Olympic Fun Facts & Thursday Ramblings

International competition. Bobsled. Curling. America topples Canada on ice. Alpine skiing. Biathalon. Nordic combined.

What’s decent about the Olympics? Everything, or course. From the ladies who like to watch every kind of figure skating to the guys wondering how all these hot chicks got involved in curling, the Olympics offers something for everyone — and its seemingly 24-hours-a-day coverage means there’s always something dece to watch of TV.

So here are a few Olympic fun facts, courtesy of the Book of Odds.

  •  The 2010 Olympic mascots (above) are Quatchi (a sasquatch) and Miga (half orca, half kermode bear). Their unofficial sidekick is a non-mythic Vancouver Island marmot named Mukmuk. Miga and Quatchi are not the Winter Olympics’ first cryptozoological mascots: the Turin games in 2006 had Neve and Gliz, a snowball and an ice cube. And at the ’92 Albertville games, it was Magique, a “snow imp” or anthropomorphized star.
  • There are two notable Winter Olympic events that didn’t stand the test of time: 1) Skiojring, skiing while being pulled by a pack of dogs, ceased after the 1928 Games while the Winter Pentathalon (Cross country skiing, downhill skiing, shooting, fencing and horseback riding) saw its final run in 1948.
  • The only even the U.S. has not medaled in EVER is the biathalon. That list also included the nordic combined until won a silver medal a few weeks ago.
  • Only one Spanish athlete has ever won a gold medal at the Winter Olympics. It was Francisco Ochoa in the 1972 slalom.
  • There have been only four athletes in Olympic history to win medals in both a Summer and Olympic Games. One is American, Eddie Eagan, who won the gold in light-heavyweight boxing in 1920 and another gold in the four-man bobsled in 1932.

Thursday Ramblings

Why is it when I go to Wal-Mart I hear more Spanish than English? … Faithful readers of Thursday Ramblings might recall my idea to get very wealthy: Buying a $20 scratch ticket every Friday. Well I went five straight weeks of losers before I finally won something — a big $200 winner on Week 6. For those mathmatically-challenged, that’s +$80 after six weeks. I haven’t cashed the ticket yet but am planning on doing it tomorrow and saving it to fund the next 10 Fridays. Stay tuned. … Happy 28th birthday to porn star Jamie Lynn. Did you know Lynn, the Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2006, was the first Ganja Goddess for High Times magazine? … Happy 35th birthday to comedian and E! Entertainment TV star Chelsea Handler. Did you know the host of Chelsea Lately, who used to date the CEO of Comcast (and boss of E!), appeared on the cover of Playboy last year and turned down a spot on Dancing with the Stars? … Finally, today would have been George Harrison’s 67th birthday. Although John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote most of the Beatles songs, Harrison is credited with writing “Here Comes the Sun,” “Taxman,” and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.”


DC Podcast Vol. VII

Greetings Community! End of summer, times are changing — so I felt it was time for a new podcast. Tubesteak is moving out of the Decent Community hub of Boston to Hotlanta, GA. Yes, it’s true — the Tube is going back to school like Rodney Dangerfield. This set of jams is a sort of goodbye to the Beantown brethren and a toast to new beginnings!

Click here to listen to and download the Decent Community Podcast.

I will be continuing as a Community contributor, but I’m not quite sure what my workload and new scene will allow for. As for these jams, they’re not meant to be cornballish — but you’re not gonna hear the usual funk overload within this podcast. You will get some solid gold ballads that will make you cry and nod and close your eyes and shake your head in delight. I hope you guys enjoy.

Thursday Ramblings

Kobe Bryant

I’m thrilled the NBA Finals is over. The series was weak and I can’t take anymore Stan Van Gundy-Ron Jeremy jokes. What I am most excited about is not seeing Kobe on SportsCenter every five minutes until April. … Too bad LeBron James wasn’t having a championship parade, but that didn’t stop him from wearing his accomplishments this year on a T-Shirt (what a tool). … Another person I would cheer if he fell off the face of the Gorilla caught holding knife at Calgary ZooEarth: Brett Favre. Hang it up, already. Oh while I’m here, thanks for throwing four interceptions in the last game of last season where the Jets loss kept the Patriots out of the playoffs. … Be careful when going to the zoo in Canada, the apes are packing knives and aren’t afraid to use them. …  Why do I keep seeing headlines about David Letterman and Sarah Palin? His joke, which centered around Alex Rodriguez “knocking up” Palin’s 14-year-old daughter who attended a Yankees game, happened on June 8, and 10 days later, he’s still getting flack for it. Not tasteful when talking about 14-year-olds, but this story still making headlines after 10 days is a sure sign of a slow news cycle and no other big celebrity news trumping it. Think Letterman is wishing Amy Winehouse goes back to rehab to take some heat (protesters seeking sponsor boycotts) off him? Or maybe any publicity is good publicity. … Good example of Lost in Translation: Reporter asks MMA fighter (through a translator) how long it would take to beat her next opponent, and she chokes him out. … Latest entry in Why Money Ruins Things: College baseball teams use metal bats because of sponsorship deals, yet when these kids get to the minors (and Cape and other similar leagues), they struggle with wooden bats and wonder where their power went. NCAA, wake up and make these kids use wood. They’re good enough. … Be happy you don’t live in Toledo, Ohio, because if you do, the police will give you a ticket for parking in your own driveway! … Microsfot launched its competition to Google recently. Titled Bing, it claims to be the uncluttered Google. Maybe I’m just not tech-savvy enough, but the only difference I see is that Bing has fancy photos on its front page. Its image and video searches are very similar. It is very handy for looking for Internet pornos. … Happy 69th birthday to Sir Paul McCartney. Does the decent meter go high enough to fit The Beatles?