Thursday Ramblings

Casino gambling is becoming quite the hot issue around Massachusetts. Although it is illegal to open a casino, the state legislature is expected to take up, and many insiders feel they will approve, casino gambling in the state. New Bedford is hot on the trail of a casino, and one developer has released some mighty fine plans for the former NStar plant off Route 18. A slide show showcasing the plans is quite a nice way to spend a couple of minutes thinking how cool The Whaling City would be with a hopping urban casino. … So it’s no secret that The Jersey Shore is the hottest thing since sliced bread. Everyone is talking about the show which is currently MTV’s top program. Hell, even Tubesteak and I are starting to do some daily GTL. Anyway, the stars of the show are now making a fortune. Various Web sites are reporting that the stars are now charging big bucks for appearance fees to go to various events. Pauly D is getting $7,500 a pop and everyone’s favorite, Snooki, recently got $10,000 to go to a bar opening in Florida. That’s a lot of tanning and plastic surgery right there. Think it’s not that big? Obama was recently asked if his daughters watch it. He said no way. … Sucked not having Wes Welker on the field last week against Baltimore but Welker seemed to have a good enough seat for the game: In Bob Kraft’s suite with a hottie next to him. Who is this chick Welker’s doing? Sports Illustrated tracked her down. Her name is Anna Burns (above) and she was the 2005 Miss Hooters International. Decent! … Speaking of football, want to win some cash? Bet a couple hundo on the Jets (+7½) at San Diego this weekend. With New York’s No. 1 defense, points will be at a premium, meaning you’re a big winner if the Chargers win 13-6. Plus, the Jets might win outright. San Diego has feasted on crappy teams like the Raiders, Chiefs, Broncos and N.Y. Giants, and the Bolts have no running game. The Jets, meanwhile, excel at blitzing and shutting down No. 1 receivers, a la Capt. Cornerback Revis. Other playoff picks for this weekend include New Orleans (-7), Indy (-6½) and Dallas (+2½). … Three links for your reading enjoyment this Thursday: 1) Canada’s second-oldest magazine, The Beaver, has to change its name because it’s attracting the wrong crowd online; 2) Is Tiger Woods being treated for sex addiction? People magazine says he has checked into the same rehab place David Duchovny went for his issues; and 3) A cool look at some books lost to history that might have changed the world. Sexual Bible? … Happy 56th birthday to decent old-school wrestler “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, who in 2009 set the WWF record for most years (17) between Royal Rumble appearances. Did you know that Duggan was arrested in 1987 for driving drunk and high in New Jersey while The Iron Sheik was blowing cocaine in Duggan’s front seat after a WWF show? … Happy 62nd birthday to “Apollo Creed” Carl Weathers. Did you know Weathers, who played in eight games at linebacker for coach John Madden and the Oakland Raiders from 1970-71, denied a request from Sylvester Stallone to use footage from the first Rocky movie in the latest entry, Rocky Balboa, because he wanted a part in the movie. Kind of a silly request considering Apollo died in Rocky IV. … Coming soon to Decent Community: Everything you ever wanted to know about animal sex.


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