Thursday Ramblings

Ladies and gentlemen, Thursday Ramblings would like to introduce you to a truly Decent short film called “Logorama.” It is nominated for a Best Animated Short Film Academy Award (the ceremony is March 7). It’s basically imagining Los Angeles as a city made of entirely corporate logos with some pretty funny dialogue. The video, which can be found here on MovieWeb, is about 14 minutes (sorry, but you have to watch the brief commercial first) and worth every minute. Check it out, very decent stuff. How many logos can you spot? … Ahh, International Women’s Day, also known as Valentine’s Day, is just around the corner. It’s known as the day where dudes drop serious coin on everything from flowers and candy to dinner and weekend getaways. Well Decent Community is here to help all those dudes out there who are tired of the usual roses and candy. Some of these gifts are sure to get you some Valentine’s Day dome. Three quick suggestions: The edible bra, edible g-string and heart-printed toilet paper. … The Olympics officially kick-off tomorrow, and no one is more psyched than me. Maybe it has something to do with weird sports on at weird times, but it’s absolutely a change of pace from regular TV programming (Except for LOST, which is extremely decent!). The Olympics are a place to compete and represent your country, but it’s also a place to do a lot of boning. The Today Show recently put together a nice little list of current athlete couples that met at the Olympics and are still boning to this day. In case you were wondering, most of them are ice dancing partners. … Three links for your reading enjoyment this Thursday: 1) Dumbass Denver crackhead arrested after trying to buy crack with a credit card; 2) Dumbass rich guy decides to sell everything he owns, donate the money to charity and live like a hobo in the woods because he says money doesn’t make you happy; and 3) Origami is cool, but try making origami that is only centimeters big. … Happy 41st birthday to hottie Jennifer Aniston. Did you know the “Friends” star, despite coming from a wealthy Hollywood producer father, had to support herself with several part-time jobs (telemarketer, waitress and bike messenger, among others) when she broke into acting in off-Broadway productions in the late 1980s? … Happy 38th birthday to The Dauber, Brian Daubach. Did you know Daubach, who averaged 21 home runs and 75 RBI in his three season for the Red Sox, plays beer-league softball with his brothers in Illinois? … A very, very happy 74th birthday to the extremely Decent Burt Reynolds. Did you know that Reynolds, who went to Florida State on a football scholarship, turned down the role of James Bond after Sean Connery left the franchise because he said an American couldn’t play the part? … One final, quick birthday shoutout this Thursday. Happy 31st birthday to Grammy-winning musician Brandy. Did you know that Ray-J’s sister went to her 1997 high-school prom with Kobe Bryant? …  Update and minor correction: Last week, Thursday Ramblings brought the news that Budweiser was leaving their famous Clydesdales out of Super Bowl ads for the first time in more than 20 years. Obviously, that was wrong as the famous horsies made an appearance in the second half of New Orleans’ win over the Peyton Mannings. Apparently, the day after Thursday Ramblings came out last week, the beer-maker put up a contest on its Facebook page to vote on what commercial to air, and the horsies won hands down.


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