DC Podcast Vol. XI

Instead of going on about what a chill and decent podcast we have this time around, I’m just gonna say… ya know… whatever. It’s your decision if you wanna jam on it.

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Seriously, it’s up to you. I understand that some people just aren’t that into music. They’d rather sit in silence and play solitaire. Hey, ya know, that’s your thing. Whatever you’re into, we respect your decision.


DC Podcast Vol. VII

Greetings Community! End of summer, times are changing — so I felt it was time for a new podcast. Tubesteak is moving out of the Decent Community hub of Boston to Hotlanta, GA. Yes, it’s true — the Tube is going back to school like Rodney Dangerfield. This set of jams is a sort of goodbye to the Beantown brethren and a toast to new beginnings!

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I will be continuing as a Community contributor, but I’m not quite sure what my workload and new scene will allow for. As for these jams, they’re not meant to be cornballish — but you’re not gonna hear the usual funk overload within this podcast. You will get some solid gold ballads that will make you cry and nod and close your eyes and shake your head in delight. I hope you guys enjoy.

DC Podcast Vol. VI

Hello Decent Community! Wow! I’ve been missing The Community over the last few weeks, and like herpes, I refuse to let you be. And since it’s summer and one of the best/dirty times for listening to solid jams, I recorded this latest podcast via satelite from a remote locale for your listening pleasure.

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Hoping you guys can groove out to these latest beats. It’s quite the mix — featuring some hard jazz riffs, grooved out funk, some newer quasi-hip material, boned-out rock and roll, and some other goods that are pretty much unclassifiable. Roll down your windows and bump this shit while pedestrians gawk in amazement over how fuckin bad-ass/decent you are. Word is heard!

Decent Community Podcast


Today The Community is embarking on a new venture and trying our hand at a podcast. We hope to make this a semi-regular feature if people are feeling it.

The podcasts will consist of decent music we hope the rest of The Community will enjoy with a minimal amount of commentary thrown in on the side. We plan on mixing up the jam selection pretty good. This week’s theme is arousal (it’ll change from podcast to podcast). Download it, listen to it at work, at the gym, during your commute, or when you’re smoking a doob — whenever you’d normally listen to a podcast.

Click here to listen to and download the Decent Community Podcast.

We’d love to hear your feedback, suggestions, or any other ways in which we may be able to make this more decent!