Our Favorite Facebook.com Status Updates

Here is a short list of our favorite Facebook.com status updates.

“One of those days :-(“ — It sure is.

“I need to work on my McConaughey” — I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this.

“When will I see my Thad again?” — That’s right.  “Thad”!

Video game updates — All day I was wondering if Donny completed the “Manage a Chop Shop” mission in Mobsters 2…  And now I know.

“Watching Jersey Shore” — Great show.

“Happy New Year!” — Can’t go wrong with a good old fashioned HNY.

“Just watched ‘He’s Not That Into You’…  Good movie wish I had seen it sooner!  Lol.” — What!?  He’s right, it is good!

“Out and about.  Where you at?” —  Is this a rhetorical question?

“Picking my nose… Can’t decide if I should eat it or not” — I swear I saw this and the person who posted it is older than 8.

“I just pooped my butt cheeks” — Different person, but again, older than 8.

“Staining my new book shelves” — Why on earth would you ever announce to the World that you are doing this?

And in the just when you think it can’t get any worse department:  When researching this post I came to learn that their are websites independent of Facebook.com solely dedicated to posting “funny” Facebook.com status updates…  I feel a little dirty.


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