Decent Community Podcast Vol. XII

Ha! Decent Community has been on a serious hiatus. We hope everyone is doing chill. We have a big announcement coming soon — so stay tuned!

You should know — we’re still into the jams and figured we’d turn a recent mix into a podcast. So here it is:

Click here to listen to and download the Decent Community Podcast.

Pretty chill mixture in here — even if a tad on the ambiguous side. But it all correllates with how we’ve been rolling over the past month or so. Give it a listen. We hope you enjoy!


DC Podcast Vol. III

East and West. Urban and rural. Smooth and rough. Old school and new school. Foreign and local. It’s all in volume three of the Decent Communtiy Podcast. Rejoice, because these jams are something to get excited about!

Click here to listen to and download the Decent Community Podcast.

Our podcast is getting more decent by the minute. Indeed, it’s renewable energy that you can listen to time and time again. So pop this sucker on when you’re “hooking up” in the backseat of your Hyundai, as a wedding soundtrack, when sitting by a campfire, or on a Sunday morning when you’re whipping up a dank breakfast. And of course — we love your feedback, suggestions, or any other ways in which we may be able to make this more decent! Jam on!!!!!

*The first and second podcasts are also now available at the above link.