The Mystique of Breakfast Sausages

The craving of the breakfast sausage is a stubborn, unavoidable aspect of the human condition. Like busting a load, pinching a loaf, or destroying a set of reps in the weight room — the act grizzling out on a “meaty” is an altogether tantalizing “must” for bastards who wish to command any niblet of respect and self worth.

Each night we go to sleep praying for a morning whiff of the uncured, unsmoked, highly seasoned signature of utopian fare. That moist, peppery refreshment that exists within every breakfast sausage bite is more sought-after than a red Corvette, more hair-raising than a wheelie, and more addictive than heroin laced with cigarette smoke.

It’s said that God himself was a breakfast sausage fiend, and that he designed heaven to be one humongous breakfast sausage. How do you reach this glorious place? The Bible tells us to eat as much breakfast sausage as humanly possible, but Decent Community doesn’t need the good book to extol on us breakfast sausage’s grandiosity. No, we’ll be scarfing meatys link by link, patty by patty — because a life sans breakfast sausage would make for a most brutal existence!

*Thanks to Community member “Smith” for passing along the above vid!

Decent Bong Pics on Flickr

The Community was just hanging loose and figured we’d pass along some of our favorite bong-related picks that we found on Flickr. Check em out, bro:

Decent Collage Update

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Some recent decent additions include: 

Otter Pops, Mariah Carey’s sweet shoe closet, Heather Locklear (schwing!), I like the pope.  The pope smokes dope, an epic scene from Point Break, the Mona Lisa, ZZ Top, a bingo card, Gandhi, some Fig Newtons, Field of Dreams, the Snuggie, Erin Andrews, some mustacheo pins, Willie Nelson, Hacksaw JD and Breaking Bad.

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