Thursday Ramblings

How decent are outtakes? Nothing caps a good movie like some funny outtakes playing while the credits roll. Two flicks to recommend with some hysterical outtakes: The Cannonball Run and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. … Dear the m’fcker who hacked into my e-mail and sent out a message to everyone on my contact list offering cheap, generic viagra: FUCK OFF! … Three links for your reading enjoyment this Thursday: 1) A look at Japan’s oddest museums, including the best of Japanese advertising and even one full of parasite specimens; 2) A Time Magazine reporter offers a nice account of the Winter Olympics, including how the Vancouver edition was the drunkest Olympics of all time; and 3) Check out these cool pieces of art made from stuff on your desk. … It’s a big week down at the decent Rose Alley Ale House in downtown New Bedford. The popular pub is celebrating its first birthday with a range of events, including a March Madness-themed beer tournament, a wings-eating contest, and the release of a special calendar featuring the beautiful ladies of the Rose Alley. Swing by and check it out all weekend. … Happy 54th birthday to the current mayor of Sacramento, Calif. and former NBA All-Star guard Kevin Johnson. He was the seventh pick in the 1987 NBA Draft, a draft that featured Hall of Famers David Robinson (No. 1 to the Spurs) and Scottie Pippen (No. 5 to the Supersonics) and future Hall of Famer Reggie Miller (No. 11 to Indiana). The Celtics used the 22nd pick that year on a shooting guard from Northeastern — Reggie Lewis. … Happy 42nd birthday to porn star and weird fetish queen Susan Cummings. Did you know Cummings has appeared in more than 280 pornos and has 45EE boobs? I tried to find a link to one of her “movies” on ExtremeTube, but apparently, she’s too much for the Internet. Ont he other hand, if you’re into that sort of thing, ExtremeTube is pretty decent.


What a Decent Day in Sports

Five years ago today was the second and last time I shed tears watching sports.

Why you ask? Because on Oct. 27, 2004, The Boston Red Sox won the World Series. I remember Keith Foulke getting Edgar Renteria to ground out. I remember Doug Mientkiewicz catching the ball and leaping into the air. I remember the fans in St. Louis chanting “Thank You Red Sox.” I remember calling my father after the shock set in. I’m sure most Sox fans remember calling their fathers at about the same time. I remember people driving through New Bedford honking their horns. I remember the long lines outside every bar in the city. I remember picturing in my head every Sox fan that I’ve ever met leaping into the air and hugging each other like I was doing.

But today is more than just the five-year anniversary of the Sox World Series title. It’s also the start of the 2009-2010 NBA season, which means another winter of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen kicking ass at the new Boston Garden. The Green open in Cleveland tonight against LeBron James, Shaq and the Cavs at 7:30 p.m. (TNT). The addition of Rasheed Wallace and the evolution of Rajon Rondo make the Celtics a championship contender. My prediction: 61-21, Celts over the Cavs in 7 in the East finals before taking down the Lakers in 6 to win their 18th NBA Championship.

Let the games begin.

Thursday Ramblings

Happy 379th birthday to Boston! That’s right, on this day in 1630, the City of Boston was founded by Puritan colonists from England. So all you beantown people out there, grab a brewski and celebrate. …  Nothing like a opening-night scare to knock the “we’re awesome” out of the Patriots locker room. They know they can lose to anyone (even the Bills, probably not the Lions), anytime (Monday Night Football), anywhere (at the Razor). The NFL Network replayed the game a few times during the week and the worst performance I saw on film was Gary Guyton, who was forced into action when Jerod Mayo hurt his knee early in the game. The Bills O-Line had their way with Guyton, and it will be a point of interest to watch this weekend against the Jets’ Pro Bowl center Nick Mangold, guard Alan Faneca and Thomas Jones. … Phish‘s new album, Joy, is extremely decent. For once the critics agree, as Rolling Stone gave it four stars and dubbed it the band’s “best studio album.” For the record, the magazine feels Billy Breathes is No. 2. … Want to go to Las Vegas for free? All you have to do is win the Rose Alley Ale House’s Football Picks contest. Just head in anytime Wednesday-Sunday and enter your picks on their machines. The person with the most wins at the end of the year will win a trip to Sin City with airfare and a 3-night stay at the Bellagio. Weekly winners get $50 giftcards. … For the record, spell check wanted to change Bellagio in the previous note to fellacio. … Remember all the talk many years ago around Boston how Nomar was better than Derek Jeter and A-Rod? I don’t care how many home runs A-Rod has, I’d take Jeter over him in two seconds. He’s been a great leader and the face of the Yankees for years. I wore “Yankees suck, Jeter swallows” tee-shirts for years at Fenway but, but the two words I use these days to describe the Yankees captain? Awesome and respect. Nomar isn’t even worthy to be used in the same sentence as Jeter, by the way. … Decent Community Movie Reviews: District 9 (thumbs up), The Final Destination (thumbs down), The Goods (thumbs kinda up, thumbs kinda down). … Tedy Bruschi looks like a natural fit as a football analyst on ESPN. His work last week before and after the Steelers-Titans kickoff game was superb. Another feather in ESPN’s cap is new NFL analyst Adam Schefter, who has been outstanding so far since joining the network in August. He spent five years with the NFL Network and is the former president of the Pro Football Writers of America. … Some decent advice for our readers: Don’t buy untaxed cigarettes from Indian reservations on the Internet or Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick will send you a bill for hundreds of dollars, like I got earlier this week. … Cheers to David, who recently set the world record on Pac-Man. His last name is being withheld by video game officials pending verification, but reports are that David achieved a perfect score (eat every dot, every fruit and every ghost on all 256 levels without dying) in 3 hours, 41 minutes and 22 seconds. Not bad. … Happy 89th birthday to the National Football League, which was founded in 1920 in Canton, Ohio. What would Sundays be without the NFL? … Happy 35th birthday to new Celtic Rasheed Wallace. He and KG should make the Celtics a scary team come playoff time next year.