Winter Vacation Notice

Brrrrrrrrr, this recent spell of cold weather is really pissing me off. So much in fact that I have decided to make like a bird and head south for the winter. That’s why I’m leaving tomorrow morning for a few weeks down south. Screw you winter, I’m outta here.

My plans include a week or two in Florida, hitting up the northern part of the state (Jacksonville) and the south (Miami). Also on my list are a few days in Hot-lanta with Tubesteak and maybe a trip to the Bahamas or Puerto Rico.

So Community readers, you’re going have to live without good ole’ Fugaze for the rest of 2009. I’ll check in occasionally from the warmer states, where I’ll be sipping cold brews by the pool, eyeing up chicks in miniskirts and spending my days outside in the sun.

Merry Christmas everyone. Helmet and Tubesteak will keep everything decent until my return in 2010.


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  1. who cares? do you have a lighter?

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