Is Tubesteak the new Herbie Mann?

The big news heading into 2010 is that Tubesteak is turning into a heavy duty flautist. Indeed — the bastard got a flute from his aunt for Christmas and his new metal tube hasn’t left his hands since. It’s only a matter of time before Tubesteak turns into a flute virtuoso, following in the footsteps of one of The Community’s favorite flute-meistros, Herbie Mann.

Granted, Tube isn’t as hairy as Herbie Mann, but their allegiance to the groove is one and the same. Since Herbie’s passing in 2003, the jazz flute world has been seeking someone to “jam on funky rhythms that are comfortable to float on top of.” The Community is happy to announce we’ve got the “mann.”

Please stay tuned for some live web concerts from Tubesteak, which will be broadcast on Decent Community. No doubt Tube will be bringing funky, sensual notes to our Community and beyond. In meantime, you can listen to Herbie Mann and Duane Allman get down on a deep jam, which I think is about scoring with ladies:

Herbie Mann & Duane Allman – “Push Push”


My Fall Community Project

Oh, hello…  Helmet here.

Many people have been asking where I’ve been.  Good question – let me explain.

In between eating Hot Pocket sandwiches and looking for cool sunglasses, I have spent every waking moment on a very important Fall Community Project.  What you ask?  It’s simple yet complex, both mainstream and far out…  It’s a playlist for Tubesteak.

Sounds simple you may be thinking.  Well, think again.  Making a playlist for Tubesteak is like painting a neoclassical style painting for Picasso.  The dude is a Mix Tape Master, the Sultan of Song.  A Vibe Vampire, sinking his tapes into people’s cassette players across the world.  Turning ordinary humans into funkifed dance freaks.

So without further adieu, I present you with my Fall Community Project.  I call it:

Tubesteak’s Playlist an ode to the Mix Style Series:

1)  Phil Collins –  Sussudio

2)  Hall and Oates – Private Eyes

3)  Men At Work – Down Under

4)  Huey Lewis And The News – Stuck With You

5)  Tommy Tutone – 867-5309/Jenny

6)  Phil Collins – Don’t Lose My Number

7)  Genesis – I Can’t Dance

8)  Hall and Oates – Maneater

9)  The Blues Brothers – Soul Man

10)  Huey Lewis And The News – Back In Time

11)  Boston – More Than A Felling

12)  The Police – Every Breath You Take

13)  Bill Joel – Tell Her About It

14)  A-Ha – Take On Me

15)  Kenny Loggins – Danger Zone

16)  Genesis – Invisible Touch

17)  Tom Cochrane – Life Is A Highway

18)  Don Henley – The Boys Of Summer

19)  The Cars – Shake It Up

20)  Steve Winwood – Valerie

21)  Van Halen – Jump

22)  Don Henley – All She Wants To Do Is Dance

23)  Toto – Africa

24)  Kenny Loggins – Footloose

25)  Robert Palmer – Addicted To Love

26)  Steve Winwood – Higher Love

Maybe if you leave a comment Tubesteak will make a podcast of Tubesteak’s Playlist for us all to enjoy…

DC Podcast Vol. IX

DCPodcast Image

Hello DC! Just posted what’s probably have the most decent podcast thus far. Trust me — you’d be missing out if you didn’t jive on these jams. Good mix here, including DC’s fave jam from Phish’s Exile on Main Street cover at Festival 8. We also got some swamp rock, bone-in funk, and some more subtle numbers that totally seal the deal.

Click here to listen to and download the Decent Community Podcast.

The Community would also appreciate any feedback on these larries. Maybe some suggestions, or some jams you’re dying for other people to hear. Just give us a holler — We’d love to hear about what you’re listening to, ways to improve to the podcast, etc. Really hope you enjoy the podcast.

DC Podcast Vol. VIII

Waazzaaa! Tubesteak is coming at you with fresh jams from his new Hotlanta studio. After checking some of the previous podcast jams, Tube sensed some complacency — which was hopefully avoided in volume eight of our podcast. Included is some serious rock as well as some mellow pieces — all of which lean to the more avant-garde side.

Click here to listen to and download the Decent Community Podcast.

You should know that this podcast is more exploratory and probably contains some unfamiliar jams — but therein lies the premise! It’s like getting fresh vegetables from your local farm stand, instead of going to the big ole chain supermarche’ (french for supermarket). Give it a listen — I’ll bet cash you’re feeling these tracks!

DC Podcast Vol. VII

Greetings Community! End of summer, times are changing — so I felt it was time for a new podcast. Tubesteak is moving out of the Decent Community hub of Boston to Hotlanta, GA. Yes, it’s true — the Tube is going back to school like Rodney Dangerfield. This set of jams is a sort of goodbye to the Beantown brethren and a toast to new beginnings!

Click here to listen to and download the Decent Community Podcast.

I will be continuing as a Community contributor, but I’m not quite sure what my workload and new scene will allow for. As for these jams, they’re not meant to be cornballish — but you’re not gonna hear the usual funk overload within this podcast. You will get some solid gold ballads that will make you cry and nod and close your eyes and shake your head in delight. I hope you guys enjoy.

Doublecheck Your Head

Dece Commune wanted to let our readers know about a dank little project from Max Tannone — the same dude who worked over a fresh mashup of Jay-Z and Radiohead. This time the bastard manipulates tracks from the Beastie Boys’ bad-ass album, Check Your Head — an all-time Community favorite. From Max:

I made the project in support of the Beastie Boys recent reissue of their “Check Your Head” album. The concept is that the Beastie Boys are mashed up with themselves, rapping over tracks sampling their own instrumentals, with all vocals and sampled elements coming from “Check Your Head.”

The Community got an exclusive sneak listen to these jams and they’re definitely worth being heard! Tubesteak’s personal fave from this collection is a jam called “Maestro’s Got to Give” — a mix of “The Maestro” and “Something’s Got to Give” in which the latter groove provides an ill back beat to the “Maestro’s” aggression. But make no mistake — all the tracks are worthy! You can check them out at

DC Podcast Vol. III

East and West. Urban and rural. Smooth and rough. Old school and new school. Foreign and local. It’s all in volume three of the Decent Communtiy Podcast. Rejoice, because these jams are something to get excited about!

Click here to listen to and download the Decent Community Podcast.

Our podcast is getting more decent by the minute. Indeed, it’s renewable energy that you can listen to time and time again. So pop this sucker on when you’re “hooking up” in the backseat of your Hyundai, as a wedding soundtrack, when sitting by a campfire, or on a Sunday morning when you’re whipping up a dank breakfast. And of course — we love your feedback, suggestions, or any other ways in which we may be able to make this more decent! Jam on!!!!!

*The first and second podcasts are also now available at the above link.