Decent Monologue

The Lonely Island comedy group temporarily covered the landmark Hollywood sign with the message “Dick in a Box”.  The group hopes to purchase the land to protect it from luxury housing.

On a related note, Vice President Joe “Lightsaber Roni” Biden, left, sparred with his predecessor, Dick “That’s My Name Don’t Wear It Out” Cheney, during talk show appearances Sunday.

Vice President Joe Biden, left, sparred with his predecessor, Dick Cheney, during talk show appearances Sunday.

On March 19th the verbal attacks will take a backseat to a pay-per-view sword fight between the two.  MTV is said to be reproducing the sword fight on its hit show Celebrity Death Match.

A marijuana bust along the U.S. – Mexico border revealed 30 pounds of the drug stuffed into framed pictures of “Jesus Christ” the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency said Wednesday.  When asked what tipped them off Authorities said the 22 year old woman had thought they were pictures of Jesus Christ but they were actually pictures of Jerry Garcia.  A Dead giveaway.

Rescue teams are trying to save a hiker who fell into Mount St. Helens.  When asked what was the most challenging part of the mission a rescuer responded, “IT’S A VOLCANO!”


DC Podcast Vol. VII

Greetings Community! End of summer, times are changing — so I felt it was time for a new podcast. Tubesteak is moving out of the Decent Community hub of Boston to Hotlanta, GA. Yes, it’s true — the Tube is going back to school like Rodney Dangerfield. This set of jams is a sort of goodbye to the Beantown brethren and a toast to new beginnings!

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I will be continuing as a Community contributor, but I’m not quite sure what my workload and new scene will allow for. As for these jams, they’re not meant to be cornballish — but you’re not gonna hear the usual funk overload within this podcast. You will get some solid gold ballads that will make you cry and nod and close your eyes and shake your head in delight. I hope you guys enjoy.

A Decent Version of Jon and Kate Plus 8

decent john and kate copy

DC Podcast Volume II

Word up Community! Going for a second round of the Decent Community Podcast. The first round was a mild success — but this installment easily surpasses the decency levels of version one! Lots to like here — quality jams of all sorts mixed with some heady commentary. The DC Podcast is ascending!

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Listen to the DC Podcast at parties, when hooking up, when going for a run, or if you’re trying to impress someone! And once again — we love your feedback, suggestions, or any other ways in which we may be able to make this more decent! Jam on!!!!!

Jerry Week at The Community

This week The Community celebrates the life, work, and soul of Jerome “Jerry” Garica, who was born on the first day of August in 1942 and sadly passed on August 9, 1995. Clearly one of the most decent bastards of all time, Jerry left quite a decent mark on our world through beautiful art in various mediums, promoting a gentle love and goodness that exists in everything, but still often needs some people to shine the light on it now and again.

Known primarily for his groundbreaking guitar work with The Grateful Dead, Jerry was also a skilled painter, and writer — all the while emitting a humane, kind-hearted, vibe that The Community strives to emulate. There is no doubt that Jerry has a profound influence on everything The Community seeks.

Indeed, we are all seekers in some way or another. What we look for depends on who we are, but at The Community we seek to bring the spirit of Jerry to anyone we may have the slightest influence on. That’s essentially our mission.

Because this is Jerry Week at The Community, Mr. Garcia will serve as our Decent Bastard of the Week. It is our sincere hope that somewhere up in heaven Jerry is admiring what he sees. It’s also our hope that all of our readers take some time this week to reflect on Jerry Garcia, what he stood for, and be appreciative of all the decency he bestowed upon our beautiful world.