Decent Collage Update


Oh my god, The Collage has been updated once again and this time with soo many photos I can’t even get into it!  Oh my god!  Give me a break!  C’mon man!  You gotta be kidding me!  Seriously!?  Wow!

On behalf of Decent Collage (the physical entity that is The Collage), Decent Community (the actual people who write this fluff) thanks all you son of a bitches for adding some of the most decent crap anyone has ever witnessed.

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Recession Proof Company

Before Microsoft dominated computers, before Google dominated the Internet and before Toyota dominated the automotive industry, there was one company that truly set the bar for high quality, prompt service and product diversification: ACME.

A Company that Makes Everything, this huge corporation got its start selling products in popular Looney Tunes cartoons. Famous nemesis Wile E. Coyote (carnivorous vulgaris)was easily ACME’s biggest customer, ordering anything you can think of to catch that pesky Road Runner (acceleratti incredibus).

Here are some of ACME’s coolest, most decent products:

Ahab harpoon gun by Dystopos.

AHAB HARPOON GUN: A lethal weapon honoring Herman Melville’s legendary captain in “Moby-Dick,” this harpoon gun has great range and low recoil to ensure pin-point accuracy.

Acme dehydrated boulders by Dystopos.

DEHYDRATED BOULDERS: Massive rocks are just a few drops of water away. Whether its some scenic landscaping or an instant roadblock, Dehydrated Boulders have many uses in your everyday stroll through life.

Acme leg muscle vitamins by Dystopos.

TRIPLE STRENGTH LEG MUSCLE VITAMINS:Nothing turns a chick off like a mega-huge toughguy with calves that look like angel hair pasta. With this handy product, toughguys can keep their all-curls workouts but still get beefy legs.

Acme tornado kit by Dystopos.

DO-IT YOURSELF TORNADO KIT:Create a natural disaster when ever and where ever you may be. Just beware, you don’t want to get caught in your own twister. If so, tell the Wicked Witch of the West she’d look hot with a new outfit.

Acme Disintegrating Pistol

DISINTEGRATING PISTOL:Ok, so you only have one — maybe two — shots with this deadly weapon, but your target will surely feel the burn. On the plus side for all murdering pyschos, the po-po won’t find a murder weapon.

Interesting read

Ian Frazier penned this piece for The New Yorker in 1990 about a fictional lawsuit between Wile E.  Coyote and the ACME Corporation. In the suit, “Mr. Coyote seeks compensation for personal injuries, loss of business income, and mental suffering causes as a direct result of the actions and/or gross negligence” of failed ACME products. If you have 10 minutes, it’s pretty interesting (and decent!).

What I Would Give My Left Nut For

It appears that one of the best options for getting something you desperately want is offering your left nut in exchange for your whatever it is that you desire. You know what I’m talking about — “Yo, I’d give my left nut to slay that broad!” Well, I’ve decided to conjure a left nut wish list of sorts — things I would consider a fair trade for my weak-side testicle.

  • First and foremost, I’d like a nice set of rims — ones that cost a shitload of money and continue to spin when I’m at a stoplight.
  • I’d give my left nut for a lifetime of solid shits. Let’s just say that my poops haven’t been too concrete-esque as of late.
  • I’d gladly hand over my left nut for another foot and a half of dick-length and, say, another 6.5 inches of girth. I’d say I’d be in decent shape at that point.
  • I’d give my left nut to Hot Carl as many pompous celebrites as I deem necessary throughout my lifetime.
  • Because of my condition of islomania, I’d definitely give my left nut for my own private island.
  • Probably more so than anything, I’d give my left nut for decency (in The Community’s sense) to become more widely appreciated and practiced.

While there are probably a few more things I’d give my left nut for, I’m going to keep a few to myself. I have to wonder if anyone has actually given their left nut for something. If they did, it must have been a trade for something really decent! What would you give your left nut for?