Announcing Decent Community Yodeling School

Since joining The Community, Decent Contributor Fugaze has been pressing relentlessly to branch out our operation — kind of diversify our outlets of decency. Among his dearest ventures was the Decent Community Yodeling School — a pet project very close to Mr. Fugaze’s heart. Well today his dream comes to fruition. The Community is opening up a yodeling school in downtown New Bedford, MA at Fugaze’s residence.

It’s been a long time coming, but our finances are finally straight and we’re outta the red! The Decent Community Yodeling School will likely be the first of many enterprises we’ll be announcing in the next six months in our new “Diversifying Decency” campaign.

Fugaze will serve as the primary yodeling instructor. Having yodeled for the past sixteen years as an apprentice of Rod Erickson (video above) and earning the designation of “Yodeling Chieftan,” Fugaze will turn you into the yodeler you’ve always dreamed of becoming. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to train under a master, become more popular, and live out your yodeling dreams. Please send an email to for more information.


Decent Community Reviews The Midnight Snack


It’s late and you need a snack.  You walk to the kitchen — bone extended.  You’re half awake, you don’t really know what you’re doing, where you are or why.  A sandwich beckons to you from your dreams“Make me… Make me….”  You find yourself swaying in front of the fridge.  What’s happening to me!?  You snap out of it and have regained consciousness.  Now you are sitting at your kitchen table with everything you need to get the job done laid out in front of you — the mayo jar, the bread bag, the entire bag of turkey and cheese, a full head of lettuce, a full tomato and there’s a knife in your hand.  You’re just sitting there dossing off, both hands clenched resting on the table.  Suddenly you start moving like a puppet on a string, half asleep, you begin constructing your midnight snack.  Nearly falling of the chair with your drastic, whimsical movements from one ingredient to the other, things are coming together.  After completion you feast and return to bed and in a state of seemingly unknown euphoria you return to bed and immediately fall back asleep.  When you wake up the next morning it’s like the morning after nailing a million bronsons.  You can’t remember exactly what transpired but you know between the time you were conscious the day before and now something happened.