Decent Monologue

The Lonely Island comedy group temporarily covered the landmark Hollywood sign with the message “Dick in a Box”.  The group hopes to purchase the land to protect it from luxury housing.

On a related note, Vice President Joe “Lightsaber Roni” Biden, left, sparred with his predecessor, Dick “That’s My Name Don’t Wear It Out” Cheney, during talk show appearances Sunday.

Vice President Joe Biden, left, sparred with his predecessor, Dick Cheney, during talk show appearances Sunday.

On March 19th the verbal attacks will take a backseat to a pay-per-view sword fight between the two.  MTV is said to be reproducing the sword fight on its hit show Celebrity Death Match.

A marijuana bust along the U.S. – Mexico border revealed 30 pounds of the drug stuffed into framed pictures of “Jesus Christ” the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency said Wednesday.  When asked what tipped them off Authorities said the 22 year old woman had thought they were pictures of Jesus Christ but they were actually pictures of Jerry Garcia.  A Dead giveaway.

Rescue teams are trying to save a hiker who fell into Mount St. Helens.  When asked what was the most challenging part of the mission a rescuer responded, “IT’S A VOLCANO!”


Emails Hurt IQ More Than Pot

Decent Community has been alerted to a recent study that says people distracted by their Blackberrys and iPhones suffer a greater loss of IQ than a person smoking marijuana. So for all you people out there who think toking herbs isn’t decent, maybe they should consider chilling out with the emails and texts.

This study makes total sense. I picture all those chicks out there who walk around holding their phones with their palm up (above, pic #1), ravaging their little devices like a squirrel attacking the season’s last acorn. Shouting things like “Like!” and inputting prose like “OMG 2much!” as their IQ deteriorates into something smaller than a pointy little nipple.

To everyone — take a breather from technology. Clear that noggin of yours every once in awhile. It’s probably better to not know what’s going on every second of everyone’s life. The habit intensifies to the point where you’re not thinking for yourself and not relying on yourself. If you have difficulty ripping yourself away from your Blackberry, maybe some grass will mellow you out — you’d be lowering your IQ anyway, right?

The Lighter Game

Nothing says “I’m a chill-ass stoner” like the lighter game. Smoke a doob or two, maybe throw on some jams and creatively balance a lighter on the back of your hand. It’s total freestyle. Improvise, go with the flow — be smooth. Explore your range.

How do you play? First you have to mellow out. Then you stand up and toss the lighter around and balance it on the back of your paw. You can play solo, but the vibes are better with more people involved — more sharing going on, tapping into the communal spirit. That sort of thing.

People who are dank at the lighter game are the same people you want to become friends with. They obviously have their shit together and give off an artful aura. These guys are expressing themselves through an otherwise non-existent medium by taking the lifeless lighter, adding their own colorful and imaginative stylings, and thus rendering their own version of what is and what isn’t.

Decent Bong Pics on Flickr

The Community was just hanging loose and figured we’d pass along some of our favorite bong-related picks that we found on Flickr. Check em out, bro:

Decent Community Joint Rolling Contest

Hear ye! Hear ye! Decent Community is sponsoring our first annual joint rolling contest! Everyone is always claiming to be able to the roll the finest doob, but The Community figured the best way to settle this was through good old competition! So let’s see what you got! We’ll get high, have a decent time, smoke some Ls and settle this question once and for all!

Contest Details:

  • The contest will be taking place in Boston. To find out the specific date, time and location, please email and we’ll let you know. We’ll need to confirm who will be attending.
  • Everyone brings their own grass. We’ll sharing the Js, so you’ll get to try other peoples’ herbs too.
  • All joint styles are accepted in the competition, including blunts.
  • We’ll provide some munchies and some heady bronsons.
  • If you roll a mediocre joint, you can still enter the contest just to get down on a decent party.
  • Judges will be unbiased, expert joint tokers. If you or someone you know would also like to be part of the judge’s panel, email us your credentials.

*Shoot us an email if you have any more questions. There’s some extremely talented joint rollers with close ties to The Community. We expect some very stiff competition — but more importantly, we expect a decent, chill-ass time. We look forward to this session!

Breaking News: Obama to Legalize Marijuana

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is planning to legalize marijuana, saying if taxed and regulated correctly, the plan “can provide an immediate economic boost to help our country get back on its fiscal feet.”

The president’s marijuana proposal, unveiled by White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs early Tuesday morning, touts increased tax revenues and the potential to add up to five million jobs in its first year.

“This plan will have an immediate positive impact on our economy without sacrificing public health,” Obama told a throng of reporters at the White House Tuesday morning.

The shocking announcement comes less than a week after Obama said “no” to a question about legalizing marijuana. At his first online Town Hall style press conference Thursday, Obama said legalization isn’t “a good strategy to grow our economy.

“The popularity of the question sort of stimulated our staff to examine the issue more clearly,” Obama said about the question most-voted for during the online meeting. “After looking at it, we feel it can be done. And today’s is that day. Yes, we can.”

The proposal needs to pass both the House and Senate, coming at a time when Obama is already trying to sell lawmakers on his $3.6 trillion budget. Gibbs said the president will hold special meetings with top government officials in the coming days to further discuss the plan.

If passed, the American people can expect to start buying legal marijuana as early as the fall, Gibbs said.

“The president plans to act swiftly,” Gibbs said.

The plan calls for the Food and Drug Administration to have total control of all marijuana in the country. Tax rates still need to be hammered out, bur experts say there could be as much as a 50 percent tax on street value of the drug popular on college campuses around the country.

Marijuana would be treated similar to alcohol and tobacco, meaning stores will have to be licensed to sell it. It will also carry an age limit, likely 21 and over.

More details of Obama’s pot proposal are expected in the coming days.

Decent Links of the Week

The Community thought we’d provide you with some decent links to check out this weekend while you’re packing a double horseshoe.

  • The chillest birthday candles known to man.
  • An interesting blurb about a truly underground cinema in Paris. The Community is thinking of creating something like this in Beantown.
  • If you think your life is hurt up, check out these funny scenarios from people around the world.
  • A weird site that shows you how to make different kinds of drugs. A bit sketchy if you asked me — but worth a look.
  • I love this name tag. Not sure you’ve seen it before, but you’ve definitely heard it in a movie.
  • The Communtiy is a big fan of vanity license plates, but we’re not fans of having a plate denied for no reason. This decent letter suggests displeasure with biting humor.
  • Here’s an account that’ll rid you of preconceived notions about working on an herb farm.
  • Check out this very informative video that does a great job of breaking down how we got into our current economic crisis.
  • If you’re looking to score a babe, this site offers hundreds upon hundreds of user generated pick-up lines.
  • Had to post this — The Last Lecture from Randy Pausch (which is also now a best selling book). This presents a dude who is dying of cancer, but epitomizing decency. Warning: it’s a little over an hour long, but the lessons this dude bestows make it time very well spent!