Is Tubesteak the new Herbie Mann?

The big news heading into 2010 is that Tubesteak is turning into a heavy duty flautist. Indeed — the bastard got a flute from his aunt for Christmas and his new metal tube hasn’t left his hands since. It’s only a matter of time before Tubesteak turns into a flute virtuoso, following in the footsteps of one of The Community’s favorite flute-meistros, Herbie Mann.

Granted, Tube isn’t as hairy as Herbie Mann, but their allegiance to the groove is one and the same. Since Herbie’s passing in 2003, the jazz flute world has been seeking someone to “jam on funky rhythms that are comfortable to float on top of.” The Community is happy to announce we’ve got the “mann.”

Please stay tuned for some live web concerts from Tubesteak, which will be broadcast on Decent Community. No doubt Tube will be bringing funky, sensual notes to our Community and beyond. In meantime, you can listen to Herbie Mann and Duane Allman get down on a deep jam, which I think is about scoring with ladies:

Herbie Mann & Duane Allman – “Push Push”


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