Decent Site of the Week: Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

This week Decent Community thought we’d alert our readers about a new website dedicated to three of our favorite things: Tom Selleck, waterfalls, and sandwiches. So basic in its premise, Selleck Waterfall Sandwich simply presents images that combine Selleck, waterfalls, and sandwiches in all their glory.

Each picture contains a new sandwich, a new look at Selleck, and a new waterfall. I guess there’s only so many ways to describe this — but Selleck Waterfall Sandwich is definitely a decent idea. I’m actually a little embarassed we didn’t think of it first.


The Lighter Game

Nothing says “I’m a chill-ass stoner” like the lighter game. Smoke a doob or two, maybe throw on some jams and creatively balance a lighter on the back of your hand. It’s total freestyle. Improvise, go with the flow — be smooth. Explore your range.

How do you play? First you have to mellow out. Then you stand up and toss the lighter around and balance it on the back of your paw. You can play solo, but the vibes are better with more people involved — more sharing going on, tapping into the communal spirit. That sort of thing.

People who are dank at the lighter game are the same people you want to become friends with. They obviously have their shit together and give off an artful aura. These guys are expressing themselves through an otherwise non-existent medium by taking the lifeless lighter, adding their own colorful and imaginative stylings, and thus rendering their own version of what is and what isn’t.

Decent Website of the Week: This Is Why You’re Fat

Snack Pizza Bomb -- Pizza topped with french fries, sliced corn dogs, popcorn chicken and Doritos.

We love this new website we found called This Is Why You’re Fat, whose tagline is “where dreams become heart attacks.” The above picture pretty much tells the story of this website, which features some of the most out-of-this-world, grotesque concoctions that surely taste amazing.

The website essentially takes something deep fried, adds it to something with a zillion calories, and then tops it off with something dripping with grease for good measure. This Is Why You’re Fat presents appealing dishes which are, ultimately, the reason you’re so goddamned fat. A guilty pleasure indeed!

Decent Community Salutes Renegade Artist

There’s nothing Decent Community appreciates more than an artist risking it all to create a unique piece. Joseph Carnevale didn’t risk life and limb, but his pursuit for artistic expression did land him behind bars.

Carnevale, 21, constructed this decent, amusing piece of public art across the street from North Carolina State University. According to an arrest report, via, Carnevale “destroyed three road blocking barrels by cutting and screwing them together to form a statue.” He is charged with misdemeanor larceny and is set to return to court on July 21.

Decent Community salutes him, and other renegade artists, who risk their freedom and good-standing to create unique pieces for all to enjoy. They add flavor and spice to life that can sometimes be too routine. Good luck with the judge dude, from all of us at Decent Community.

Beck is Our Decent Bastard of the Week

Consumate envelope pusher Beck Hansen has been named Decent Community’s Decent Bastard of the Week. Oozing with unique artistic stylings, Beck’s music is unpredictable, unclassifiable, and an altogether refreshing departure from the spoon fed cacaphony that’s typified in today’s popular music landscape.

He’s produced thoughtful album after thoughtful album — from Mellow Gold and Odelay, through Midnight Vultures and Sea Change, all the way up to Guero, The Information, and Modern Guilt — each album singular and one of a kind. But his music isn’t the only reason he’s been selected to join this elite club of decency. One of our readers writes in:

“Yes. We can all agree Beck’s jams are pretty much the shit. Dude is cool as fuck. But what elevates him to rarefied air is his wife — perhaps the most sought after woman in big screen history. He’s married to the famous redhead from Dazed and Confused, Marissa Rabisi for those who don’t know. If Wooderson covets her, you can bet all of the free world is hankering for this beauty. But Beck has her. What does that tell you?”

It tells us Beck must be the most avant-garde bastard on the scene today. He concocts a type of hip-hop-folk-funk-psychedelic-country-punk-blues-pop-jazz-electronic-art-rock that totally jams to the bone. Connecting the threads, advocating adventure, embodying originality — a decent bastard indeed!

How To Do a Booty Call

Despite what you may think, Booty Calls are not just sticking your head out the window and yelling “Booty Call! Booty Call!” (Although that can work on occassion.) Booty Calls are an art form, and luckily for our readers, Decent Community has mastered the craft. Today, we share our expertise.

The Booty Call, of course, starts with a phone call — 1-800-SEX-ASAP for instance. Just be sure you’re calling someone who is gonna put out. 1-800-POON-NOW is another. If your slampiece picks up the phone, you’ve made it past the hardest part. Now it’s time summon your soft/horny voice:

“Hey Fuckbuddy, what do you say we fuck till six in the mornin?” or “It’s time for some hanky panky! Heeheehee!!” or “Oh, you’re so dirty! Let’s get our freak on!” These lines are as good as gold. If you choose not to use them, try some kind of variation.

When is a good time to make the call? Think of it like a late night snack — whenever you’re craving! Like when you wake up at 4 am with a fat boner, or you’ve been watching Cinemax and ache for the real thing, or basically any time you’re yearning for some red-blooded body-slappin.

Booty Calls are not real relationships. They’re just about quick scores. So Booty Calls don’t happen with your girlfriend/boyfriend. They have nothing to do with movies, dinners, or general courtship at all. They’re about beer goggles, and skanks, and hittin it and quittin it. That’s all.

So next time you’re inner nympho surfaces, please consider doing a Booty Call. Just be clear there’s a mutual understanding (contract above, if necessary). Getting your rocks off is enjoyable, because deep down inside, we’re all just horndogs looking to bust a load on someone’s chest.

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