100 Parking Tickets Paid For By Stranger


Last Monday between 10pm-1am, 100 poor slobs were given parking tickets in the blocks between Mass Ave, Tremont Street, Dartmouth Street and Beacon Street in the South End and Back Bay areas of Boston.  On Tuesday morning 100 once poor slobs but now lucky bastards returned to their cars.  However, in place of a orange Boston City parking violation was a little note, which read “your parking violation has been paid (3 of 100)” and on the flip-side of the page a copy of this post:  CLICK HERE.

Some decent individual took Tubesteak and Decent Community’s words to heart and performed 100 random acts of kindness that humid July night.  Those 100 parking violations were paid for, in-full, by some unknown Decent Community reader!

I know what you’re thinking — this must be a marketing stunt performed by The Community!  Well I’m here to tell you it’s not.  We don’t have that kind of lettuce.  We were contacted by 1 of the 100 grateful recipients that happened to be a Community reader and had recognized the words on the note as a past Decent Community post.

So, If you read this, Mr. Parking Ticket Man, The Community salutes you and your random acts of kindness!  You, my decent friend, are not only our decent bastard of the week, you’re our decent bastard of the month!

Random Acts of Kindness

How does it feel when someone, seemingly out of left field, goes out of their way to perform a kind deed? If you’re a halfway-decent chum, it probably ignites your inner glow, gets your blood flowing six ways to Sunday, puts a delightful grin on your mug, and stirs up a totally tender frame of mind. Sounds chill as hell, right? That’s why The Community needs to perpetuate this scene with enthusiasm!

Buy your buddy a brew-dog. Help a stranger land some strange. Read your fine neighbor a poem. Hand out beef jerky at intersections. Just pull decent shit out of your ass and put the random act into motion.

Give some ribs and biscuits to your mailman. Sneak some ciggies to the local punk kid. Rub oil all over your aerobics instructor. Fistbump random passersby. Hand out jimmy hats at parties. It’s called being a fuckin bad-ass samaritan — the dirtbag-ass hole antithesis. And the above deeds compose of less than .000001% of potential random acts you can perform — which means it’s time to go town.

In the end, admittedly, you can only control your own approach — but if The Community knows one thing, it’s that kindness is more contagious than dingleberries. By executing random acts of decency, you’re fascilitating a productive, fulfilling future for you and innumerable impending accomplices.