Decent Community Podcast Vol. XII

Ha! Decent Community has been on a serious hiatus. We hope everyone is doing chill. We have a big announcement coming soon — so stay tuned!

You should know — we’re still into the jams and figured we’d turn a recent mix into a podcast. So here it is:

Click here to listen to and download the Decent Community Podcast.

Pretty chill mixture in here — even if a tad on the ambiguous side. But it all correllates with how we’ve been rolling over the past month or so. Give it a listen. We hope you enjoy!


Decent Love Story

Wanted to share this beautiful love story about a fat, ugly man named Gus and a supposed lesbian named Yvette. Both have fallen on some hard times and have had extreme difficulties getting laid!

Enter destiny (and smooth singer/guitarist/surfer/ladies man Jack Johnson). Out of options, Gus approaches the apparent lesbian in a department store and entices her with some concert tickets. Find out what happens to this horny, repulsive pair once their paths finally cross!