Decent Collage Update

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Some recent decent additions include: 

Otter Pops, Mariah Carey’s sweet shoe closet, Heather Locklear (schwing!), I like the pope.  The pope smokes dope, an epic scene from Point Break, the Mona Lisa, ZZ Top, a bingo card, Gandhi, some Fig Newtons, Field of Dreams, the Snuggie, Erin Andrews, some mustacheo pins, Willie Nelson, Hacksaw JD and Breaking Bad.

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Thursday Ramblings


A new hotspot has opened up in booming Downtown New Bedford. The Rose Alley Ale House, located next to CORK on Route 18, has many unique, different kinds of beers and some of the best Buffalo wings this side of the Mississippi. Anyone heading to the Whaling City should check it out … Speaking of SouthCoast, Mass., the area’s leading liquor store, Cardozas, is offering this cool promotion during March. Everyone redeeming cans or bottles gets an extra 2 cents! That’s right, every can is now worth 7 cents at the Doza, which is sweet for dudes like me who actually redeem cans instead of throwing your money away … Think Willie Nelson is cool? Check him out at “The Z” in New Bedford in April with special guest Billy Bob Thornton. …  Just when I thought Bill Belichick couldn’t get any better, he finds a trade partner willing to take $18 million worth of salary cap money and gets a second-round pick in return. Other NFL teams cut expensive veterans (Cassel, Vrabel), but Belichick gets early second-round picks for them. Decent! … Sad anniversary on this particular Thursday. It was this day 26 years ago that John Belushi died of a drug overdose in Los Angeles. Belushi is truly one of the greatest performers in entertainment history. Who doesn’t still laugh when Animal House comes on? … Happy 32nd birthday to Wally Szczerbiak, who played for the Celtics before being traded to Seattle in the Ray Allen deal. Wally World was the sixth pick in the 1999 NBA draft, the same year the Denver Nuggets drafted Fall River toughguy Chris Herren in the second round. Last I heard of Herren, who was on a regional cover of Sports Illustrated for its College Basketball Preview issue many years ago and at one point was the subject of a federal investigation into point-shaving at Fresno State, he was passed out in his car in a Rhode Island Dunkin Donuts drivethrough with Heroin needles all over the place … Chapter 3 of Decent Community’s They Don’t Make Movies Like They Used To: The Burbs, Trading Places and True Lies. … Max is the early leader, with Amy close behind, in the Decent Caption Contest for his entry: Cigs – check… Bracelets – check… Matching studded cowboy boots – check… Bullet belt – check… Favorite shovel… CHECK!!!!!!!!