Let’s Get Serious For a Sec

No doubt, The Community is a haven for goofiness. But that doesn’t mean we don’t take some stuff seriously. I mean, we take getting head seriously. We take drinking bronsons seriously. There’s probably a few other things we take seriously, but they’re not coming to me right now.

In all seriousness though — we thought we’d share a pretty serious interview with Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google. This vid is nearly 40 minutes long, but the content is definitely worthwhile. As in: changing our world, how we live, ethics, energy, and information. Some really big questions are addressed here.

This is probably one of the best things I’ve watched in awhile. Seriously. So instead of watching The Biggest Loser or some other crap show on TV, take a moment to listen and think about how our world is changing.

Thursday Ramblings

Looking for Patriots news? The best source is by far Mike Reiss’ blog on ESPNBoston.com. The former Globe Pats writer updates his blog several times every day and his Mailbag is second to none. … So I’ll bet $100 that if you have both Tom Brady and Steve Slaton on your Fantasy Football Team, you’re 0-2, like me. … GoogleNews was no working for a couple of hours on Tuesday. Why did I mention this? When’s the last time you heard of anything Google-related not being up to speed? … Three links for your reading enjoyment (after you leave Decent Community, of course): 1.How XBOX360 is used to fight heart disease; 2) Hungry for some Spotted Dick? You’re in luck as a city council in the U.K. recently reversed its decision to force a local restaurant to rename it “Spotted Richard;” and  3) What better way for high school senior girls to haze incoming freshmen that to put together a Slut List. Girls apparently are upset they didn’t make it onto the list, which has been an annual tradition at a New Jersey high school for more than 10 years. Only in Jersey. … It looks like we see what side the Red Sox organization took in the Nick Green-Jason Varitek-Heidi Watney love triangle. The Sox dismissed Green from the team and sent him back to Boston to chill while Watney follows the squad on their road trip. … Had a great idea for a contest the other day. How about CBS, who’s broadcasting this year’s Super Bowl, giving away a 30-second commercial spot to a small business? It could have an essay contest or some internet vide contest with the gold being a commercial that will make your biz big bucks. Wonder if Boston Regulatory Consulting would enter? … Happy 52nd birthday to German soccer player Wolfgang Wolf. What a decent name! …  Happy 33rd birthday to Stephanie McMahon, former wrestler, daughter of WWF founder Vince McMahon and wife to Triple H. Did you know that one of her storylines during her wrestling days had her getting abducted by the Undertaker, who was going to marry her in the middle of the ring before Stong Cold Steve Austin came in and saved her? … Happy 36th birthday to former NFL running back Eddie George. Did you know that George is married to Tamara “Taj” Johnson, a contestant on Survivor: Tocantins? Did you also know that his mother, a flight attendant, changed her work schedule to be at George’s side when he signed his first NFL contract? If she didn’t change, she would have been on TWA Flight 800, which exploded over the Atlantic Ocean in 1996 due to faulty wiring, killing all 230 people on board. … Finally, happy 29th birthday to Community member Tom “Bunt” Stankiewicz, who heads up DC’s San Francisco bureau. Do you know anyone else who has damaged their car by slamming into a frozen turkey?

Thursday Ramblings

Kobe Bryant

I’m thrilled the NBA Finals is over. The series was weak and I can’t take anymore Stan Van Gundy-Ron Jeremy jokes. What I am most excited about is not seeing Kobe on SportsCenter every five minutes until April. … Too bad LeBron James wasn’t having a championship parade, but that didn’t stop him from wearing his accomplishments this year on a T-Shirt (what a tool). … Another person I would cheer if he fell off the face of the Gorilla caught holding knife at Calgary ZooEarth: Brett Favre. Hang it up, already. Oh while I’m here, thanks for throwing four interceptions in the last game of last season where the Jets loss kept the Patriots out of the playoffs. … Be careful when going to the zoo in Canada, the apes are packing knives and aren’t afraid to use them. …  Why do I keep seeing headlines about David Letterman and Sarah Palin? His joke, which centered around Alex Rodriguez “knocking up” Palin’s 14-year-old daughter who attended a Yankees game, happened on June 8, and 10 days later, he’s still getting flack for it. Not tasteful when talking about 14-year-olds, but this story still making headlines after 10 days is a sure sign of a slow news cycle and no other big celebrity news trumping it. Think Letterman is wishing Amy Winehouse goes back to rehab to take some heat (protesters seeking sponsor boycotts) off him? Or maybe any publicity is good publicity. … Good example of Lost in Translation: Reporter asks MMA fighter (through a translator) how long it would take to beat her next opponent, and she chokes him out. … Latest entry in Why Money Ruins Things: College baseball teams use metal bats because of sponsorship deals, yet when these kids get to the minors (and Cape and other similar leagues), they struggle with wooden bats and wonder where their power went. NCAA, wake up and make these kids use wood. They’re good enough. … Be happy you don’t live in Toledo, Ohio, because if you do, the police will give you a ticket for parking in your own driveway! … Microsfot launched its competition to Google recently. Titled Bing, it claims to be the uncluttered Google. Maybe I’m just not tech-savvy enough, but the only difference I see is that Bing has fancy photos on its front page. Its image and video searches are very similar. It is very handy for looking for Internet pornos. … Happy 69th birthday to Sir Paul McCartney. Does the decent meter go high enough to fit The Beatles?

Decent Collage Update


New additions to Decent Collage:

The Google logo, a Nerf football, Bill Cosby, Stephen A. Smith, Chuck Woolery, Godzilla dancing with King Kong, the heady Monopoly man and the littlest weightlifter in the world.

Thanks to those who have submitted their photos!