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Hey!  Check it out!  Why not!?  Give it a shot?  What do ya say?  What else you got to do!?  Nobody will hate on you!  Pass some time with The Collage!  Get a photo right in there if you choose!  All right!  You’re a good guy!  Wow!  Have a great day!  CLICK ME — you know you want to.


Decent Collage Update


Decent Collage — Like, WOW!  Don’t be scared to participate.  You won’t be ridiculed.  You are a good person and people understand your humor!

RECENT ADDITIONS:  Sir Charles, DingleBerry, Airplane, Forrest Gumpman, the ESPN logo, IHOP, Big Dave Letterman, FUNK, Nightrider, Garfield the cat, Bill Russell, Willis, Pittsnogle, George Clinton, some jerks crossing the street and Ernie McCracken.

TO PARTICIPATE, keep emailing your pictures to

Decent Collage Update


Oh my god, The Collage has been updated once again and this time with soo many photos I can’t even get into it!  Oh my god!  Give me a break!  C’mon man!  You gotta be kidding me!  Seriously!?  Wow!

On behalf of Decent Collage (the physical entity that is The Collage), Decent Community (the actual people who write this fluff) thanks all you son of a bitches for adding some of the most decent crap anyone has ever witnessed.

Pictures can continue to be sent to