Thursday Ramblings

TV analysts have been saying for a while now that NBC’s “Heroes” is in trouble, but Jack Bauer may have slammed the nail in its coffin. According to Media Life Magazine, the second night of the “24” premiere drove audiences far away from NBC’s long-running show. “Heroes” registered 1.8 million viewers on Monday night, 14% less than last week and an all-time low for the series. For anyone interested, Bauer delivered a very decent 3.8 million Sunday night and a 3.4 million Monday night, a little higher than expected. … Speaking of “24,” e-mails have come flying into Decent Community about the new CTU chick with the large rack. She should be very recognizable to sci-fi nerds: She is Katee Sackhoff and she appeared on the popular Battlestar Galactica and has appeared in several episodes of everything from Law and Order to Nip/Tuck. She is currently in remission from thyroid cancer after having her thyroid removed several years ago. Did you know that CTU’s newest hottie was born in Beaverton, Oregon? … I don’t have anything against all the New Year’s Resolution newcomers at the gym every January. Some of the meatheads at Workout World in New Bedford grumble when they see the new faces, but I am more in the camp to wish them good luck and hope they stick around. One person who I don’t ever want to see again in the chubby girl who has shown up the past few days around 2 p.m. She wears jeans and a tanktop way to small for her and spends all her time barely walking on the treadmill while talking on her cell phone so loudly that everyone can hear her conversation about her ex-boyfriend and how the police planted drugs on him after a fight outside a bar in Fall River. Oh, did I mention she walks on the treadmill in Uggs? Please leave and never come back, thanks. … There are three ways to get extremely wealthy in today’s world: 1) Be a very good professional athlete; 2) Be a very talented entertainment celebrity; or 3) Hit the lottery. I’m going with the latter and have started a new campaign where I buy a $20 scratch ticket every Friday (0-for-1 so far, -$20). You’ll know if I won when you see a Decent Community Super Bowl commercial. … Speaking of the Super Bowl, congrats to everyone who won a hundo taking my advice last week by betting on the Jets. Want to keep that hundo? Don’t bet this weekend. The Jets got pretty lucky last week (three missed San Diego field goals) and the Colts got a good look at the Ravens’ defense last week that is extremely similar to New York’s. That being said, I wouldn’t bet a penny on the Colts or the Jets, just too much uncertainty. Same with New Orleans and Minnesota. Anything can happen in that game. For what it’s worth, I’m picking a New Orleans-Indy Super Bowl.  … Three links for your reading enjoyment this Thursday: 1) A look at the coolest fictional guns in movies and TV. I think Robocop’s pistol should be a little higher; 2) Drunk guy gets shot then gets a DUI while driving himself to the hospital; and 3) Very talented artist can make some pretty cool stuff using only one piece of printer paper. Very decent. … A pair of basketball legends are enjoying their 57th birthdays today, the first being decent old-school player Detlef Schrempf. He was a three-point machine for Indiana and Seattle. Did you know Schrempf, who married a former hurdler on the West German Olympic team, passed his sweet jumpshot onto his son, Alex, who is a scholarship freshman at UCLA? And the second is Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon. Did you know that Hakeem, a 12-time All-Star, Olympic gold-medalist and Hall-of-Famer, was one of just a handful of NBA stars to endorse a sneaker not made by Nike, Reebok or Adidas? He chose Spalding and a $35-pair of sneakers to wear because he didn’t want to endorse expensive kicks that would put strain on families. … And finally, happy 54th birthday to actress and Wareham, Mass., native Geena Davis. Did you know that Davis is a member of the American Mensa Society, an organization for Americans with IQs in the top 2 percent? Hers is 140, slightly higher than Tubesteak.


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