Thursday Ramblings

The 'Craz-E Burger' comes topped with bacon, cheese and a buttered Krispy Kreme donut for a bun.

Like the burger above? It may be the most delicious thing you’ve ever eaten. It’s a bacon cheeseburger with a buttered Krispy Kreme donut as the bun. The 1,500-calorie “Craz-E Burger” has become a national phenomenon, and it all started at the Big E Fair in Western Mass, where about 1,000 were sold every day. … One of the best reads on the Internet is Mark Cuban’s blog. The owner of the Dallas Mavericks wonders about everything from business to the NBA. He had a pretty solid idea the other day: Why are all those hot dog and food vendors on the corners in New York City not wearing advertisements on their shirts? … Three links for your reading enjoyment this Thursday morning: 1) The tale of a midget who glued his penis to a vacuum, 2) A drunk Florida lady gets arrested for taking her pants off, putting a tampon in her schniz and masturbating in front of a couple of football-playing teenagers, and 3) Dumbass Chinese media outlets believe story of mythical Sweedish, women-only city full of lesbians. …  Thumbs up to two new television shows this fall season: ABC’s Flash Forward and NBC’s Trauma. … ALDS Prediction: Angels in 5. Sorry Sox fans, but I just don’t think this team is as good as previous Sox teams that made deep playoff runs. These aren’t the same choke-artist Angles, either. Boston is very familiar with Scott Kazmir (He did beat the Sox in the ALCS last year) and Brian Fuentes is anything but a sure thing at closer, but I don’t think the Sox can score enough to get it done. … Twins-Cardinals would be an awesome World Series. … Two Patriots nuggets this Thursday: 1) The addition of 40-year-old Junior Seau is a telling sign of just how terrible Gary Guyton is, and 2) Joey Galloway, a healthy scratch last week against the Ravens, is probably going to get traded for a draft pick. He looks lost out there, and if there’s one thing Bill Belichickdoesn’t tolerate, it’s players who don’t know the playbook. Either he gets his shit together and plays this weekend, or gets a one-way ticket to hell (Oakland), which is desperate need for some offense. … Happy 29th birthday to Mike “The Miz” Mizanin, former MTV reality star and current WWF wrestler. Did you know that throughout the various “Real World/Road Rules” challenges on MTV, “The Miz” did the nasty with notorious slut Trishelle Cannatella, Kendall Sheppard (Road Rules: Campus Crawl) and Tara McDaniel (Road Rules: Northern Trail)? … Happy 66th birthday to the man himself, Chevy Chase. Did you know Chase actually bruised a testicle during a fall on stage during an episode of the first season of Saturday Night Live? He was in the hospital for a few weeks with the show going live to his hospital bed for a few skits. Sadly, the sitcom he currently stars on, NBC’s Community, is close to being canceled, according to USA Today. Chase is set to star in Hot Tub Time Machine, a comedy about time-traveling dudes that’s slated to hit theaters in May. … One more birthday to point out thanks to Rick in Fitchburg. “Hey Fagazi (sic), some weeks you have a porn star birthday and some you don’t. What the f**k!  Find more porn stars that have birthdays on Thursdays so I can get my whack on,” he wrote in an e-mail to Decent Community last week. Well, here ya go Rick. Happy 40th birthday to Julia Ann. Did you know Ann, who is a two-time winner of AVN’s Best All-Girl Sex Scene, had to get a nose job after being kicked in the face by a horse? No, it wasn’t during filming of a porno movie, but during an outing at a ranch. Here’s Julia in action. … Want more or less of something? Do what Rick did and e-mail us at

100 Parking Tickets Paid For By Stranger


Last Monday between 10pm-1am, 100 poor slobs were given parking tickets in the blocks between Mass Ave, Tremont Street, Dartmouth Street and Beacon Street in the South End and Back Bay areas of Boston.  On Tuesday morning 100 once poor slobs but now lucky bastards returned to their cars.  However, in place of a orange Boston City parking violation was a little note, which read “your parking violation has been paid (3 of 100)” and on the flip-side of the page a copy of this post:  CLICK HERE.

Some decent individual took Tubesteak and Decent Community’s words to heart and performed 100 random acts of kindness that humid July night.  Those 100 parking violations were paid for, in-full, by some unknown Decent Community reader!

I know what you’re thinking — this must be a marketing stunt performed by The Community!  Well I’m here to tell you it’s not.  We don’t have that kind of lettuce.  We were contacted by 1 of the 100 grateful recipients that happened to be a Community reader and had recognized the words on the note as a past Decent Community post.

So, If you read this, Mr. Parking Ticket Man, The Community salutes you and your random acts of kindness!  You, my decent friend, are not only our decent bastard of the week, you’re our decent bastard of the month!

Phish Contest Update


With a little over one week to go until the Phish takes to the Comcast Center, the Decent Community Phish Ticket Giveway Contest is wide open!

Leaderboard (to be considered you have to follow the rules):

  1. J. Alexander — 16 (people to email a picture on his behalf)
  2. S. Siclari — 5

Nonconformist Leaderboard (we’re not sure what we are going to do with you guys — most of you are just emailing us pictures, which is great, but to be eligible to win the ticket you have to get other people to email pictures on your behalf)

  1. 01Roggae — 17
  2. C. Avilla — 5
  3. M. Sousa — 3
  4. Flefleh-Vincent — 2
  5. M. Blank, H. Roy, C. D’Andrea, M. Sayles, M. Jengo, P. Cannitto — 1

What are you waiting for?  Enter now!  Don’t you want to spend a weekend with these guys.

If you are irate because this is the first time you have heard of our contest you can email Jeff Dunham at  This jerk has been sending us nasty emails and removing our post on Craigslist as spam.