:

  • The contest will be taking place in Boston. To find out the specific date, time and location, please email and we’ll let you know. We’ll need to confirm who will be attending.
  • Everyone brings their own grass. We’ll sharing the Js, so you’ll get to try other peoples’ herbs too.
  • All joint styles are accepted in the competition, including blunts.
  • We’ll provide some munchies and some heady bronsons.
  • If you roll a mediocre joint, you can still enter the contest just to get down on a decent party.
  • Judges will be unbiased, expert joint tokers. If you or someone you know would also like to be part of the judge’s panel, email us your credentials.

*Shoot us an email if you have any more questions. There’s some extremely talented joint rollers with close ties to The Community. We expect some very stiff competition — but more importantly, we expect a decent, chill-ass time. We look forward to this session!

Fenway Bathrooms — No Hot Water?


Boston’s Fenway Park by Eric Dowdle

Do all the bathrooms in Fenway lack hot water?  I mean the water in the bathrooms is ice-freaking-cold.  Granted, the percentage of people who wash their hands after shitting or taking a piss is probably relatively small at the ballpark.  But for those of us who enjoy a good hand wash, I think we deserve some hot, or at least warm, water to wash our mitts with before we grope at a communal bag of popcorn or lick our fingers clean of every last shred of our beloved Fenway Frank.  Maybe I’m off base.  Maybe they do have hot/warm watter in the bathrooms.  Maybe the bathroom beneath the right field grandstands is the red-headed stepchild of Fenway bathrooms.  If so I apologize.  If not, for the love of God we are civilized man!  Please get some decently warm water in the belly of the beast!

Why McGreevy’s Sucks…


Here is a short but to the point list of reasons McGreevy’s sucks:

Lousy bouncers.  As I was puffing down a stoag I overheard the bouncers mock a group of people as the were walking by because they were talking about going to Lir.  That’s just poor form.  Lir isn’t that cool and McGreevy’s isn’t much better.  Lousy attitude, guys!  Just because you’re a bouncer doesn’t mean you have to be a dick.

Give a brother a splash!  One of the bartenders poured me a Jack and Coke and went backseat on the Jack!  The drink was pure coke so I asked her to “top it off”.  She proceeded to top it off with coke to which I responded, “ummm, no, can you top it off with a little more Jack.”  She obliged, poured out some of the drink and poured a little more Jack in the glass.  Thank you very much!  To my surprise she charged me 18 bones (the price of 2 Jack and Cokes).  Again, poor form.  If you’re gonna charge for a double you charge the price of a shot, not the price of another drink.  Dumb ass.

Bathroom stalls.  I’m not a big dude but I could literally fit between the little walls they put up between the urinals. 

Established date.  If you’re a replica of an old school joint that doesn’t make you the oldest sports bar in America or whatever they claim to be.  The original McGreevy’s may have been established in 1894 but the re-established McGreevy’s opened a year or so ago… Your established date is 2008, not 1894.

This place illustrates how shallow the pool of bars in Boston is.  Good old Chuck Woolery wouldn’t be caught dead in that place and quite frankly, neither would we.

Ed “Always Decent” Hochuli

We have comprised a list of some of the most decent nicknames of our all time favorite NFL referee, number 85, Ed Hochuli:

  • Ed “Guns” Hochuli
  • Eddie Guns
  • Biceps Hochuli
  • Ed “Hawk Eye” Hochuli
  • The Hoch
  • The Hochulator
  • Edward Muscle Hands
  • Edward Whistle Hands
  • Tight Shirt McGee
  • The Lawyer
  • Esquire
  • Ed “Only My Mom Can Call Me Edward” Hochuli
  • Ed “Bigger, Faster, Stronger” Hochuli
  • Hock-a-loogie Hochuli
  • Decent Physique

Troposphere -> Stratosphere -> Mesosphere -> Thermosphere -> Exosphere -> Hochosphere.

* Please email if you are interested in purchasing a number 85 Ed Hochuli jersey.