Thursday Ramblings

Damn, that’s one huge building they opened in Dubai. By now, everyone knows it’s the tallest building in the world, but did you know it contains a seven-star hotel designed by Georgio Armani? It features 160 rooms and suites across 10 floors with eight restaurants, a library, swimming pool and gym. This Dubai place sounds pretty f’ing decent too. Around the new tower are five more hotels, a massive shopping mall, at least 150 restaurants and 1,200 shops, an indoor ski resort, an olympic-sized ice skating arena and a 4.6-million-gallon walk-through aquarium. … For you decent folks who haven’t been to the movies to see James Cameron’s “Avatar,” well, you might be the only people in the world who haven’t seen it. Analysts say the 3-D epic, which has generated more than $1 billion in ticket sales worldwide, is on track to become the biggest movie of all time. Cameron’s “Titanic” currently holds that title with $1.8 billion, but that didn’t have 3-D, which analysts say keeps the movie in theaters longer and adds a “I gotta check out this 3-D thing” to the movie. … Speaking of movies, the ‘Net is already a buzz over the offerings coming up in 2010. So far, people are buzzing up message boards about an A-Team remake (set for release in June), the new Twilight (June 30), Iron Man 2 (May 7), the new Harry Potter (Nov. 19) and a new installment of The Chronicles of Narnia (December). The list of scheduled 2010 movies is here. … The Patriots have a tough task ahead of them on Sunday, and that was before Wes Welker shattered his knee. The Pats beat the Ravens in October, mostly because Derrick Mason dropped a pass at the end of the game. Sorry Pats fans, but I don’t think the sons of Belichick can win this one. I’m picking Ravens 20, Pats 13. Mike Reiss, formerly or The Boston Globe and now with, has a great mailbag this week and is worth a quick scan through if you got a few minutes. A reader makes a good point: Will New England draft a receiver in April to try to replace Welker, who might not play next year and will be a free agent after 2011? Unless they make the Super Bowl, New England will select 25th in the upcoming draft. Who does ESPN have as the 25th best draft prospect? Notre Dame receiver Golden Tate. … Three links for your reading enjoyment this Thursday: 1) The New York Times makes a cool chart/graphic summing up the last 10 years in culture; 2) These penguins must have been irate when their worst enemy butted himself into their photo; and 3) Dating Web site only for “beautiful people” kicks out some members for gaining weight over the holidays. … Happy 26th birthday to Jon Lester. The Sox lefty has developed into a legit No. 1 starter in the majors and could become the Sox ace if Josh Beckett leaves for big bucks next offseason. He also works pretty cheaply considering he’s on the cusp of becoming an All-Star: He will make $6 million a year through 2013 with a club option worth $14 million for the 2014 season. Did you know he met his wife, Farrah Johnson, while he was pitching rehab starts in 2007 while battling back from cancer? … Happy 27th birthday to golf hottie Natalie Gulbis. She has made more than $6 million in earnings from her eight years on the LPGA tour, has several companies Kelly Desmaraisendorsing her, and has appeared on Celebrity Apprentice and on the cover of FHM magazine. Did you know she appeared on an episode of “The Price is Right” last year as part of a showcase theme and nailed a putt earlier in the show during the “Hole in One” game? … Happy 62nd birthday to decent musician Kenny Loggins. He made a living (and a pretty decent one too) performing songs for 80s movie soundtracks. He performed “Danger Zone” in Top Gun, “Footloose” in Footloose and  “I’m Alright” from Caddyshack. … Finally, congratulations to longtime Community Member and Isotope Dave Gags on his recent engagement to the lovely Kelly Desmarais. In true Gagliaduchi Italian fashion, the couple is getting married at a local pizzeria with an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet.


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