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Celebrate and shout, SouthCoast and beyond, because today is the start of the annual Portuguese Feast in New Bedford! More than 100,000 people attend the four-day celebration of Madeiran culture and heritage, which translates into thousands getting smashed on Madeira wine, grilling carne de espeto (pronounced kanda shpit) on a huge firepit and dancing to decent tunes. The Romantics headline this year’s Feast. The band is best known for the hit song “What I Like About You.” Decent Community will be there, we wouldn’t miss this decent celebration, so come by and say hello to the guys in the Community teeshirts. … A blogger in Minnesota made a good point in relation to the Erin Andrews video scandal that hit the Web last week. He thinks she set it up. After all, who irons naked and checks out their ass in front of a mirror? … What’s better than some good ole’ beirut? The Rose Alley Ale House is bringing beirut (pronounced bay-root) to New Bedford with an assist from USA Pub Pong. Aug. 11 is the date for the first beirut tourney at the Rose, located on Front Street. The fun starts at 9 p.m. with one of the owners saying he’s expecting somewhere around 20 teams to participate at either $10 or $20 fee per team. The winner will take home some cash. Check back at the bar’s Web site,, soon for details and visit USA Pub Pong for official tournament rules. Depending on how successful it is, beirut could become a weekly event at the Ale House.  … Speaking of cups, happy 11th birthday to Massachusetts resident Steven Purugganan, the world record holder in sport stacking. Huh? Take 12 plastic cups and stack them 3-6-3, three on the bottom, six on top and top if off with three more. Sport stacking was originally made famous on the Tonight Show in the ’80s and Purugganan, who lives near Springfield in Longmeadow, can do it faster than anyone on the planet: 2.54 seconds. He’s been on the front page of the Wall Street Journal as well as Time and ESPN The Magazine. … How many of you saw Species when it came out in 1995? Not many I bet considering it’s kind of a weak science fiction movie about an alien trapped in a hot lady’s body. But it’s worth another glace 14 years later. The cast is decent with Michael Madson and Forrest Whitiker, and Natasha Henstridge’s boobs are just all over the place. Funny thing about Henstridge: She provided the voice for a substitute teacher in one episode of South Park, and the credits list her as “the chick from Species.” … Happy 32nd birthday to actress Jaime Pressly. Did you know that Pressly, who posed naked in Playboy twice, passed on the flight that crashed into the World Trade Center on 9/11 because she didn’t want to take such an early flight? … Happy 35th birthday to actress Hilary Swank, who won an Academy Award for playing a boxer in “Million Dollar Baby.” Swank used to be married to actor Chad Lowe (younger brother of Rob Lowe who appeared in several episodes of the past season of 24) but they got divorced last year. She now bangs her agent.

Report: Erin Andrews Sex Videos Hitting The Internet

The Los Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES — Videos of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews having sex with sports stars and company executives are going to hit the Web soon, paparazzi Web site TMZ said in a report confirmed by The Associated Press late Sunday night.

The perp who filmed the video through a hotel room peephole of Andrews ironing naked worked for an ESPN production crew and took several similar videos over the past year. His identity is being protected by, which is active discussions to buy the videos, the AP has confirmed.

TMZ also has not identified which executives and sports stars Andrews is in action with, but a spokeswoman for the popular celebrity gossip site did say people will be very surprised at who hopped in bed with the blonde sideline bombshell.

“There are some squeaky clean images that could be ruined when this hits the Web,” TMZ spokeswoman Heather Auclair said. “Apparently, Miss. Andrews has good taste because these are some of the most successful, wealthiest stars in sports entertainment.”

TMZ is in active discussions with the perp, who has not been identified as of late Sunday night, to purchase the videos. Auclair wouldn’t comment on the site’s plans for the videos or a potential price, but a legal expert interviewed by the AP hinted that they may be available on a subscription-based, Web-only service.

“They cannot be produced and marketed for mass commercial release without Andrews’ consent, but the law is foggy on an Internet-based distribution. This isn’t like the Paris Hilton scandal when she actively acknowledged being filmed,” said Robert Goldstein of Phaneuf, Goldstein and Rudman P.L C., an L.A.-based law firm specializing in privacy and copyright lawsuits. “Say they reach an agreement to purchase the videos and put them up, it could be years of litigation because before the suit is heard as the law hasn’t fully caught up with some aspects of the Internet yet.”

… Read more of Aaron Henry’s story on the Los Angeles Times’ Website,

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