Dear Decent Community: Help Me Find Cheryl

Decent Community is more than an interesting, humorous Web site for a break from the daily grind. We also strive to help our fellow brother and sisters in any way we can. That’s why we took a few minutes this morning to publish a letter from a reader in need of a little assistance:

Dear Decent Community,

You guys Rock! Seeing as how everyone I know reads this site and your reach far exceeds New England, I’m hoping you can help me find a missing person. The woman I’m looking for is named Cheryl, and she used to be a hair stylist at Best Cuts in Dartmouth, Mass. She has been working there for more than 10 years, offering cheap, quality haircuts at lightning speed. Her speciality is getting you in and out in about eight minutes while offering friendly conversation and a decent smile.

Last time I went in there, I was told that Cheryl no longer works there and the other hair cut ladies didn’t know where she was. She is a bigger girl but it second to none in terms of niceness and quality haircuts.

So I was hoping you could ask your thousands of readers if anyone might know where she ended up. My hair is getting kind of out of control and I need a hair cut before my Nana comes up for Thanksgiving. You know how hard it is to find a good haircut lady? Thanks so much, you guys rock!


Aaron in New Bedford

PS: Where’s Helmet Head been? I know he’s leading the football picks but I miss reading his funny stuff.

Well good luck Aaron, maybe one of our readers will track her down and let us know. In terms of Helmet Head, he’s picked up crochet and has been hiding out in his apartment with some needles and fabric with his girl for a few months now. Anyone else out there need help? Drop us a line at


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